By Dawn Yzaguirre

This is a SND story. It has been eight months since the events with Gabriel occurred. Vincent and Diana have recovered Jacob. He is now living below in the tunnels with Vincent. But shortly before Christmas Peter brings a very special present to the tunnels. This will truly be a Christmas that Vincent will never forget.


 Catherine sat on her bed in the sanitarium that she had called home for the last eight months. She had been brought there while in a coma. Then four months later she had woken up. What followed was four more months of strenuous and painful physical therapy. Now she had to deal with the fact that she was confined to this sterile environment. It was truly painful for her because it reminded her so much of the room that Gabriel had held her in before she had given birth to her and Vincent's son. She often found herself wondering over these last months what had become of her son. She feared that he was still with Gabriel. She only hoped that Vincent had understood what she had told him on that rooftop before everything went black. She prayed that Vincent was all right and that he was searching for their son. She was relieved that she had come through the whole ordeal alive. But now she wondered why no one that she cared about visited her. She had been told by one of the heads of the FBI that they had been contacted.

 She was lost in thought when the door to her room slowly opened. She looked up and saw the smiling face of her new personal agent. He had taken over her protection when the other agent had been arrested for trying to kill her while she was in the coma. She had found out later that an associate of Gabriel paid him off. She smiled and nodded at the man entering the room. "Hello Cathy." Agent Charles Wright told her as he sat down in the chair beside the bed. "Hi Chuck." She responded quietly. "So how are we doing today?" he asked. She rose from the bed and walked over to the window. She peered out for a moment then turned and looked at him again. "Not so good." She admitted. "Cathy what is it?" Charles asked her knowing already what her answer would be. "Chuck do you know why no one that I know have come to see me?" She asked hopefully. Chuck rose and walked toward her. He gently took her arm and led her toward the bed. "Cathy please sit down I think you should know the truth." He commented. She sat down and looked at him confused. "The truth about what?" She asked. "Cathy the reason that no one that you know has contacted you is because they still believe that you are dead." He told her. Catherine looked up at him with a very distressed look on her face. "Why would they still think that because I was told that they were contacted?" She asked. "Cathy the agent that tried to kill you told us that he contacted your friends." He told her. "But he lied to all of us." He added.

Catherine could not believe what she was hearing. She stood up suddenly and glared at her friend. "So the people I love have been going through hell all this time!" She screamed at him. Chuck could do nothing but nod his head. "Chuck how could you go along with this I thought you were my friend." Charles looked up at her guiltily. "Cathy we are friends." He told her. "And I was not able to do anything about it because I was not the agent in charge of your case." He told her. Catherine shook her head. She did not want to hear anymore. "Chuck please leave!" She requested angrily. "Cathy we need to talk about this." He commented. She shook her head. "No I need to be alone right now." She told him. Chuck rose from the bed and walked toward the door. He looked back as he opened the door. He then noticed that she was lying on the bed crying. In that moment he decided that her suffering had to end.

As soon as Chuck left the room he walked back to his office. Once he was there he picked up the telephone. "Connie could you please get me Dr. Peter Alcott in New York?" he requested. "Yes sir right away." Came her response. Then he sat down and began thinking about how he was going to tell Peter that Catherine was in fact alive.

A few seconds later the secretary buzzed in again. "Sir I have Dr. Alcott on line one." She told him. "Thank you Connie why don't you take off early today." He suggested. Then he picked up the telephone and punched line one. "Peter I am not sure that you will remember me this is Charles Wright." He began. "Charles Wright?" Peter asked. Then Peter gasped. "Are you Paul's son?" he asked. Charles smiled at this question. "Yes Peter how are you?" Chuck asked. "I am fine Chuck how can I assist you?" Peter asked. Chuck took a deep breath. He knew that this was not going to be easy. "Peter do you know a woman named Catherine Chandler?" He asked. There was silence on the other end of the phone. "Yes I knew her but she is dead." Peter stated sadly. Chuck took a deep breath then spoke again. "No Peter she is not dead she is in a hospital here in Washington D.C. she has been very ill from the effects of the morphine injection that Gabriel ordered given to her." Chuck commented.

