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Where Rainbows End!
2012-11-29, 05:46
                                                                       Lisa had no where to go after testifying,
                                                         and so she returned to the one place, where she remembered being truly 
                                                                                    happy which was back to the tunnels,
                                                              and back to the one who provided her most fondest of memories...Vincent!

                            Where Rainbows End!
                                                                                 Sharon Holtz

Chapter One

As Catherine lit the last of the candles, she stepped back from her patio table, to take in the enchanting site.A slow smile came to her lips, as she thought of Vincent, the man who caused her heart to race, and she thought of how she could not wait to see him again.
Anxiously, she found herself checking the clock on her mantle for the 10th time, trying not to worry 
Vincent was later than usual.
Deciding to take her mind off of Vincent's tardiness, she settled in on the spot she had prepared for them. It was one of their favorite places to share when he would visit, and tonight, tonight they planned to continue the book, they started reading which was "Wuthering Heights".
Once she began to relax, Catherine realized how tired she was! Since working at the DA, she really felt the effects of an 8 hour day! Of course these days, an 8 hour day often stretched out to 10-12 hour shifts.Heaving a sigh of contentment, she was pleased with the way her life had changed. She felt she was making a difference in the world through her work, and it all seemed to fall into place, ever since the moment Vincent entered her life.
Looking once more at the clock, Catherine reconciled Vincent had been late before, it was just she was so anxious to see him tonight. She missed him, and her need for his nearness was growing day by day, noticeably since the death of her Father. Yes, Catherine found her emotions, and feelings seem to have intensified for Vincent, and she could not wait to be within his arms again.
She sweetly loved how little by little, their closeness was becoming more intimate. Just the fact alone,Vincent told her about the incident with Lisa, was proof he wanted to get past it. And telling her,seemed to mark a new beginning for them, so Catherine finally understood, what was between them for so long.And finally, since Lisa had testified, she is free to leave New York, and Catherine hoped she and Vincent would pick up, where they had left off.
Resting her head, on the soft-pillowed balcony floor, she held their book in her hands, as she waited for Vincent. Sleepily, she closed her eyes, as she listened to the beautiful music of Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata", and it ultimately lolled her to sleep.Meanwhile, Lisa pouted,"Oh must you go Vincent? It is my first night back. Surely Catherine will understand. I don't know if I will be able to sleep knowing that you are not close by."
Vincent looked down at Lisa as she rested in her bed, wondering what to do. He didn't want Catherine to worry, and yet, Lisa's insistence made it difficult for him to leave! Finally, Vincent firmly told Lisa, he had to go, saying,"Catherine will be concerned if I don't arrive soon, you will be fine."With a resigning sigh, Lisa replied, "Very well, go to Catherine. I promise you, I will be laying here awake, until I know you have safely returned. Do tell her hello for me, won't you?"
Vincent nodded in agreement, "Of course Lisa, now rest. You have rendered a brave deed testifying today, I know that it could not have been easy."
Staring off, Lisa replied,  "It was difficult, but being back here now I can put all that behind me.  Here back in my old chamber.  It is almost as if I never left. Even Father is treating me with his usual disdain."Lisa held out her hand to Vincent, as she said, "Even still despite Father's disapproving looks, I am so 
happy to be here again, with all of my Tunnel Family, and You."
Shyly Vincent took her hand she offered, and said, "We are happy to have you back with us as well Lisa."Lowering her eyes she asked, "We? Vincent so impersonal! How about you? Are you happy I have returned?"Vincent released her hand, and suddenly felt unnerved by her flirtatiousness, but still, he softly 
admitted, "Yes, it is good to have you back."
Lisa felt triumphant in getting Vincent to confess this to her. She then said, "Go then Vincent, the quicker you go, perhaps the sooner you will return to us."
Vincent not wanting Lisa, to lie awake waiting for him, said, "Try to sleep, there are times I return quite late from Catherine's. It would weigh heavily upon my mind thinking  you are waiting for me. I will see you in the morning."
Lisa could not help but wonder what he, and Catherine would be doing so late into the night! Were they lovers? Lisa wanted to know so badly, but decided not to ask. Yes she did not want to appear nosey, at least not right now, but she would ask, oh yes she would when the time was right.
Looking at Vincent with a smile, she released a sigh, as she said, "Very well then Vincent! In the morning."
Vincent turned and left Lisa, feeling anxious to see his Catherine, but still torn because he wanted to stay. He told himself, it was because he wanted to make sure Lisa felt secure in her old chamber, but he DID wonder if that was the only reason why.

To be continued

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