The Day After Part 8 (Adult very explicit sexual content)

Waking up Vincent found himself at Catherine’s breast.  She was caressing his head softly humming a lullaby.

Releasing her nipple, he lifted his head to find her watching him.

"Did you sleep well my love?” 

"Yes my angel I did.”   "I am sorry I fell asleep like that.”

"Don’t apologize Vincent.”  "I didn’t mind.’”  "It gave me a chance to admire the love of my life.” "Besides, you are quite adorable when you sleep.” "You make the cutest purring sound.”

"A purring sound Catherine?”  "I  never knew ." "No one ever told me.”

"Well you do and I love it.”  Lightly touching his face, "come here my love, I need your lips on mine.”

Smiling he covered her body with his own kissing her.  "How was that my love?”  Before she could reply he kissed her again.  "Is that better or maybe this” kissing her passionately.

After his first kiss, Catherine was on fire wanting him.  Breathlessly, "Vincent you know how a single kiss from you effects me, let alone ones with such passion rubbing her heated body against his, make love to me?”

"Catherine I would love too.”  Rolling over he placed her on top of him.  She knew what he wanted.  Straddling his hips, she took him deep inside her.  With his hands on her waist, his thrusts began.

"Catherine, his voice heavy with desire, I could love you like this forever.” "Never leaving the softness of your  body.”  "Having you climax around me are you are now, erupting within her, emptying my seeds in you like this, thrusting harder, he came again, from morning to night.”  "Answering your sounds of pleasure with my own,”  they climax again.  "Holding you tight in my arms as you give yourself to me.”  "Being blessed with the children conceived by our lovemaking.”  " Catherine it feels so good inside you, taking her with slow smooth strokes.  His arousal hot and hard, slick from their joining.  The musky scent of  lovemaking surrounding them as they move closer  to fulfillment once more.

"Vincent I wish all those things and more,"  gasping,  he went deeper. "I could spend  my life letting you make love to me as I love you in return.”  "Giving me  children to  nurture and love by the passion we will share."  "I want a life here with you, gasping again, his strokes harder, exploring the tunnels together..”  "I can see us loving in the chambers of falls,.”her desire escalating.  "Feeling the  whispering winds caress our bodies when we love there, yes Vincent yes, harder. ." Making love as the  crystal cavern sparkles  around us. "Oh Vincent," his thrusts faster, contracting around him., "I want to stay  barefoot and pregnant with your children for the next ten years,"climaxing with her words.. 

"Catherine my love, thrusting into her, I am more than willing to keep you that way, exploding within her, pumping  milky streams of semen deep into her climax..

"On Vincent, what are you doing to me,” her body trembling, hips frantically moving against his throbbing erection. Joining  him in climax , the warmness of his sperm filling her womb to overflowing.

"Catherine, my Catherine,  I am on fire inside you," his  penis throbbing uncontrollably within her, his release continuing.  "Oh God this is too much,  looking down at his seeds seeping between her legs, too much, erupting within her once more..  Seeing  her delicate body could  hold no more, he withdrew before he came again.

When Catherine grabbed his hardness in her hands, he gasped.  Looking at her,  "I am always here to pleasure you Vincent.”  "Remember that.”  "You are not done, stroking her hand up and down his great length,  and neither am I., placing two of his fingers gently inside her. ”  Lowering her head she took him deep into her mouth.  Loving this way they climaxed three times more.

Feeling him soften in her mouth, she knew his desire had been satisified for now and reluctantly released him.

Laying her head just below his naval, she whispered "I love you and kissed the tip of his penis before sleep overcame..  

Running his hand lightly through the silken strands of her hair, "I love you Catherine.”  As he fell asleep with his fingers inside his love, she gently held his member in her tiny hand.


The Day After Part 9 (Adult sexual content)

Waking up  with the urgent need to pleasure her lover, Catherine went down on him for the second time that day.

Hardening Vincent woke up to find her mouth moving up and down on him. Still amazed that she would love him like this. Closing his eyes, moans of pleasure escape his lips as Catherine has her way with him.

Lightly resting  his hand on the back of her head, he  began  thrusting in and out of her sweet mouth.

Lifting her eyes, she tenderly watched his release consume him.  Softly growling  as his beautiful angel  drank him dry.

Releasing him she smiled, "that was wonderful my love." Moving seductively up his muscular body, " share you taste with me" taking his lips to her own.  Tongues twisting, teasing, tasting each other, drowning in their kiss.  Pleasure escalating, they joined as one sharing an earth-shattering climax.. 

After emptying himself within her, "Catherine this desire we share through our Bond is unbelievable.”  His penis stirred, hardening  and he loved her again.

"Yes Vincent,” another release upon her, our connection is quite extraorid***, her words replaced by screams of fulfillment as he exploded inside her once more.

Taking his lips in  a passionate kiss, she held him tight  inside her, contracting around him, filling herself with his seeds. 

Rolling over he placed feather light kisses on her temples, all over her lovely face.  Moving down her body his tongue licking and nipping her delicate skin,, savoring the taste of her. Stopping a moment  to  suckle each nipple his journey continued.  Spreading her legs, needing to see the petal soft lips at her opening.  The scent of their recent lovemaking was overwhelming,  intoxicating, his primal instincts drawing him toward her.. 