When Chuck was done speaking he sat there waiting for Peter's response. "Charles are you sure that this woman is Cathy?" Peter asked hopefully. "Yes Peter I knew it was her when she woke from the coma." He told Peter. "How did you know?" Peter asked tentatively. "Because the first name that she spoke was Vincent." Chuck commented. There was silence for a few moments. "Oh God it is Cathy!" Peter exclaimed happily. "Yes and I want to get her back to New York and back to Vincent before Christmas." Chuck told him. "Yes of course I will be on the next flight out tonight." Peter told him happily. "All right but Peter it might be a good idea to bring someone from the tunnels with you." Chuck commented. Peter thought for a moment then spoke again. "Yes I agree I will bring Father with me." Peter told him. "We'll arrive sometime late tonight." Peter commented. "All right I will stay here at the hospital so that you can see her as soon as you arrive." Then they said goodbye and hung up the telephone.

An hour later Peter walked into Father's chamber. There he found him talking to Devin. "Peter what a surprise." Father commented. "How are you Peter?" Devin asked. "I am absolutely wonderful." Peter told him. Devin and Father looked at one another confused by his statement. "Jacob I heard from Charles Wright today." Peter commented. "How is Chuck?" Devin asked. "He is fine he is now an FBI agent in Washington." Peter remarked.

Then Peter turned toward Father. "Jacob he called me to tell me that Cathy is alive." Peter blurted out suddenly. "Alive how is that possible?" Father asked. "I am not sure but I am sure that it is her." Peter told him. "Peter how can you be so sure?" Devin asked. Peter looked at the younger man and smiled. "He said that when she awoke from the coma that she was in that she asked for Vincent." Peter told him.

As soon as he heard this he jumped up from his chair. "It has to be Cathy!" he cried happily. Father smiled and nodded. "Yes if I had not heard that she asked for Vincent I would have not believed it." Father commented. Then Devin turned and ran up the steps toward the entrance of the chamber. "I have to tell Vincent about this." He commented happily. "No Devin!" Peter told him suddenly. Devin and Father both turned and looked at him. "Why ever not Peter?" Father asked confused. "I want to get her home first so that he can see her for himself." Peter told them. Devin turned and walked back down the steps. "You are right Peter." He commented as he sat down again. " Jacob I was hoping that you would accompany me to Washington tonight." Peter commented. "Of course I will." Father commented as he rose. "Hey you are not going without me!" Devin told them adamantly. "All right we will leave in a couple of hours Charles will be waiting for us at the hospital." Then Peter rose and left the chamber to go home and pack.

Once he was gone Devin turned and spoke to Father. "Dad I am going to pack." Devin told him. Father smiled and nodded. "Yes so am I." he commented. "Then I have to go and tell Vincent that we will be leaving." Father continued. "Dad what are you going to tell him?" Devin asked. Father smiled and shrugged. "I am not sure but I will think of something." He commented. Then Devin left the chamber. Father turned and walked into his bedchamber.

A few minutes later Father approached Vincent's chamber. He stopped just inside the entrance of the chamber. He smiled and listened lovingly when he heard Vincent's voice as he was speaking to eight-month-old Jacob. "I want you to have the most wonderful Christmas." He told the child as he looked down into his beautiful face. "I can never make up for the loss of your mother but you will always know how much she loved the two of us." Vincent told him. "She sacrificed everything that she knew to protect me and our world." He commented. "Then she sacrificed her own life to keep you safe." Father smiled as he thought of the joyous reunion that awaited these two precious beings that he loved so much.

Father was brought out of his revelry when he heard Vincent's voice again. "Father are you all right?" Vincent asked looking concerned. "What oh yes Vincent I am just fine." Father commented. Then Father walked toward Vincent's chair. Vincent noticed that he wore the suit that he wore when he was going above. "Vincent I need to speak to you about something." Father commented. Vincent nodded then rose and gently placed Jacob in his cradle. "Yes Father what is it?" Vincent asked as he sat back down. "Vincent I have to take a trip." Father commented. "Where are you going?" Vincent asked. "Devin and I are going to Washington D.C. with Peter." Father told him. "Why are you going?" Vincent asked. "We are needed by a former helper. She is in the hospital there." Father told him. "Do I know her?" Vincent asked. Father shook his head. "No you do not." Father told him. He absolutely hated lying to Vincent but he knew that he had to for now. "Will the two of you return in time for the Christmas party?" Vincent asked. "Yes I am sure that we will be back in plenty of time." Father commented. Then Father rose from his chair. "Well we have to be off now Peter will be waiting for us." Vincent rose and embraced his parent. "Please be careful all of you." Vincent requested. Father smiled and put his hand on Vincent's cheek. "We will my son." Then Father left the chamber.

