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Later that morning at breakfast Vincent came into the dining chamber smiling happily. "I suppose that you saw Catherine and everything is well." Father remarked with a smile on his face. "Yes father." Vincent answered as he bent to kiss his parent on the head. "We talked all night." Vincent told everyone. "She is well and she is coming home to us sometime today." Everyone was very happy about this. "Father should we prepare a celebration to welcome her back?" Jamie asked gleefully. Father looked over at Vincent who shook his head. "I think that winterfest will be enough of a celebration." Vincent told her.

After breakfast Vincent made sure that Jacob was napping. Then he joined Father in his chamber. "Isn't it early for Jacob to be taking a nap?" father asked. Vincent shook his head. "I want him to be bright eyed when he sees his mother for the first time this afternoon." Vincent told him. Father smiled and nodded. "So do you feel like being beaten in a game of chess?" Vincent asked happily. Father looked up at him and smiled. "Today my son I do not mind being beaten at all." And they settled down for a game.

At 2:30 that afternoon a nurse wheeled a wheelchair into Catherine's room. "Alright Mrs. Wells it is time to go." She told Catherine. Catherine was standing besides the bed packing the last of the suitcases. "Thank you!" Catherine told the nurse. Then Catherine took a seat and Peter grabbed her luggage. "So Mrs. Wells are you ready to go home?" He asked smiling. Catherine looked up at him and smiled. "I have never been more ready for anything in my life." The nurse wheeled her into the hallway where she was met by Diana, Devin, Joe, and Father. "Hello father I was not expecting to see you here again." Father smiled and kissed her cheek. "I think that my son wanted me to come escort you home." The nurse returned and looked at Catherine. "Alright Mrs. Wells all we need is your signature and you will be ready to go." Father was shocked by the last name that the nurse used. Catherine noticed this and smiled. "I needed to use another last name at the hospital in Maine and Wells was the only one that felt appropriate." Father nodded and smiled. "You do not need to explain my dear it sounds wonderful on you." He told her.

When the nurse had given Catherine her copy of the paperwork she wheeled her to the entrance of the hospital. From there Catherine stood and walked out to the waiting limousine. She climbed in between father and Peter while Devin, Diana and Joe got in the other door. "We are going to 1287 East 56th street." Peter told the driver. Catherine looked at him for a moment then remembered that this was his house. "I thought that it would be easier tunnel access from my house." Peter told her. Catherine smiled and nodded. "I do not care how we get there just as long as we get there." She said excitedly.

When they reached Peter's house everyone went inside. Once the limo driver had left Devin walked over and tripped the secret entrance to the tunnels. Catherine moved to enter the tunnels. But before she knew what was happening she was swept off the ground. She looked up and saw Vincent. "Hello my dearest Catherine welcome home." He told her as he kissed her lips. Catherine could not get over how wonderful it was to be in his arms once again. Vincent then moved off down the tunnel with his beloved Catherine in his arms. "Darling I can walk." Catherine told him. Vincent looked into her green eyes and smiled. "You my dear one may never be allowed to walk again." Catherine giggled and settled into his arms. "That might not be so bad." She told him.

The others had been walking a few paces behind. They wanted to allow the two lovers the chance to be alone again. "I have not seen Vincent this happy in three years." Father commented as everyone watched the couple ahead. "Dad the only thing that made him happy these last three years was Jacob." Devin commented. Father smiled and placed his arm around his oldest son. "Well now our family is complete." Devin smiled and nodded.

When they reached the main chamber Vincent took Catherine inside and sat her down in one of the chairs. "Now my love there is someone who wishes to see you." He told her smiling. Catherine smiled as tears gathered in her eyes. "Vincent please wait." She told him. Vincent stopped and turned around to face her. "I would like to go and freshen up before I see anyone especially our son." She told him as she rose from her chair. Vincent smiled and nodded then Catherine left the chamber. He sat down and happily waited for her to return.

