The Day After Part 6 ("R” some sexual  content)

Vincent was in his robe  sitting at his writing desk when he felt Catherine stir.   Slowly she rolled over to gently hug him.  Finding his side of the bed empty, she woke up with a start. "Vincent!” 

Always conscious of his Catherine, he was at her side within seconds.  Grabbing her in his arms, "I am here Catherine.”

"Oh Vincent when I woke up and found you gone, it scared me.”  "I thought the past twenty fours were just a beautiful dream.”  "But they weren’t were they?”

"Catherine they were a beautiful dream, lightly caressing the softness of her bare back, a dream that became a reality.”  "The love we shared was perfect, just as we are together.”  "I woke up earlier needing to write in my journal about  the happiness you have given me.” "I wanted it clearly written to be read over and over again as time goes by.”  "The lovemaking between was so beautiful, so right.” "Making love to you and loving you has made me so happy Catherine.”  "The child you carry represents the love between us.”  "After he or she is born, our child will remind us everyday of how deeply we had loved that night.”

"Vincent the first time we made love, I was scared.”  I didn’t know how strongly I could love you.”  "I didn’t want to frightened you with the depth of  my passion.”  "I was also scared that me being a petite woman I may disappoint you. "When you saw my body for the first time I could see the desire in your eyes.”  "You loved the way I looked and made love to me with such passion I knew my worries were unwarranted.”  "Your lovemaking released more passion within me than I knew I had.”  "I wanted to feel your body in mine so badly..”  "Each day was getting harder and harder for me.” "There were  many nights, when I would close our bond and cry myself to sleep from the pain of not being able to love you in everyway.”  "We both know there had been other men in my life.”  "You know I am not naive in the ways of love.”  "I took every precaution during those relationships to protect myself from getting with child.”  "I wanted none of that when you made love to me.”  "I wanted to feel you deep inside me, giving me your love and taking mine in return.” "I needed to feel the warmness of your seeds enter my body.” ‘ Knowing you were giving me the very essence of your love.” Touching his face, I wanted no barriers between our love Vincent.” "I needed you so badly.”  "If I had not conceive our child the first time we loved, I would have kept trying until I did.”  

Returning her caress, "Catherine I was scared as well.”  "Not knowing how you would feel when you saw me as I really am frightened me.” "I was afraid my inexperience would disappoint you.” "When you saw my body I felt your desire.” "It overwhelmed me.” "As I began to make love to you, I felt the pleasure I was giving you.” "I knew your body was ready to accept my seed and if I came inside you our child would be conceived.” "I wanted us to have a child just as you did.” "But I was afraid that you might regret your decision and I hesitated.” "I decided I was not going to experience my first sexual release within you.” " It pained we as I was withdrawing from you.” "I wanted to give you all the love I could give you.” "Than you asked me to stay knowing you would get pregnant with my child.”  "When I found release inside your beautiful body, it came with all my love and you felt that love Catherine.” "We knew you were going to get pregnant the first time we loved.” "We both wanted it.” "It felt right because it was meant to be.”  "We can  tell father and the others about the baby and our  upcoming marriage later." Right now, looking at the loveliness of her naked body his blue eyes darken with desire, " I want you."

"I want you too Vincent."

"I know you do Catherine my love." "I  feel your desire."

Taking one firm breasts within his lips the other within his hand, he spent the next few hours, exploring every inch of his beautiful Catherine from her soft honey brown hair to her tiny little toes. Losing himself inside and out the sweet body of his mate. 


The Day After Part 7 (adult Strong Sexual Content) 

"Holding her in his arms.  Both  exhausted from loving and exploring each other.  " Catherine your body is so beautiful, so perfect.' "  How could you think you would disappoint me." "My desire for you is overwhelming" I feel it may be too much."

"Never too much Vincent." "I need to know I am desirable to you everyday in everyway."  "You my love I desire every minute of everyday" placing a soft kiss upon his lips." "The more we love the more love I need from you."  "You're like a fire in my blood Vincent." "I cannot get enough of you ."

"Catherine, placing kisses all over her face, upon his lips and at the hollow of her throat, I can never get enough of you"  and he took her once more.

A little later passion spent. Slightly panting , "Catherine  if I do not get you out of this bed , I will take you again."
"My desire for you too strong."

"I know Vincent.” "I know.” Panting as well, "so  my love what are you waiting for take me again" bringing him down to her waiting body..

Finally  they pulled themselves out of bed, their lovemaking put on hold until later that night.  "Come Catherine let us go to the mirror pool to wash and change than go  see father and the others." Taking her hand, grabbing their towels and soap they headed for the mirror pool.

When they arrived there, he lifted her  in his arms, and  went into the water.

"Vincent this feels wonderful", floating on her back. "Almost as wonderful as your hands caressing my body."