Back at the hospital in Washington Chuck entered Catherine's room once again. There he found her staring out of the window. "Cathy may I come in?" he asked quietly. She turned around and nodded. "Of course you can Chuck." She told him. He entered the room then closed the door behind him. "Cathy I am so sorry about earlier." He told her as he came and stood beside her. Catherine shook her head. "No Chuck I am the one who is sorry what was done to me was wrong but it was not your fault." She told him.

Then Chuck took her hand and led her toward the bed. "Cathy please sit down." He requested. She looked up at him unsure of what was going on. "Cathy I have some wonderful news for you." He told her as he sat down beside her. "I just got off the phone Peter Alcott." He commented. Catherine looked up at him sharply. "You called him?" She asked hopefully. "Yes I called him and he is coming out here tonight to take you home." He commented. She smiled brightly as her tears began to fall. "When will he be here?" she asked. "He and Father will be here later tonight." He commented. "And they are taking you home to Vincent." He told her again. Catherine looked up at him shocked. Chuck saw this and smiled. "Cathy I grew up in the tunnels with Vincent." He told her. "My father's name was Paul." He continued. Catherine smiled and nodded. "Yes I remember Vincent mentioning you and your father." She commented.

Then chuck rose. "Now eat your dinner and I will be back once they arrive." He then left the room. Catherine smiled and hugged herself tightly as she thought about going home to her beloved Vincent. She sat down at the table in her room and ate.

Three hours later Peter, Devin, and Father entered the hospital lobby. They walked up to the reception desk and spoke to the nurse on duty. "May I help you gentlemen?" She asked. "Yes I am Dr. Peter Alcott I believe that Agent Wright is expecting us." Peter told her. She was about to call Chuck's office when she heard a voice behind the men. "It's all right nurse I was in fact expecting them." The three men turned around to see him smiling at them. "Charles it is wonderful to see you." Father told him as they embraced. "And you look the same as always Father." Chuck looked over and noticed Devin standing there. "Dev is that you?" he asked happily. "Yep now where is our girl?" Devin asked impatiently. Chuck moved back and laughed.

Then he looked at Peter and winked. "Still the same impatient Devin I see." He commented. Father and Peter both laughed. "Yes he is." Peter commented. "Well I have missed my friend." Devin said defensively. "All right I will not keep you any longer please come with me." Chuck told them. "She is waiting for us." He stated as they boarded the elevator." Then they went up to the 24th floor.

Once they reached the floor they left the elevator. "Her room is just down this corridor." Chuck commented as they began to walk. "Chuck how is she?" Devin asked. "She had a rough time of it but after some therapy she is fine." Chuck responded. As they reached her room Chuck softly knocked. The three men smiled when a familiar voice called out. "Come in." Chuck smiled at them then opened the door. They all walked into the room and saw Catherine. "Chandler it really is you!" Devin cried as he quickly crossed the room and enfolded her in his arms. "Devin I cannot believe that you are here." She cried.

Then Catherine saw Father. She moved out of Devin's arms and slowly approached him. "Hello Father." She commented. She was fearful that he would reject her because of what Vincent had been put through. She smiled when Father opened his arms. She sobbed as she stepped into his embrace. "Cathy dear it is wonderful to have you back." He told her. "Cathy honey are you all right?" Peter asked as he watched the scene in front of him. Catherine looked over at him and smiled. Then she walked toward him. Peter smiled and opened his arms. Catherine cried happily as she fell into his arms. "Peter I have missed you!" She cried. He pushed her back slightly and looked at her. "So have I honey." He commented.

