One Moonlit Night
                                                                                                                     Sharon Holtz

It was a moonlit starry starry night, and this Hallows' Eve held a little more excitement for young Catherine. She was still going to go out Trick-or-Treating with her two very best friends, but she knew that afterwards she was getting an extra treat! Her mom and dad were taking her to the park to hear a special concert that was being performed on this night of goblins and ghostly shadows. But best of all they would be playing music from her most favorite composer, Grieg. He was her mother's favorite too. Oh how her mother loved going to the concerts in the park. Catherine noticed that her mom seemed to be enjoying these times together, sharing these special gifts even more so lately, with such intensity and introspection. Catherine would look at her mom and she would be swaying to the music, her eyes would be closed and she wouldn't speak. . . not a word. She'd be smiling and just squeeze little Catherine's hand. She was filled with so much joy sharing this beautiful music.

Meanwhile, down below the city streets, young Devin was looking for his brother Vincent. He knew right where to look. It was below the  bandstand, under the park. Vincent had his own special spot for the concerts that were performed in the park. Vincent's love for the music always drew him there whenever there was a concert.

Devin yelled for his brother. "Vincent!"

"Yes Devin" answered Vincent.

"I was wondering if you wanted to go to the concert?"

"I am Devin. And it is wonderful!"

"No Vincent." Devin answered mischiefly. " I mean really go . . . up top!"

Vincent's eyes widened and he said. "Did Father say that I could go?"

"No! Father couldn't know anything about it! He would never approve. Father is in his study and we are all done with the festivities that Mary had planned for our Halloween celebration and so Pascal and I were thinking that we wanted to do something special for you .How about it? Everyone is dressed up in costumes and we would blend right in. But we must move quickly. Pascal is standing guard and doesn't want to be away from his pipes too long!"

Vincent instinctively put up his hood. And hurriedly followed behind Devin. The three boys made their way to the park, and lingered under the bleachers. They were checking things out to see just how much freedom Vincent would actually have. Vincent was so busy looking at the musicians, mesmerised by the way they all, together, created this beautiful and wondrous sound. Vincent's eyes sparkled with amazement, and with boundless joy!! He was here . . . really here watching and really feeling the music. Vincent was in the shadows, but somehow a light sought out his beautiful eyes, and shined upon them. It made his crystal blue eyes sparkle and dance so!!!

The movements of Devin and Pascal caught Catherine's eye. As she looked down and through the bleachers, she caught a glimpse of Vincent! His eyes anyway. "Oh My! What a beautiful boy!" she thought. " Those are the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen!"

Suddenly her attention was else where, no longer on the music, but on the boy beneath the bleachers. Oh how he enjoyed the music. She had never seen anyone her age enjoy classical music as much as she did before. Much less a boy!

Just then Vincent looked up and through the rafters he saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. For a moment, he forgot that he was allowed to be there so he stepped back into the shadows. Then he remembered that he did not have to hide, that on this night he didn't stand out, he blended in with all the other people masquerading. Tonight he could be himself.

Once again he stepped forward so that he could see the beautiful girl, the girl who was also looking at him.

Catherine was relieved when he stepped back into the light. She also felt a little embarrassed that she had been caught admiring him from afar. Catherine instinctively smiled at him as if to say oh there you are!

Vincent was stunned that this girl was smiling at him! He gently tipped his head as in a form of a greeting. Intermission interrupted the "time-stood-still-moment", and people were getting in the way of their gaze that they had held.

Catherine's mom and dad rose up to take Catherine over to the refreshments that they had set up for the patrons. But Catherine's mind was not on the punch and cookies, but rather on the boy with the crystal blue eyes.

Vincent too, was trying to find the beautiful girl, and Devin and Pascal were tugging on him to leave. "Come on man . . .let's not take any chances!" But Vincent couldn't budge, not until he at least saw her one last time.

Catherine felt the same way. Her parents were pulling her along and she lingered and looked. She had to see him!! She wanted to see all of his face. She knew he would be gorgeous. Finally, Catherine saw him!! He was with two friends. One boy was dressed as a hobo and the other as Robin Hood, and than there he was, the boy with the most beautiful eyes!!! She was not disappointed. He was beautiful. He had a breathtaking lion-like face. His golden hair fell way below his shoulders.

It was then that Vincent saw her - his Beauty! Her waist length hair was pulled back by a blue satin ribbon, and she was dressed as Alice In Wonderland. She had a blue dress with an apron, and again she smiled that dazzling beautiful smile, right at him!!! Then she was gone - tugged out of sight, and Vincent too was pulled and pushed by Devin and Pascal to return to their safe refuge below.


Many years later Vincent had extended an invitation to Catherine to listen to "Grieg" in his private box seat below the bandstand. They snuggled in to listen to their private concert. Oh how Vincent loved the music. As he listened with such joy it made his beautiful eyes sparkle and dance.

Catherine smiled up at him, she too enjoyed the music so! In just that moment Vincent looked down at her smiling that beautiful smile and she looked at him with those dancing crystal blue eyes and they both at once remembered.