TITLE: Lady of the Balcony

AUTHOR: Clairisant

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CREDITS: A special thank you to my beta readers Qupeydoll and Pricilla.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story takes place before "The Watcher".

                                                                                                                         Chapter 1

To the lady of the balcony,

My name is Elizabeth Faber, although you do not know me, I feel that I have come to know you and your love. I live in an apartment across the way from you and have spent the last two years watching you and your love meet. The relationship that the two of you have is very special and I have felt very privileged to share it with you even though you did not know it. Please do not be alarmed about getting this letter, I do not wish either you or your love… oh how I wish I knew his name, I know your name, my dear Catherine, because you have been in the newspaper so often with your job, but I have wandered from my story.

What I had started to say was that I wish neither you nor your love; oh I can't keep calling him that even though I know that he is your love. So, if you don't mind, for this letter I will call him Vince. You see he reminds me very much of my husband who has been gone from this world for thirty years now, Vince was kind and gentle as I am sure your love is and my Vince was very handsome just as your love is also. So if you don't mind I will refer to him as Vince from here on. And again I have wandered…old minds tend to do that my children…but I mean you and Vince no harm, Catherine, just the contrary in fact, I wish to be of help. I know that there must be a special place that Vince lives because he could not live in this world of suspicion and hate and I would like to help the people of his world.

When you read this letter I will already have left this earthly world to rejoin my Vince. How I wish that I could have met the two of you and spent time getting to know you. I think I would have enjoyed the conversations that we could have had and I have to tell you, dear Catherine that I find your Vince very handsome! If I had been fifty years younger I might have tried to turn his head, but no, the two of you are so in love that he would never look at another. I remember the night that you lit the balcony with candle light and both of you were dressed in you finest clothes, you gave each other gifts, I only saw that his gift to you was a necklace and yours to him was something to wear around his neck also. How I would have loved to have seen what you had given each other, I am sure both gifts were very beautiful and given with so much love! How I envy you the love that you share! How rare it is to see a love like yours! I am glad that you two have each other.

Again my mind has wandered from what I had to say to you. This letter should have been delivered to you by my lawyer and you should be reading it together. I still wish I knew his name! My entire estate, such as it is, will be given into your hands, Catherine, to help the people that Vince lives with. They must be good and generous and caring people, because he is, is he not, my dear? Please use this meager amount to help them in anyway you can. The two of you and your love for each other has given me so much joy over the last two years! This is just a small way to thank you for showing me that there is still love in this world, like the love my Vince and I had so many years ago. A love like that can conquer all odds just to exist! I wish the two of you all the best and many happy years to come. I only wish that I could be around to share them with you as I have during the past two years.

With all my love,

Elizabeth Faber

Catherine looked up from the letter she had just read aloud to Vincent and into his amazed eyes. "I don't know what to feel first!" she said as she looked upon

her love and smiled.