After all the hugs were done they all sat down to talk. "Father how is Vincent?" Catherine asked. "Cathy he will be fine once you are back in his arms." Father told her. "And so will that baby of yours." Devin commented. Catherine looked up suddenly. "He has our son?" She asked hopefully. Devin smiled and nodded. "Yes Cathy a policewoman that was working on your disappearance helped him find Jacob." Devin told her. Catherine smiled and looked over at Father. "That is exactly the name I was planning on giving him." She commented. Father smiled and took her hand in his. He lifted it to her lips and gently kissed her. "And I could not be more proud of my Grandson." He told her. "Father I am so sorry that it happened during Vincent's illness." She told him. Father took her hand again and shook his head. "No Cathy never be sorry for proving me wrong." He told her.

Then Chuck rose from his chair. "Well if we are catching a plane to New York we better get going soon." He commented. "You are coming with us?" Catherine asked. Chuck smiled and nodded. "Yes I have not been home in quite a while." Then Catherine rose. She picked up her suitcase and smiled brightly. "I am ready to go." She announced. "When did you pack?" Chuck asked her. She smiled shyly. "After you left earlier." She told him. Then Peter took the suitcase from her. "Well young lady let's get you home." Then they all left the room.

About fifteen minutes later they were all boarding a private Lear jet at the airport. Devin noticed that Catherine had become extremely quiet. He sat down next to her and took her hand in his. "Cathy what is it?" He asked. She looked up at him sadly. "Devin will he hate me for putting everyone through this?" She asked. Father overheard this and walked toward them. He sat down on the opposite side of her. "No Catherine I assure you he will be very thankful that you and he have been given this second chance to have the life together that you always wanted." He commented. Then he smiled at her. "Now young lady I want you to get some sleep." He told her lovingly. She smiled and nodded. Then she put her head down on his shoulder and fell asleep.

While this was happening down in the tunnels under New York everyone was working hard to prepare for the Christmas party that evening. "Vincent when will Father and Devin return?" Pascal asked. Vincent looked up at his friend. "Father told me that they would be returning for the party tonight." Vincent told him. Pascal smiled and nodded. "Where did they go anyway?" Jamie asked as she approached them. "They had to go to Washington D.C." Vincent responded. "Apparently a former helper is in the hospital there." Vincent continued. "Do you know who the helper is?" Pascal asked. Vincent shook his head. "No Father did not tell me." He commented. "Well at least they will not miss Jacob's first Christmas." Jamie commented. Vincent nodded mutely. I just wish that his mother could be here. Vincent thought to himself. A while later they finished the party preparations and left the great hall. Vincent went to his chamber to spend some time with his son.

At Kennedy airport the private plane that carried Catherine and the others landed. "Cathy we are in New York." Devin told her as he rose from his seat. Catherine quickly rose and smiled brightly. "Oh God I truly missed this city!" She exclaimed excitedly. Then they prepared to disembark. Father smiled as he approached her again. "May I?" He asked as he extended his arm to Catherine. She smiled and giggled happily. "Yes you may." She told him as she took his arm. Then they left the plane.

Once they were all inside the limousine that Peter had rented he turned toward the driver. "Please take us to 455 Park Avenue." Catherine suddenly looked up at him. "Peter why are we going to your house?" She asked confused. "Well honey I thought that you would like to freshen up before you see Vincent tonight at the Christmas party." Peter commented. Then Catherine looked at Father. "There is a Christmas party tonight?" She asked. Father smiled and nodded. "Yes we decided to give the children a treat." He told her. She smiled and nodded.

When they arrived at Peter's house everyone entered the house. Father waited until the limousine driver was gone then he turned to Peter and Catherine. "Devin and I are going to go on below now." He commented. "I have a Christmas gift to prepare." He stated. "Dad what gift is that?" Devin asked. "Well let's just say that it will tell Vincent about his very special gift." He stated as he smiled at Catherine. She realized what he meant and smiled back at him. "All right Jacob we will come below around six." Peter commented. Then Father turned toward Chuck. "Do you want to go below now?" He asked. Chuck smiled and nodded. "Yes I want to see all my friends." Then the three of them approached the secret door leading to the tunnels. Before he entered the tunnel Chuck turned and spoke to Catherine. "I will see you later at the party." She smiled and nodded. Then the three of them entered the tunnels and closed the secret door behind them.