As Catherine made her way down the tunnel toward the bathing chamber nearest Vincent's chamber she heard Mary's voice inside the chamber. "You can play here until your Father comes to get you." Mary told Jacob. Catherine listened for a few seconds then moved slowly toward the chamber entrance. When she was in the entrance she caught her first glimpse of her son. Catherine put her hand to her mouth as her tears began to fall. Mary stood up and turned to see her standing in the doorway. Catherine smiled then moved over to embrace her. "Oh Mary it is wonderful to see you!" Catherine sobbed happily.

When they separated both women noticed that Jacob was looking at them. Catherine looked at Mary who smiled and nodded. Then Catherine moved out of her arms and toward her son. She sat down on the tunnel floor beside him as he began to play again. "Hello Jacob." She said softly. Jacob looked up at her and saw her smile at him. "Are you my mommy?" he asked. Catherine nodded as her tears started to fall once again. "Yes baby I am your mommy." She told him. Then Jacob turned toward her and smiled again as he began to cry. "Mommy I missed you!" He cried as he jumped up and threw himself into her arms. "I missed you too baby." Catherine cried as she held him tightly.

Mary was watching this loving scene as her tears started to fall. She rose and quietly left the chamber. She decided that Vincent needed to witness this scene for himself. She walked down the tunnel until she reached her and Father's chamber. She stopped just outside the chamber and dried her eyes. She could hear voices coming from inside the chamber. "Vincent where is Catherine?" Devin asked as they entered the chamber. Vincent rose from his chair and turned to face them. "She wanted to get freshened up before I introduced her to Jacob." He told them. "But that was about fifteen minutes ago." He told them with concern in his voice. Diana approached him and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Would you like me to go and see if she is alright?" Diana asked. Vincent was about to answer when Mary entered the chamber. "There is no need for that she is just fine." Mary told them. Vincent turned to face her. "Where is she now?" he asked. Mary smiled and walked up to him. "She is in your chamber." She told him. Vincent looked at her confused for a moment. "Vincent I was watching Jacob in your chamber when Catherine was passing by she heard my voice so she walked into the chamber." Vincent smiled brightly as he heard this. "My boy she was holding your son when I left to come find you." She told him as she once again started to cry. Vincent was also crying now. He embraced Mary then quickly ran from the chamber followed by Mary, Devin, Diana, and Father.

When they arrived at Vincent's chamber a very beautiful scene met all of them. Catherine was sitting on Vincent's bed holding Jacob. They were so wrapped up in their conversation that neither noticed the five people standing in the chamber entrance. "Mommy are you going to stay with me and Daddy?" Jacob asked. Catherine looked down at him and smiled. "Yes baby I am never leaving you or your daddy again." She told him. Jacob squealed with delight and once again hugged her. "I love you mommy." He told her as he kissed her on the cheek. Catherine smiled through her tears. "Mommy why are you crying?" Jacob asked as he became sudden afraid. Vincent saw this and quickly walked up to them. "Your mother is fine." Vincent told him as he sat down beside Catherine. She looked up at him and smiled. "Oh Vincent I love you!" she told him. Vincent smiled and hugged both his loves. "And I love the two of you very much." He told mother and son.

Father hated to break up this loving scene but he cleared his throat. Vincent and Catherine looked up at him and smiled. "I believe that we should go back to the main chamber because there are others wanting to see Catherine." Vincent looked at Catherine and smiled. Then he rose from the bed. He extended his hand to her. "Come my love the rest of our family awaits." With that Catherine took Vincent's outstretched hand. "Mommy can I go?" Jacob asked. Catherine looked down at her son who was still sitting in her lap. "Yes baby you are coming with us." With that she stood up. She positioned Jacob on her hip and then took Vincent's hand. "Now my love let's go see our family." Catherine smiled up at him and nodded. "Yes let's go." Then they all left the chamber.

