"Charmed. The Power Of Three." The first part of.

Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell did not expect, that spell from an old book,found in the attic of the work. Nevertheless, it had the desired effect. And how! Now She is able to move things by force of thought, Piper - stop time, and Phoebe -to see the future. They were Enchanted - the strongest of the witches. But nothing is given the gift. Sisters pursues a sorcerer, who dreams take away their power. For this he can do anything - even murder!

Eliza Willard - "Charmed. The Power Of Three"


Serena Frederick opened the blinds in the kitchen and stared into the pitch of the night the dark. Through a veil of mist weakly glittering Windows of the apartments in the house opposite. Full the moon hid from all of San Francisco shroud of grey clouds. Suddenly the heart jumped in his chest - sky blue lightning.Thunder pierced the electricity in the air, but at the same time as if the bones of Serena.The first drops of rain drummed on smooth pavement. She nervously ran a hand through his blond hair,  on the shoulders.And felt that something was wrong. Her beautiful hair somehow started stabbing the neck. She realized that for her someone is watching. Watching and waiting, until she relaxed.Serena long been resigned to fate, turn it into a witch. She has long realized that the belly of the city took possession of evil. And she had to fight this evil almost all of his twenty-eight years. For that little has changed - the world of sorcerers and demons remained the same. She shivered slightly, wondering what the evil force hunts for her at this time. The terms are so many terrible...
Serena shook his head. "So you earn paranoia, " she said to herself. "Is it because of the storm you was so excited". She opened a can of cat food and poured it into a bowl. "Here, baby! "she called out into the corridor. White Siamese cat was on the call and stared at her with his blue eyes, sparkling like jewels. When he saw a bowl of food, she purred happily. "Good girl,"Serena, putting the bowl and lightly away. The cat's collar gleamed gold finish - full circle and connecting inside him three arcs. A triple line is a symbol of good luck. Exactly the same sign was выколот under the collarbone at the Serena.Another fiery bolt of lightning illuminated the room, then there was another rumble of thunder. After a bright flash the room was plunged into darkness, and Serena again felt a twinge of fear. - Protection "Protective magic, to appease, - he explained it to herself, she returned to the kitchen, poured red wine in a silver Cup and hurried into the living room. Set the goblet down on the little round table, covered with a dark blue cloth.