Chapter 3


Three months later.


Catherine’s pregnancy with Vincent's child was showing. She was so happy about this. But when she started to think about Vincent, it was so sad . . . .


It was the last day of her stay in L.A. The next day she returned to New York.


She hoped that Vincent had changed his mind and that they would be together.


When she open her apartment door in New York, her memory of the last time she was with Vincent was so sad. She came around and sat down on her bed. It was evening. Suddenly Catherine felt acute pain in her stomach. She was so afraid that she was losing their child.


"Oh . . . God!!! NO!!!" she screamed, clutching her stomach.


Soon she heard a knock. It was her Vincent.


"Vincent!!! What are you doing here?"


"Catherine . . .  I came here because I felt your pain. So that’s why I'm here."


"I'm glad that you came. Come here. Give me your hand."


"Whatever for, Catherine?" Vincent asked her.


"Shhh . . . . Can you hear it, Vincent, or feel it?"


"Only a very quiet kick."


"Yes. It is our child. Isn't it wonderful to feel this?"


"Yes, Catherine. You’re right . . . it is . . . . Come, Catherine."


"Come were?"


"I want you to stay in the tunnels with me."


"So . . . we can truly become a family?" Catherine asked him.


"Yes, Catherine . . . we can."


"Oh. . . that is great, because I don't think that I can go on like this in the future without you."


"Neither can I, my love . . . neither can I."


And he took her lips in a very passionate kiss.




Epilogue: Eight months later.

Vincent and Catherine have become the parents of a beautiful healthy baby boy. They named him Jacob Wells. Three weeks after the birth, Vincent and Catherine were married. Catherine was so happy in that moment, and Vincent could always feel her feelings through their bond. They had been just friends, then they became lovers, and now they were a family.


Once again they stood behind the cradle of their son and held each other. They were so happy.


"Catherine . . .  he is so beautiful. So perfect! Like you. Thank you for this gift for me. You are my life, my everything . . . ."


"I know, Vincent. He has your eyes. And now . . . Vincent, can you believe me, that we are a family?!" asked Catherine.


"Not really . . . at all." Vincent drew Catherine close to him and kissed her on the lips very passionately. The dream had come true . . . .