When they entered the main chamber Vincent led Catherine and Jacob to a seat. Catherine took a seat and placed Jacob on her lap. Then the other members of the tunnel community began to enter the chamber. "Cathy it is so wonderful to see you!" Lena cried as she embraced her friend. "Lena I have missed you very much." Catherine told her. They talked for a few minutes and then Lena moved so that the others could see Catherine. "Cathy dear welcome home." William told her as he kissed her on the forehead. "Thank you William." Catherine responded. Then the burly cook looked down at Jacob. "So my boy are you glad to have your mom back?" He asked the boy. Jacob looked up at William and smiled. "Yes she is great mommy." Jacob responded. The rest of the tunnel community filed in to see Catherine.

When Kanin and Olivia saw her they were overjoyed. "Cathy you look absolutely wonderful!" Olivia cried as she embraced Catherine. Then she Olivia addressed Jacob. "So sweetie are you still coming to spend tonight with Luke?" Jacob looked up at her then up at his mother then he suddenly broke into tears. "Mommy please do not leave me!" Jacob cried. Catherine embraced him and began to rock him gently. "Baby what is it?" Catherine asked her son. Then she looked up at Vincent. He gently helped her stand. "Baby why don't you, daddy, and I go talk?" Catherine asked. Jacob looked up at her and nodded silently. As they were about to leave Catherine turned and addressed Olivia and Kanin. "If we get him calmed down enough and if he still wants to I will bring him to your chamber." Catherine told them. Then they left the chamber.

When the three of them reached their chamber Catherine sat down with Jacob on the bed. And Vincent sat down on the floor beside the bed. "Why don't you tell us what you are afraid of baby?" Catherine asked. Jacob was calmer now and he looked up at her. "Mommy I am afraid that if I go stay with Luke tonight that you will be gone in the morning." Jacob told her. Catherine held her beloved son tighter and rocked him. "Jacob your mother will not leave again that is something that we can both promise you." Vincent told his son as he moved to sit beside them on the bed. "Baby I have come home to you and your daddy and I am not going anywhere." Jacob looked up at her and asked her, "You promise?" Catherine smiled down into the blue eyes of her son and smiled, "I promise." Jacob smiled up at her and rose to kiss her on the cheek. Then he asked her something, "Mommy can I go and spend the night with Luke?" Jacob asked. Catherine looked down and at him and smiled. "Of course you can, I will take you to their chamber." As Catherine rose from the bed and prepared to take Jacob to Olivia she turned and addressed Vincent. "My love I will be back in a few moments." She told him as she leaned over and kissed him. "Alright my Catherine." He responded. With that she and Jacob left the chamber.

A few moments later Father entered the chamber with Devin and Diana. "Vincent is Jacob okay?" Father asked. Vincent turned from the candle that he was lighting and smiled. "Yes father we got him calm and Catherine took him to Olivia." Vincent responded. "I never saw him react that way." Devin remarked. "He is afraid of losing Catherine again." Vincent told them. "And I must admit that I feel the same way." Vincent said quietly. "Vincent I am home to stay." Catherine told him as she moved into the chamber. The three others knew that they needed privacy so they left. As Devin left he grabbed a lantern to give them privacy. "Catherine I know that you are not leaving but I cannot help being a bit scared." He told her. Catherine came up to him and wrapped her arms around his waist. "You and Jacob will both have to adjust to my return." She told him. "I feel like I have disappointed you." Vincent told her. Catherine shook her head. "You could never disappoint me Vincent." Vincent smiled down at his beautiful love and then he kissed her. "Oh Vincent I have missed the feel of your kisses on my lips." Catherine moaned.

Vincent trailed more kisses down her neck. There he found the crystal necklace. "Catherine how did you get this back?" Vincent asked. "Joe found it on the floor of my apartment." A sudden rush of sadness flew at he through the bond. "Oh Catherine I failed you that night!" Vincent sobbed as he took her into his arms again. "No Vincent you had no way of knowing that I was alive." Catherine assured him. "Joe even thought that I was gone until the paramedic found my faint heart beat." Catherine looked up into his face once again. "Vincent I do not want to talk about that time we are together again that is all that matters now."

