Day After Part 4 (Adult Strong Sexual Content)

Catherine woke up finding her love watching her. Quite comfortable, she had never changed positions during the night.  Seeing the love in his eyes,"good morning handsome." "I love you too."  Sliding up his body to place a kiss upon his lips.  A soft moan escapes him.  The slight movement of her soft body set off his desire.

Realizing this, she did it again.  His erection growing within her.  Gently trailing one clawed nail along her side, "just the slightest touch of your body and I want you Catherine."  "My constant need for you shames me."

Rubbing her fingers across his chest, finding the hardened buds she was seeking, "there is no shame in desire Vincent." "I have that same need for you."  Replacing her fingers with her lips, "can't you feel it?"

Closing his eyes, he let her urgent need for him flow through their Bond. It was incredible.

"Vincent never be ashamed to love me, no matter how lustful your thoughts may be."  "Your lovemaking gives me great pleasure and pleasures you in return."  "My body was made to be loved by you and you alone just as yours was made for me.""   Arching against him. Her tight sheath clutching around him. The sensations from her into him were overwhelming.   Thrusting upward in a slow steady rhythm.  Taking his time, loving her.  Clinging to his control, wanting to pleasure her always before himself. Easing out slowly, flexing his hips going slowly upward again.  Continuing this pace as long as he could.

"Vincent" moaning his name, contracting around him, grasping him hard. 

"I know Catherine", his voice husky with desire, thrusting deeper, "I know.”

Kissing his chest, she located the hidden buds within the soft golden hair on his chest once more.  Capturing them between her lips, teasing them. Giving him pleasure as he gave it to her.  Softly growling. The sensations driving him close to the edge.  But not yet savoring every moment of their joining for as long as possible. Brushing each of her nipples with his thumbs, a whimper escapes her.
Nuzzling her neck, between her breasts discovering every sensuous spot on her beautiful body.  His touch sending jolts of pleasure through her and back to him. Grasping his flesh wanting more.  Slowly easing out of her only to thrust upward once again.  Still not increasing his rhythm . . .

"Vincent please I need more, her eyes dark with desire.

"Not yet my love."  'Not yet." Kissing her passionately. His pace continued.

When they could take no more, he eased out of her returning in one powerful thrust sending them over the edge.  Tightening around him, trembling as release consumed her. Clinging to him as his seeds erupted inside her. Greedily taking all he gave her as the raptures of love joined them once again as one.

Caressing her back down to her soft derrière. Rolling over he placed her gently beneath him.  His member hard and throbbing within her, wanting her  again.  

Feeling the warmness of his sperm begin to drip inside her  she smiled,  "again Vincent?”

"Again Catherine.”

Wrapping her legs around his waist, he took her once more. Hugging  him tight against her breasts.  Her head resting on his shoulder meeting him thrust for thrust.  Her hardened nipples caressing his. It was exquisite.

Her time had come.  Frantically she moved on him.  Grabbing him into her wetness.  Needing him as he needed her. "Oh my god , panting, clutching at him, " now Vincent now."

Plunging into her harder and harder, faster and faster answering her siren's call. "now my Catherine now" and release consumed them. 


The Day After Part 5 ( adult strong sexual content)

"Mmm Vincent” rubbing against him, caressing his muscular back, "you are an extraordinary lover there is no doubt about that.” "The way I feel when you make love to me and after we have loved is beyond words.”  "I knew you had a very sensual nature, but I would never had imagined the strength of it.”  Never hesitate to love me when your need arises.” "No matter where you are find me.” No matter how often and especially in the way that you want to.” "I guarantee I will do the same.”  "I have waited too long, three years to be exact, and I plan on making up for lost time.” Rotating her hips against him, a moan escapes his lips.

"Catherine, lightly caressing her face, thrusting into her, a gasp escapes her, you are the reason I love as I do” thrusting again.  "You accepted me for all that I am.”  "You let me make love to your delicately beautiful body knowing I had never loved before” thrusting again. "Neither of us knew what could happen with such intimacy” thrusting deeper. "You took a very big risk letting me love you”. Thrusting deeper still.  "I will be forever grateful.”  Tracing his taloned nail gently across her pretuding nipples.

Running her tiny nail down his back and over his muscular rear end, "Vincent I never doubted we could love this way” gasping as he thrusted into her again because you love me and I love you” gasping again his thrusts harder more frequent.

Rising up a little, placing kisses all over her lovely body as he spoke, "I use to dream of falling in love, his warm breath caressing her nipples, getting married, teasing them with his raspy tongue, even having children but as I got older the dreams began to fade.”  His words stopped a moment to suckle and tease one hardened nipple.  "Than I found you, moving up to place a soft kiss upon her lips.  "Since the first time I saw you, you captured my heart, loving the other one before he continued, your beauty, your strength and your courage drew me to you like a moth to flame, thrusting again, I knew my life had been changed forever” plunging deeper.  "I began to dream again.”

"Oh Vincent, clutching at him, don’t stop gasping, "please don’t stop.”  "Oh my god Vincent!” her body trembling.

Wanting to give her more pleasure he changed positions.  Going to his knees never breaking his rhythm, he placed her legs upon his shoulders entering her deeper.  

After a time loving this way, Catherine needed more.  Sliding her legs gently down his arms, holding him tight within her, joining him on her knees.  When he went further in, it was his turn to gasp.  Needing more Catherine placed her hands on his muscular buttocks taking him further still.  He did the same.  Taking her soft rear end in the palms of his hands, he held her tight against him.

As they rocked together, taking and giving from each other, Catherine spoke " you changed my life as well.”  "You showed me the important things in life, how to really care and how to truly love.” Tightening around him, moving her hips, riding him.  "The day you found me, I knew I had met the man of my dreams.”  "The man I would give my heart to, taking him deeper, the man I wanted to spend my life with, the father of my children.”  "I admired your strength, your courage, the gentleness and the kindness in your heart taking him deeper "You were so beautiful to me than and even more so now.”  "I love you.”  "I am yours forever Vincent.”
Laying her head back she offered her breasts to him.   

"Oh Catherine, I love you so.” Taking them in his mouth one at a time suckling, licking softly nipping each hardened nipple.  The sensations exquisite.  Pulling herself from his mouth, she whispered "your turn.”  Lowering her head she loved his golden buds as he had loved hers.

Their passion mounting, going out of control.  Their bodies begging for release.  Riding each other hard and fast their release upon them.  Their lips met smoldering their sounds of pleasure.  Tongues tasting and teasing, their kiss lasting until he drains himself into the creamy essence of her love.

Needing air, they broke their kiss.  Forehead against forehead,  their lips slightly parted, panting, not moving until the contractions from her release subside.

Finding his strength he began to withdrawal.  Each watched in awe as he pulled himself from within her.  His golden rod still hard, glistening, the soft brown curls at her sweet opening damp from their lovemaking.

Feeling her exhaustion, he lifted her in his arms and laid her gently on the bed.  As soon as her head touched the pillow, she fell asleep.  Smiling he laid beside her.  Pulling the covers around them, he looked at her a few minutes admiring her beauty and whispered "you are safe my angel.”  "I will protect you until my last breath.”  Placing a soft kiss upon her lips, "I love you Catherine.” "Sleep well.”

Pulling her protectively against him, he closed his eyes joining her in slumber.