Once they were gone Peter turned to Catherine. "Honey why don't you go take a shower and change clothes?" he asked. Catherine suddenly looked very upset. "What is it Cathy?" He asked. "Well I wish that I could wear something special tonight." She told him. Peter smiled and put his arm around her. "Honey after I found out from Charles that you were indeed alive I brought all your clothes out of storage they are in the bedroom." He stated. She smiled brightly and kissed his cheek. "Thank you Peter." Then she moved toward the bedroom door. "Now I will go take that shower." She told him. She entered the bedroom and closed the door behind her. Peter smiled happily as he thought about the joyous reunion that he would witness tonight. Then he turned toward the kitchen to put on some tea for them.

As this was happening, Father, Devin and Chuck entered the inhabited tunnels. Chuck walked and looked around like an excited child. He smiled as he remembered childhood memories in tunnels. "Nothing has changed." He marveled. Father looked over toward Devin and smiled. "Nothing about home ever does." Devin told him. Chuck looked at him and nodded. "Yes and no matter where Dad and I ended up this was always my home." Father placed a hand on his shoulder. "I know that your father had a hard time after your mother died in childbirth." He commented. Chuck saw the sadness in the older man's eyes. "Father there was nothing that you could have done to save my mother or my baby sister." Chuck commented. Father smiled appreciatively and nodded. "I just wish that your father could have understood that." He stated sadly. "I lost a truly good friend when he took you and left the tunnels." Devin nodded in agreement. "Yes and Vincent and I lost one of our best friends." Then they walked on toward Father's chamber.

Once they entered the chamber Mary met them. "Jacob we heard on the pipes that you had returned." She said as they embraced. Chuck looked over at Devin shocked. "They got married a couple of months ago." He whispered to Chuck. Mary heard Devin's voice and turned to greet him. She smiled brightly when she saw Chuck. "Charles is that you?" He smiled and embraced her. "How are you Mary?" Chuck asked. She smiled brightly at him. "I am just fine it is wonderful to see you again." She told him as they embraced once again. Then she smiled and moved to embrace Devin. "Where is Vincent?" Chuck asked as he looked around the chamber. "I suspect that he is in his chamber with baby Jacob." Mary told him. Devin smiled and nodded. Then he took Chuck by the arm and led him out of the chamber. "Come on let's go see him." Devin commented.

Above in Peter's house Catherine walked out of the bedroom into the kitchen. Peter turned around and smiled at her. "So how do you feel now?" He asked as she sat down at the table. She smiled as she poured herself a cup of tea. "I will be just fine once I am in Vincent's arms again." She beamed. Peter smiled and nodded. "But in the mean time young lady you need to eat." He told her. She smiled and giggled. "Always the doctor huh Peter." She told him. He smiled then turned around to make their sandwiches.

Back in the tunnels, Devin and Chuck quietly approached Vincent's chamber. "I will go in and see him first." Devin whispered. Chuck smiled and nodded. Then Devin moved into the chamber. "Hey there little brother." Devin commented. Vincent looked up from the book that he was reading and smiled. "So when did you return?" Vincent asked as they embraced. "We got home a few moments ago." Devin told him. Then Devin moved out of the embrace. "We brought someone home with us that wants to see you." He told Vincent. Vincent looked at him confused. Devin looked out into the tunnel. "Come on in." he spoke to someone. "Devin what is going on?" Vincent asked. Suddenly he saw Chuck. "Charles is that you?" He asked. Chuck smiled and nodded. "Yes Vincent how are you my friend?" Chuck asked. Vincent smiled and embraced him. "It has been a very long time." He commented. Chuck smiled back and nodded. "Yes it has my friend. "How have you been?" Chuck asked. He moved over and looked down at the cradle that held his and Catherine's son. "We have been doing all right." He said quietly. Chuck then moved toward him. He looked down at the baby asleep in the cradle. "He is absolutely beautiful." Chuck told him. Vincent nodded. "Yes he looks exactly like his mother Catherine." Vincent told him. "Well why don't the three of us sit down and talk before we have to leave for the party." Vincent suggested. Chuck looked over at Devin who smiled. "That sounds wonderful Vincent." Chuck commented. Then they sat down and talked happily.