Vincent nodded and smiled down at her. Then he moved back and walked toward the door of the chamber. "Now my love I think that we need some privacy." Vincent told her huskily as he pulled the tapestry over the door. Then he moved to his bureau and retrieved something. "I kept this." He told her. Catherine smiled and looked up into his face. "Oh it's the tunnel gown that I always wore." Catherine took the gown and headed toward the door. "I will be back in a few moments darling." Catherine told Vincent. Vincent nodded. When she was gone Vincent changed into a pair of corduroy pants and a white shirt. He then returned to the candles that he was lighting before father, Devin, and Diana walked in.

When Vincent was done he sat down on the bed and picked up a book. A short time later Catherine came back from the bathing chamber. "There you are I missed you." Vincent told her as he placed the book back on the table. He rose and walked toward her. "Catherine I have not felt this alive in three years." Vincent told her. "I love you and I want you more than I can say."

Catherine could not get over this change in Vincent. They had made love once but it was in the catacombs when Vincent was so ill. "Vincent, are you sure about this?" Catherine asked as Vincent reached out to touch her face. "Oh yes my darling one I want this more than anything." Catherine found the passion in his voice exciting. "I remembered the time that we made love in the catacombs." Vincent told her. "When did you remember?" Catherine asked excitedly. "A while after Diana and I got Jacob back." He told her. Suddenly Vincent felt a sudden wave of sadness through the bond. "What is it Catherine?" Vincent asked as he led her to sit on the bed beside him. "Vincent, Diana told me that she had developed feelings for you." Catherine told him as she looked at her hands. Vincent finally understood he placed a hand under Catherine's chin and lifted her face until she met his eyes.

"Catherine my love she did develop feelings for me but you are the only one in my heart." He assured her. Catherine nodded. "I know that Vincent she told me." Catherine answered. "I was just remembering what I told her and Devin when they were bringing me home." Vincent was now confused. "What did you tell them?" Vincent asked. "I told them that I did not want to interrupt your life especially if you had found someone new." Catherine told him quietly. "Oh Catherine there was never any chance of that I have never loved anyone but you." With that Vincent picked up her chin once again and brought his lips to hers. "Now Catherine I do not want to talk anymore." He told her with eyes full of passion.

Catherine moved back from his kiss and slowly removed her nightgown. It fell to the floor and she stood in front of him. "Oh Catherine you are so beautiful." Vincent said as he let out a gasp. "Now my darling I believe that it is your turn." Catherine told him as she reached for the shirt. "I want to see your body." She told him. Vincent smiled then stood up. "I have to admit that I am a bit nervous." Vincent told her. Catherine smiled and giggled. "You do not have to be nervous my love I will be gentle with you." She told him as she chuckled. Vincent moaned at the onslaught of the passion that came through the bond. "Catherine if you keep giving me feelings like that will not be able to do anything." Vincent told her as he reached up and stroked her arm. Catherine finished undressing Vincent. "Oh Vincent you are magnificent!" Catherine exclaimed as she looked at his body. "Catherine you are the one who is magnificent." Vincent corrected her.

When they were both standing there naked Vincent slowly folded her in his arms. Catherine loved the feel of his fur on her body. "Oh Vincent you are the most wonderful man." Catherine told him as Vincent began to kiss her once again. She could not get over the feel of his lips against her soft skin. "Catherine I have never been this alive!" Vincent husked as he kissed her. Catherine shivered as his lips moved down her neck.

When they reached the necklace at her neck Vincent moved back and removed it. "We do not want to break this." He told her. Vincent placed the necklace on the table then returned to her. "Catherine you have the most beautiful body I have ever seen." Vincent told her. "I want you more than anything." He told her with a lot of emotion in his voice. "Now where was I?" he asked her with a hint of passion in his voice. Catherine giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I swear I do not remember Vincent." Catherine told him with a giggle in her voice. Vincent returned to kissing Catherine. He moved down to her breast and began playing with them. Catherine moaned in delight at the feel of this.

