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Winterfest Comes to an End
2012-11-07, 06:32

Winterfest Comes to an End

Linda Wells 

The candles are out now; the Great Hall is wrapped in darkness for another year, as Father had told earlier. Vincent and Catherine stand alone in the center of the chamber.  Te room is lit by a single lantern, its light casing their shadows behind them on the wall, taller than life.   

Catherine looked around her, than said softly, "Can you hear it, Vincent?” 

Vincent, puzzled, look around also, and then said, "Only the quiet, .and the wind outside crying to get in.” 

"Listen! You can hear it if you try...the music.” 

Vincent looked into her eyes, and listened. In a moment he smiled and said softly, "Yes…I hear it…Catherine, that question you asked me earlier?”  

Catherine smiled at him lovingly and answered, "I remember.” 

Without a word, Vincent put his arms about her an guided her out into the room. Together, they danced. 


Later, when all of the community was quiet, Vincent walked with her to the threshold of her building. Before she returned to her world Above, Catherine drew close to him, and standing on the toes, kissed him on the lips.  Then, sofly, "Goodnight, Vicnent.” 

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