At 5:45p.m. Peter and Catherine entered the tunnels. Catherine was so excited that she almost skipped along as they walked toward Father's chamber. When they entered the chamber they found Father there waiting for them. Father looked up and smiled as Catherine descended the steps. "Welcome home dear Catherine." Father told her as they embraced. "Thank you Father." She answered. "Father when can I see my men?" Catherine asked excitedly. Father put his arm around her shoulder and smiled at her. "You can see them in a few minutes." He told her. "Now let's get you to the Great Hall before everyone arrives." Then the three of them walked out of the chamber.

A little while later everyone assembled in the great hall. They all turned to face Father as he began to speak. "Welcome everyone to our first annual Christmas party." Father announced. Everyone smiled and cheered. From her position above them Catherine watched as Vincent walked up beside Father. She clapped her hand to her mouth to stifle the sob in her throat. Peter smiled and put his arm around her shoulder. "In a few moments honey you will be down there with Vincent and your son." He whispered. She smiled and looked up at him. "I know Peter and I cannot wait." She whispered. Then they once again turned and listened to Father as he began to speak.

"We hope that you all enjoy yourselves tonight." He continued. Then Father decided that Vincent needed to be reunited with his Catherine. "Now I would like to give Vincent his Christmas present." Vincent looked at him shocked. "Father are you sure you wish to give it to me tonight?" Vincent asked. Father smiled and nodded. "Yes Vincent would you please sit down here." Father requested. Vincent smiled and nodded. Then he took the chair that Father offered him. Father smiled and handed him a small wrapped package. Vincent took the package and began to unwrap it. When it was unwrapped he picked up the folded piece of paper that lay inside. He looked up at Father who smiled and nodded. Then Vincent opened the paper and began to read.

My son,
I was wondering what I could give you this Christmas that would mean something to you. I know that this year has been one of the hardest that you have ever faced. But yesterday Peter gave me the answer to your gift. Vincent please look up toward the tapestries to see your true gift. Merry Christmas to you my son.


Vincent looked up at Father for a moment then he slowly looked up toward the tapestry. Catherine smiled brightly as their eyes met. Everyone gasped when they caught their first sight of her. Then she slowly began to descend the steps toward the lower part of the great hall. As this was going on Devin moved over beside Father. He smiled at his parent as they watched Catherine approach. Vincent just sat there staring at her. He could not take his eyes off of her. He bent slightly sideways and placed the box on the tunnel floor beside the chair. Then he slowly rose to his feet. All the while he continued to stare at Catherine as she approached. Vincent then moved toward the stairs of the small stage. He descended the steps until he reached the chamber floor. The crowd slowly parted as they watched the couple approached one another. Vincent's heart was pounding in his chest. How is this possible? He wondered as they approached one another. Catherine smiled as her tears started to fall down her face. She could not get over how beautiful he looked to her. She truly loved him more than ever before.

When both were finally face to face Vincent slowly raised a trembling hand and gently touched her face. Catherine smiled when she felt his touch. She slowly lifted her hand and pressed it against Vincent's own hand. She closed her eyes and reveled in the feel of Vincent touching her once again.

After a few seconds Vincent found his voice again. "Catherine is it truly you?" he asked hopefully. Catherine opened her eyes and smiled up at him. "Yes my darling it is." She responded. They stood there staring at one another for what seemed like an eternity. Vincent shuddered when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned slightly to see Father behind him. "My son it is truly your Catherine." Father told him. Vincent once again turned and looked at Catherine. He smiled as his own tears started to fall. "Oh God Catherine you have come back to me!" he sobbed as he pulled her into his arms. She smiled as her tears began to fall once again. "Yes my love I am home now." She cried as they held one another.

A few moments later Father turned and spoke to everyone assembled. "Now everyone go and have a wonderful time." He told them. "You will all have time to see Catherine later she is not going anywhere." He continued. As the crowd broke apart Vincent and Catherine were still holding one another tightly. Father approached them and put his hand on Vincent's shoulder once again. Both Vincent and Catherine turned to look at him. "Why don't the two of you go somewhere more private?" He asked. Vincent looked over at Catherine who smiled. "No Father we want to stay for the party." Catherine told him. "But for now Catherine and I are going to find our son then we are going up to the second story landing." Vincent told him. Father smiled and nodded.