Then Vincent captured her breast in his mouth and began to suckle her. Catherine moaned even louder. She began to shiver uncontrollably. Vincent felt this and in one movement Vincent lifted her into his arms and moved toward the bed. "Now my beloved Catherine we have to begin our new life." Vincent told her as he laid her down amongst the pillows. Catherine smiled up at him. She loved the feel of his bed beneath her once again. "Oh Vincent I have missed being in your chamber on your bed." Vincent looked down at her and shook his head "No my Catherine this is our chamber and our bed." Catherine nodded and held out her arms. "Now come here my darling."

Vincent lowered his body to lie beside her on the bed. She felt so good in his arms. "Catherine I have missed you so much." Vincent told her as he caressed her. "Vincent you are the light of my life." Catherine told him. "I could think of nothing but coming home to you." Vincent kissed her on the lips once again. "Catherine I am so thankful that you came back to us." Vincent told her. "Catherine what happened after you awoke from the coma?" Vincent had to ask. "I could not walk for about three months." She told him. Vincent rose onto one elbow and looked down at her. "You could not walk?" Vincent asked. Catherine looked up at him and nodded. This thought frightened Vincent. He scooped her into his arms and began to rock her gently. "Oh Catherine I wish that I had known I would have been right by your side." Vincent told her. Catherine moved back and looked into his eyes. "Vincent I would not have wanted you to see me that way." She told him. "But why Catherine I would have supported you." Vincent told her quietly. "I know that but I would have felt that I was a burden to you." She told him. Vincent once again pulled her to him. "Catherine you would have never been a burden to me I love you." With those words Vincent captured her lips once again in a passionate kiss.

After this Vincent moved over top of Catherine and smiled down at her. "Now Catherine are you ready to receive my love?" Vincent asked. Catherine giggled and nodded. "Oh yes my darling please love me now!" Catherine breathed. With that Vincent kissed her once again. And then in one swift movement Vincent entered her body. Catherine's body convulsed with the feel of him. "Oh Vincent yes!" She screamed. Their breathing became raspier. "Vincent you are the greatest lover." Catherine cried in ecstasy. Vincent moved within her slowly. He wanted to make this feeling last as long as he could. "Are you happy my beloved?" he asked as he breathed harder. Catherine could only nod her head. She writhed and moved under him. She clutched the bed between her fingers and moved her head back and forth. "Oh Vincent never leave me!" Catherine begged. Vincent stopped moving for a moment and looked down at her. "Catherine I could never leave you." He told her. "I am totally devoted to you and I love you desperately." Vincent once again began to move. They stayed like this for a long time. Then suddenly the orgasm came in a sudden wave. Catherine screamed in pleasure. When Vincent's orgasm finally hit he roared happily as his passion overcame him. When he had calmed Vincent fell onto Catherine's shoulder. He was exhausted but happier than he had been in a long time.

When Vincent moved over beside Catherine he gathered her into his arms. "Oh Vincent I truly feel like I am finally home again." Catherine cried. Vincent tightened his grip on her. "Catherine you are the true light of my life." Vincent told her. She kissed him once again and they both happily drifted off into the most beautiful sleep.

The morning of winter fest Catherine awoke to find that Vincent was not beside her. She rose onto her elbows then gathered her gown and slipped it over her head. She got out of bed and wondered where he could have gone. Then she spotted the note that he left on the table.

I have gone to get us some breakfast. I will return shortly. Do not move! I want to see you when I return. I Love You!!

