X Files: Savior.

_________________episode 1.
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- Crossover: X Files/Beauty and the Beast. 
- alternate universe/timeline after "X Files" ep "William" and "Beauty and the Beast" ep "Though Lovers Be Lost". 
- continuing classic/snd "Beauty and the Beast".
- with a story idea but unsure how to proceed, I decided to write this as a script for the "X Files", as if I were to write it and send it in to the now defunct series, the way some Star Trek fans did with ST:TNG. I suppose it could also be viewed as a "X Files: The Next Generation" pilot ep. I've also decided to, as Babylon 5's creator JMS put it, to (paraphasing) "sit in the coffee shop and post the pages in the window". In other words - post each scene as I write it. I have a kind of "season finale" scene in my head I'm working toward, but the journey will be as much a surprise for me as for the readers.
- warning: for those shameless X Files "shippers" and Beauty and the Beast SND fanfic fans (of which I'm both) - though this may class as both, I'm gonna let the plot guide me as to how far it goes. Hopefully I can work some scenes to satify everyone. And no, this current story DOES NOT/IS NOT SET UP TO address 3s Beauty and the Beast/Catherine's death/survival - so don't ask (yet anyway). Pretend it didn't exist.

Spoilers: "X Files" series finale and "Beauty and the Beast" ep "Though Lovers Be Lost".

Archive: Sure, just ask.

Disclaimer: I don't own anyone. I promise I'll return them when I finish playing, scout's honor, really. I even promise to glue any missing parts back on.

Summary: What if William hadn't been adopted by a couple in Wisconsin, but instead found his way to the Tunnel community?


"Location tag" on bottom left of screen:
Scully's Apartment
April 13, 2002

PETER ALCOTT sits on the couch, examining WILLIAM. SCULLY paces nervously.

PETER: He's fine, Dana. Healthy, though his pulse and respirations are a bit on the low side. 

SCULLY: (takes a deep breath and sits down) They've always been that way.

PETER hands WILLIAM to SCULLY and picks up briefcase from the floor.

PETER: (pulls papers from briefcase) I got the lab results back from what your....friend... injected into William. From what they could tell, it's a suspension of some kind of metal in water. They can't identify the exact metals or alloy, but it did show some magnetic properties.

PETER hands SCULLY the papers. SCULLY looks at them, but doesn't seem to be reading; She shakes her head.

SCULLY: I don't know what to do.

PETER puts his hand on SCULLY's knee to comfort her.

SCULLY: What if Spender's right? What if I can't protect him?

PETER: (sighs) (hesitates as if making a decision) I know a place.

cut to X FILES opening sequence/credits.

INT. - middle class townhouse living room, home of the MAXWELLs

"Location tag" on bottom left of screen:
Maxwell home
New York City
April 13, 2011

JOE MAXWELL and his 10-year-old adopted son WILLIAM sit on the floor next to the coffee table playing checkers. WILLIAM is wearing a baseball uniform; his muddy shoes lie near him on the clean carpet. WILLIAM shows remarkable resemblance to SCULLY. Off camera, a door opens and closes.

JENNY (ARONSON) MAXWELL: (off screen) I'm home. Billy, how many times have told you not to leave your shoes there? Go put them away and get cleaned up.

WILLIAM: But Mooom....

JENNY comes onto screen and raises an eyebrow at WILLIAM. 

WILLIAM: (picks up shoes and stands) (under his breath) Oh, all right. (stomps off screen)

JOE: (lovingly to JENNY) Spoil sport.

Off camera, the doorbell rings. FOLLOW JOE to the door. JOE opens the door to reveal CATHERINE CHANDLER. CATHERINE enters the foyer, brandishing a manilla filing folder.

CATHERINE: Okay, so when the boss calls me up at 5:15 in the morning on a Saturday to do a background check on some wierdo, and then proceeds to take his kid to a baseball game, I ask myself, what can I extort out of him this time?

JOE: What'd you get?

FOLLOW JOE, JENNY, and CATHERINE to the living room. ALL 3 sit. CATHERINE hands JOE the folder. JOE flips through the file as CATHERINE talks.

CATHERINE: The gun was unregistered, but we managed to lift some fingerprints of the stock. I had them run through NCIC and get this - they belong to one Fox William Mulder, a former FBI agent known for his unconventional theories. He was convicted of murdering on a Naval officer named Noel Rohr in Spring of 2002. But that's not the kicker - he escaped and supposedly died in an explosion in Arizona shortly after his conviction, along with his ex FBI partner, Dana Scully. There's a picture of them in there somewhere.

JOE pauses, and pulls a picture from the folder. SHOW picture - SCULLY's FBI id photo.

JENNY: My God, he looks like her.