"Catherine, floating over to her, we are supposed to be washing up." "It is hard enough keeping my desire under control right now."  'If you keep talking this way, you know what will happen."  His eyes turning cobalt blue with desire.

"Yes I know sweetheart," swimming into his arms, her lovely breasts floating just above the surface, "that's the idea."

Rubbing her hardened nipples across his chest, she reached into the water capturing him in her hands. A gasp escapes him. Smoothing her hands  along his great length, mm just the way I like you, nice and hard." "You are definitely ready for me my love."  Locking her legs around his waist, she took him deep inside
her.  As she rode him, the warm water rippling around their naked bodies was quite exotic.

Never breaking her rhythm, she took his lips to her own, pulling him under the water where their lovemaking continued.  Surfacing for air, their lovemaking  hot and heavy. Catherine glanced down at their joining."Vincent look at us,"  pointing toward  the water.  The water was so clear , both watching in awe as he  thrusts in and out of her sweet opening..

"Seeing myself  within you, loving you as I have always wanted too."" "Feeling the heat of your lovely body surrounding  me is so beautiful Catherine."

"Vincent I have dreamed  of this for  so long." "Having you  inside me, taking me are you are.." "It really is beautiful my love." "Both watching, his thrusts going deeper, faster. Their desire igniting .

"Harder my love." He thrust deeper, "Yes that's it harder, he thrusts harder,  "Oh Vincent yes." Her release upon her,  "empty yourself in me ." .” "Fill me now  please," begging for the release only he could give her. 

"Yes my Catherine now.".”  "In  one  hard thrust he empties himself in her to distraction.

Buried deep within her,  their climax going on and on filling her to overflowing.  Resting her head on his shoulder, holding  him tight inside her, convulting around him ,  they return from paradise..

"Vincent I love you so much."

" As I love you Catherine."

Withdrawing from her, they watched  his seeds drip from her opening.  Seeing evidence of the powerful love they just shared emflamed their desires. They loved again.

Holding each other close, "Vincent our lovemaking is so wonderful, so perfect."

"Yes Catherine it is." Softly touching her face, "are you ready to wash up my love,"  caressing her back down to her soft derriere.

"I guess we better."  "Although it would be nice to make love by the side of the pool, taking one of his hidden buds between her small white teeth.

"Catherine he gasp, your sexual appetite is insatiable."

"Are you complaining Vincent," nipping his other nipple?

"No Catherine sweetheart ", his voice  husky as he hardened with desire. 

"Are you sure my love", squeezing the heavy sac between his legs?

"Oh god Catherine"  his desire consumed  him.

Lifting her in his arms he carried her to the water's edge. Sitting her gently by the side of the pool, he stood between her legs. Placing his hands at her hips, he entered her  silken depths in one  powerful thrust taking her  breath away.

"Vincent she gasped, as he held her  thrusting deeper and deeper.  Throwing her head back, she began caressing her heated body , holding her breasts, teasing the  hardened nipples  before his eyes.

Watching the erotic scene before him , he  began losing control of his desire.  As the darkside of his desire took over, he plunged in and out of her . Each thrust harder and deeper  than the one before..

Although  whimpering from the pleasure pain of his rough penetration, she opened wider,  clinging to him,  lifting her hips to met  him  thrust for thrust, ,letting his take her hard , almost  savagely.  She  knew  this is what he needed to free the other part of his soul.  She needed it as well. He grew inside her,. his thrusts becoming  harder, faster,  releasing his semen within her again and again and again 

In one final thrust, his seeds erupted inside her once more.. Letting out an earth-shattering roar, he drained himself  deep into the wetness of her heated core one last time..

Lying his head against her chest, his lips slightly parted he whispered  "Catherine." 

Feeling him soften within her, "it's alright my love."  I know what you need," placing her  nipple in his mouth. 

As he began to suckle,  more nuturing than sexual, she cradled his head in her hands.

While she held him, his penis stirred, hardening inside her . Closing his eyes in shame, he began to withdrawal.  Gently putting his back into her,  "never be ashamed to want me again so soon, I am here for you Vincent. " "Always."

Placing a towel  on the cool ground, he laid her softly upon it.  With  lips slightly parted,  canines showing, his head thrown back, he plunged  deep into her  silken depths.  His powerful thrusts bringing her release quick and hard. Continuing his rhythm she found release once more.  When he increased his  rhythm, she screamed his name as she climaxed again.  Loving her harder, his release upon him, he brought his head forward.  His golden mane caressing her body as he climaxed within her..  

Gently laying on top of her, being careful of his greater weight, he rested his head at her breasts tears  forming in his eyes. ""I love you Catherine.

"Lightly caressing his beautiful blond hair, she felt the tears upon her breasts "I know Vincent."  "I love you too."

Closing his eyes, he fell asleep listening to her heart beat next to his own.