Then Vincent turned and took Catherine by the hand. "Come my angel let's go find our son I am sure he wants to see his mother." He commented smiling. Just as they were about to walk away Vincent turned to address Father once again. "Father thank you so much for giving me my life back." He told the older man as they embraced. "Nonsense my boy the two of you were meant to be together." Father told him.

As they turned to walk toward the crowd Mary approached. "Welcome home Catherine dear." Mary chimed in as she stopped beside Father. Catherine smiled up at Vincent then slowly turned toward the older woman. Catherine was about to speak when she saw the child in Mary's arms. Mary smiled and began to speak. "Cathy may I introduce you to your son Jacob Charles Wells." She commented. Catherine smiled as she slowly walked toward Mary. She opened her arms and Jacob happily came to her. Catherine looked down at him lovingly and held him tightly to her breast. She turned toward Vincent and smiled. "Oh Vincent I am truly home!" She cried. Vincent smiled and came toward her. He wrapped his arms around her and their son. "Yes my love you are finally home with us where you have always belonged." He whispered. "Now let's take our son and go spend some time together." He told her. She smiled up at him and nodded. Then he took her by the hand again and led her toward the steps that led to the second story landing.

When they reached the second story landing they stopped and looked out over the party below. "Everyone looks so happy." Catherine commented. Vincent came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. "Yes but I doubt anyone could be as happy as I am tonight." He told her as he gently kissed her neck. Catherine smiled at the feel of his lips on her skin. "Yes I doubt that also." She told him. Then they walked over to the leather sofa a few feet away. Vincent sat down first and opened his arms. "Come here my love." He told her. Catherine smiled and gently sat down trying not to wake Jacob. She snuggled up beside Vincent as he once again wrapped his arms around her.

A while later they heard laughing from someone that was climbing the steps toward them. Catherine and Vincent both looked up and saw Devin and Charles approach. "Hey you two." Devin commented. "Hello Devin." Vincent said somewhat annoyed. Devin looked over at Charles and grinned impishly. "Hey Chuck it looks as if my little brother is annoyed with us for interrupting." Devin teased. Vincent looked at him and shook his head. "No Devin I am not annoyed with Charles." Vincent commented dryly. "Well is that the thanks I get for helping bring your lady home for you?" Devin asked acting hurt. Vincent suddenly felt very sorry. "Devin you know that I appreciate everything that you Father and Peter did." He said. Devin looked at him and put his hand on Vincent's shoulder. "Hey I was only joking." He stated. "Anyway Chuck was the one who called Peter in the first place." Devin commented. Vincent looked from Devin to Charles. Then he rose from the sofa. "So you were the one who brought about this wonderful miracle." Vincent said smiling. Chuck smiled and blushed. "All I did was call Peter to tell him that Cathy was alive." He said. Then Catherine rose up beside Vincent. "Chuck that is everything to the two of us." She told her new friend.

Suddenly Jacob roused and began whimpering. "What is it darling?" Catherine asked as she tried to soothe him. "Well it looks as if our son is hungry." Vincent commented. "I will take him to Mary." Catherine told Vincent. Devin shook his head. "No Cathy you need some time alone with Vincent we will deliver him safely to Mary." He stated as he took his nephew in his arms. Catherine smiled and walked back up beside Vincent. She wrapped her arm around his waist and smiled. "Thank you both." She told them. "No problem Cathy the two of you deserve it." Chuck told her. Then they turned and walked down the stairs.

Once they were gone Vincent put his arm around Catherine and turned her back toward the sofa. "Now my love we can have our time." He told her as they snuggled down together. They sat there holding one another for a few moments then Vincent spoke again. "Catherine what happened to you?" he asked as he looked at her. She turned slightly so that she could look up into his face. "Love I want you to know everything but not now." She commented. "Let's just enjoy Christmas then I will tell you and everyone else the whole story." Vincent lifted her hands and gently kissed them. "All right my love anything that you want." He told her. Then they snuggled together once again.