Catherine sat down in his large chair and waited for her beloved Vincent to return. She looked around the room and was stunned to find her collection of crystal paperweights. How did these get down here? She wondered. She picked one up and stroked it gently. Then she placed it back on the shelf and moved around the room again. She was stunned to find in the corner the rose bush that was once growing on her balcony. She smiled at the memory of the day she was planting it. Vincent was standing on her balcony happily watching her. Then she got a thorn in her hand. This brought Vincent to her. He had been concerned about the pain. She was lost in thought when she felt the unmistakable feel of his eyes on her. Catherine turned and smiled at Vincent.

"Good morning my darling." She said lovingly. Vincent moved toward the table and put the tray of food down. "Good morning to you my Catherine." Vincent responded as he approached her. "So do I get my morning kiss?" Vincent asked. Catherine smiled slyly and shook her head. Vincent was momentarily taken back. Then he caught on to the teasing. "Alright I will not kiss you." Vincent told her as he made a move to turn around. "No you don't buster!" Catherine warned playfully. She grabbed him by the arm and turned him toward her. "Now kiss me Vincent!" Catherine demanded playfully. And with that Vincent captured her lips in a beautiful kiss.

They parted then sat down to eat breakfast. Catherine ate everything she could get her hands on. "Oh I have missed William's cooking." Catherine told him. Vincent smiled and watched her eat. "You certainly are eating healthy." Vincent remarked. She smiled up at him embarrassed. "I must look horrible eating like this." Vincent shook his head. "You could never look anyway but beautiful to me."

After they had finished eating Catherine moved the tray. "While you were gone I noticed that you have that paperweight collection from my apartment." Catherine remarked pointing to the shelf. Vincent looked up at the brightly color crystals and then back to Catherine. "Yes I wanted something to remember you by." Vincent told her as he looked down at his hands. "Oh love I did not mean to make you sad." Catherine told him as she rose to come beside him. "Vincent it warms my heart that you wanted these." She told him. Then she sat down in his lap and snuggled into his arms. "Catherine I was so lonely and I wanted things around me that reminded me of you." Catherine stroked his face and kissed him gently. "No more talk about the past Vincent." Catherine told him. He smiled and nodded his head. Then he captured her mouth in another passionate kiss.

This is how they were when Jacob bounded into the room. "Good morning mommy." Jacob declared. Catherine quickly rose and held out her arms to her son. Jacob laughed and ran to her. "Oh good morning baby." Catherine said laughing. Then Jacob looked over at his father. "Good morning daddy." Vincent held out his arms and Catherine deposited their son into his father's lap. "Good morning Jacob." Vincent told him as he ruffled his son's hair. Catherine sat down in the chair right next to them. "So did you have fun with Luke, honey?" Catherine asked him as she looked at her beloved Vincent and their son. "Yes mommy but I missed you." Catherine's heart swelled with pride and love. "And I missed you baby." With that she took Jacob into her arms again and hugged him tightly. "Mommy are you going to winter fest tonight?" Jacob asked. Catherine looked down at her son and smiled. "Yes baby I am looking forward to it."

Then she got a concerned look on her face. Vincent noticed this and looked at her. "What is it my beloved?" Vincent asked. "I just thought of something I have nothing to wear for winter fest." Vincent smiled and rose from his chair. He looked in his desk and pulled out a key. "I asked Peter to give this to me when I discovered that you were alive." He told her handing the key to her. She looked at the key then up at Vincent. "Oh it's the key to my old apartment." She said smiling. Vincent looked up at her and nodded. "None of your clothes were moved." Vincent continued. Catherine looked at him strangely.

"Catherine I just could not part with anything that was in your apartment." He told her somewhat embarrassed. Catherine placed Jacob in the chair she was sitting in then moved into Vincent's embrace.