Burying his face in her soft brown curls, his raspy tongue sucking and licking the hidden bud of her desire.  Locking her legs around his neck , she lifted her hips bringing him closer to her heated core.

Thrashing her head from side to side, whimpering sounds of pleasure escape her lips .  His tongue licking every inch, every corner of her feminine core.  As he drank the sweet juices of her love, she gasped in pain, he had bitten her  hidden bud .  The sensation , though slightly painful, sent her over the edge. Pressing her wet core against his lips, she cried his name in esctasy as she found release once more.

Drained and thoroughly loved, she went limp on the bed.  "Vincent, her breathing labored, that was incredible.”

"Yes my angel it was, his breathing labored as well."I enjoyed sharing it with you.” Separating the soft lips of her opening , he looked at the small bite mark he left upon her.  Placing a soft kiss there he apologized.  "I am sorry I hurt you Catherine."  "My nature requires me to mark my mate." "Now you belong to me." Laying his head gently on her stomach., he began caressing her thigh  , "Catherine this time with you has been so wonderful.’  "The unselfish gift of your love has made me forget my differences.” "Your love changed me.” "The lifelong struggle with my identity is over..”  "I became a man because of you  Catherine."  "Now I can truly love you as you deserve to be loved.” I am going to spend my  life with you  making you happy.” "I love you with all that I am.”

His sweet words brought tears to her eyes. Her voice filled with emotion as she spoke, "Vincent I am honored to wear you mark upon me." "As for hurting me my love the pain was over as quickly as it came." "Your  differences were one of the reasons I fell in love with you.” "You are so beautiful to me and always will be.” "Your love changed me as well, I became a caring woman and I learned the true meaning of love.”  "Even if are relationship had not become sexual, I would have somehow managed to control my desire for you, but I could never stop loving you.”    "You are my life.” "I cannot survive without you.” "Vincent I love you with all my heart.”  They stayed this way for a time, as  their love flowed through their Bond.

When the rumbling of Catherine’s stomach broke the silence of the moment, they looked at each other and laughed.

Sitting up, "it sounds like my lovely wife to be and our baby need to eat.  Lifting her in his arms he carried her into the water and began washing her up. Seeing her hand go beneath the water, her intention clear, he stepped back a little.  Lifting her face, he looked into her eyes,, "behave yourself Catherine.”  "I plan on making love to you all night long but right  now we are going to wash up so I can escort you to dinner.”

Pouting a little, she gave in.  "All right Vincent I’ll be good ."

Smiling at her he said, "thank you.” Placing a kiss upon her soft pink lips, he returned to the task at hand.

By the time he was done washing her lovely body, he was very much aroused but  held back.  They will have plenty of time to make love later tonight. "You’re all done sweetheart now you can rinse off.”

"Can I wash you first Vincent?”

Remembering his state of arousal he told her "thank you” but I can do it and he began to lather his body.

As Catherine rinsed off her soap, the feel of his hands caressing her body as he washed her still lingered in her thoughts, so she kept her distance from him while he washed up.  If she didn’t she knew her hands would eventually replace the washcloth caressing the rippling muscles of his body. 

When he was done rinsing he asked, " if she was ready to dry off.”

"Telling his yes,” she climbed out.

Watching the water drip off her beautiful body as she exited the pool, he immediately hardened.  Shaking his head in disbelief, what that woman does to me.  Knowing she would want to ease his discomfort, he could not let her see him like this.  He waited until she brough her hair forward to dry it before he came out the water.  Quickly turning his back to her he began drying off, hoping to get his desire under control before she noticed ..

What he didn’t know was that Catherine had felt it all along but kept it from their Bond.

So deep in concentration trying to ease his erection, he did not hear her quiet approach.  When he felt her grabbed his manhood from behind, he gasped from her unexpected touch.  "Let me help you Vincent?” "Make love to me?”

Covering her tiny hand with his own, "sweetheart I love you for asking but I can wait.”

Softly kissing his back, "but I can’t my love.” "I need you now.” "Please love me?”

Letting out a soft growl, he gave in. Turning toward her he cupped her rear end lifting her to meet him.  Locking her legs around his waist, he entered her with one hard thrust.

Desperate for fulfillment their lovemaking was frantic, their  climax was quick and hard.  His eruption so powerful it left him weak.  Holding her tight against him, he fell to his knees.  Wrapping her arms around his neck, they laid their heads on each other’s shoulder, chests heaving, slowly moving together,  he  fills his Catherine with all the seeds of love she needed.

Neither moved until the aftermath of their desire subsided..

Without saying a word, Vincent  laid her down by the water’s edge.  After giving her a soft kiss between her legs, he gently washed away the evidence of their lovemaking.  Sitting up Catherine placed a soft kiss on the head of his penis before washing him in return.

When their toiletry was complete he carried her to the side of the pool.  Wrapping themselves in towels, they cleaned up the mess they had made.  Holding hands they headed for the mirror pool exit with the memories of the incredible love they just shared  locked deep in  their hearts.