They stayed there until they both heard Jacob giggling behind them. "And what is so funny?" Catherine asked as she faced her son. "You and daddy sure hug a lot." He told her laughing. "Oh yeah!" she said capturing him in a hug of her own. Then Vincent embraced them both. "Mommy can I go up top with you?" Jacob asked. Catherine did not know what to say. She looked at Vincent who looked somewhat frightened. "Baby I do not know if that would be a good idea." Catherine told him. "But why mommy?" Jacob asked. Catherine was about to answer when they heard Diana's voice. "Would you feel better Vincent if Devin and I went with them?" Vincent and Catherine both turned to face her. "You would do that Diana?" Catherine asked. Diana smiled and nodded. "Of course!" She told Catherine.

Vincent thought about what Diana had said then turned to Catherine. "Would that be acceptable to you and Jacob?" Vincent asked. Catherine smiled and nodded. Jacob gave a cry of joy. He hardly ever went above. So he enjoyed the trips. "Alright I will go get Devin and we will meet the two of you." Diana told Catherine as she left. "Thank you Diana." Catherine called to her.

About an hour later Catherine, Vincent and Jacob made their way to the threshold. "It may be safer to go up this way." Vincent told them. Catherine nodded in agreement. "We will take Jacob and start climbing." Devin told Catherine and Vincent. He knew that they would want a moment alone.

"Be very careful." Vincent told Catherine as he embraced her. "I will darling we will be back in about an hour and a half." Vincent nodded and watched as Catherine walked to the threshold. When Catherine started to close the hidden door she called down to him. "I love you Vincent." He smiled up at her and nodded. " I love you too." With that Catherine closed the door and Vincent sat down to await their return. He was nervous and would not calm down until his family was back in his arms. Please hurry back! He thought to himself.

When they reached the apartment Catherine hesitated. "Hey Cathy if you cannot do this no one will blame you." Diana told her. Catherine turned to her and smiled. "It just feels a bit strange." Catherine told her. Catherine placed the key in the lock and pushed the door open. She was suddenly over come with a feeling of grief. "I cannot make myself go inside." Catherine told them as she began to shake. "Cathy I know that all your dresses are in one box I will go in and get them." Diana told her. Catherine looked up at her and nodded. "Thank you Diana." Catherine responded. Devin placed a hand on Catherine's shoulder. "Cathy everything is okay you are fine." Devin told her as he embraced her. Jacob was getting scared. "Mommy, are you alright?" He asked almost in a sob. Catherine turned to her son and gathered him into her arms. "Yes baby I will be fine." She told him as she held him tight. "Mommy you are safe now and no one will hurt you." Jacob assured her. She smiled and kissed his forehead. "Thank you baby."

When Diana emerged she handed the box to Devin. "I think I got all you will need." She told Catherine. "If not just tell me and I will come back and get it." Catherine smiled and nodded. "I had no idea that I would react like that." She told them as they walked away. "Cathy you have some very unpleasant memories about this place." Devin told her. Catherine nodded. "Devin I may never be able to enter that apartment again." They descended to the basement of the building. Devin handed the box back to Diana and opened the hidden door.

Once everyone had climbed down the ladder they turned to see a very concerned Vincent standing waiting for them. When Catherine saw him she ran with Jacob into his arms. "Oh Vincent I am so glad to be home." She told him. "Yes my darling Catherine." Vincent agreed. "Mommy can I go with Aunt Diana and Uncle Devin?" Jacob asked. Catherine bent down and placed her son on the sand. "Yes we will come get you when it is time to get ready for winter fest." And with that Vincent and Catherine were left alone in the tunnel. Vincent opened his arms again and Catherine embraced him fiercely. "Now please tell me what happened that upset you so." Vincent told her as they began to slowly walk. "When we got to the apartment I could not even go inside." Catherine said shamefully. "Catherine you were thought to be dead there it is not surprising that you were uncomfortable." Catherine began to shake uncontrollably. Vincent tightened his arms around her. "Catherine you are here with me and safe." He told her as he held her. "Please Vincent never let me go!" She begged. "Never my Catherine you belong with me now."

When they arrived at their chamber Catherine and Vincent found the box of clothes. "Devin and Diana must have brought it here." Catherine reasoned as she opened it. She began to rummage through the clothes and accessories. She picked up the silk kimono that she wore when Lin and Henri married. "You looked so beautiful in that." Vincent told her as he watched her. "I always thought I would wear this when I married." Catherine told Vincent. He smiled slightly at the thought. "Yes it would make a beautiful wedding dress." Catherine replaced the dress and pulled out the lavender dress that she wore on their second anniversary. "Oh Vincent remember this?" she asked. He smiled and nodded. "How can I forget I almost lost you that time." The memories of the Watcher crossed over Vincent's face. Catherine saw this and came to him. "Oh Vincent do not look so sad I survived that because of you." She told him. "You brought me back when I had given up." Vincent encircled her in his arms and held her tightly. "I love you my Catherine." He crooned softly. "As I love you Vincent."

About an hour later Vincent was sitting in the whispering chamber on the bridge. Devin had been looking for him and found him there. "Hey little brother what are you doing here?" Devin asked as he sat down. Vincent looked up and did not say anything. "Do not tell me that you and Catherine have quarreled." Vincent shook his head. "No she went to help Rebecca." Devin was truly confused. "Then what in the world is the matter?" Devin asked. Vincent looked up at him and smiled. "I was just thinking of doing something tonight at Winter fest." Vincent told him. Devin looked at him intrigued. "What are you thinking of doing?" Devin asked. Vincent looked at him again and smiled. "I was thinking of asking Catherine to marry me." Vincent told him. Devin was ecstatic. "Oh little brother that is wonderful." Devin told him. "Do you think that she would marry me, Devin?" Vincent asked. "Are you kidding she would marry you in a minute." Devin assured him. With that Vincent rose and thanked his brother. "So are you going to ask her or not?" Devin asked. "You will just have to see." Vincent told him.

 On her way back to their chamber Catherine stopped and picked up Jacob. "It is time to go get ready for winter fest now." She told him. Jacob smiled up at her then raised his arms to be picked up. Catherine gathered her son into her arms and said goodbye to Diana. Then they made their way back to their own chamber. There they found Vincent asleep. "Mommy how will we wake daddy?" Jacob asked in a whisper. Catherine smiled then whispered something in his ear. She placed him down on the floor and they both quietly approached the bed. When they were right beside the bed Catherine and Jacob both gave a holler of joy and pounced on Vincent. "What is going on here?" Vincent laughed as he was being tickled mercilessly. "Get him mommy!" Jacob cried with joy. Then Vincent grabbed hold of Catherine and pulled her onto the bed. "Get her Jacob!" Vincent screamed as Catherine sank into a fit of laughter. "Alright I give up!" she finally screamed. With that Vincent let go of her and they all sat laughing. "You better think twice about that later." Vincent warned. Catherine looked at Jacob and smiled. "Oh we will."

From outside the chamber Mary could hear the laughter. It truly warmed her heart to hear those happy sounds. "What on earth is going on in here?" She asked as she entered. Jacob ran to her and she scooped him up. "Mommy and I had a tickle war with daddy." He told her as he started to laugh again. "Well I guess you had fun." She told him. Jacob smiled and nodded. "I had a lot of fun." With that Mary turned to the couple she adored and asked them. "Would you like me to get this little boy ready so that you can get ready yourselves?" Catherine smiled and nodded. Yes, thank you Mary." Catherine rose and placed a kiss on Jacob's cheek. "We will come get you on our way to the great hall." Jacob smiled and nodded. And he and Mary left.

Then Vincent rose and walked over to Catherine. "I will go bathe and be back in a few moments." He gently kissed her and was gone. While she was alone Catherine looked into the box of clothes. She decided to wear the lavender dress. She took out all the accessories and laid them on the table. Then she slipped into the dress. She then took out the earrings and the bracelet that matched. When she was completely dressed Catherine placed two antique combs in her hair. She looked in the full- length mirror and smiled to herself. You will knock his socks off. She thought to herself.

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