The Beginning Of A New Dream               

                                                                                                                                      Shirley Johns

                                                                                                                                            Part 1

Vincent and Catherine spent the rest of the evening cuddling together in bed.  The news of their baby was still overwhelming.

"Vincent isn't it amazing that with modern medicine there are ways to tell if a woman has conceived a child within 24 hours after conception and she smiled.”  When she, looked into his eyes, he seemed troubled.  Lightly touching his face she asked "what was wrong?"

”Taking her hand, our baby, well Catherine what if the child looks like me?"  "The child would never know the daylight and miss out on so much growing up just as I did.”

"Vincent sweetheart you may have missed out on some things being as you are but I believe that if things had been different, we would never have met and fell in love.”  " Vincent you may not have had the material things in life but you had the most important,.love.”  "A child can live without sunshine, bike riding, merry go-rounds, but a child cannot survive without love.”  "Whether our child looks like you or I, I am going to give our child all the love a mother could give?” "Besides if the child takes after you, that child would be beautiful because you are beautiful. " "Your beauty is one of the reasons I fell in love with you”.  "Vincent you are beautiful on the inside and even more so on the outside.”  "I am very proud to say I belong to you.”  "You are quite a catch you know” and she kissed his lips.   "So Vincent what did you say was troubling you?"

Smiling at her he said  "what did I do to deserve you Catherine?" and he took her lips in a kiss.

"Well let me see I could give you a dozen reasons why you deserve me.” "You deserve me because, kissing her quickly he said "not now my sweet, I have something else on my mind and he pulled the covers over their heads.”.  The sound of their playfulness was soon replaced by quite a few other sounds all through the night.

Morning came and Catherine and Vincent went to the falls to wash up and change.  When they arrived at the grand hall for breakfast, Vincent asked for everyone's attention.  Holding Catherine close, he said, "I am happy to announce that Catherine and I are expecting a child." " So that I may have the pleasure of spoiling this beautiful woman for the next nine months, she has accepted my invitation to move Below.”  "Please join me in welcoming Catherine to her new home.”

Father went to her and kissed her cheek saying, "I am very happy Vincent finally asked you to move Below."  "I have been after him for quite a while to do so.' "You belong here with us."

"Thank you father, I am really looking forward to moving Below” and she glanced at Vincent.

The sensuous exchange between them did not go unnoticed by father and he smiled. Clearing his throat, he said, " come  on you two have a seat breakfast is about to be served.

The merriment amongst the tunnel community at breakfast was so nice to hear.  Turning to Vincent Catherine said," I cannot believe how I have missed all of this."  "The happiness here makes me feel so welcome.  "I have missed this being on my own." "The aloneness can get devastating.”  "You have your friends but it is not the same.” " Vincent loving you and being apart of your life has taken away my loneliness.”  "You were my savior .”  "I love you" and she rested her head on his arm.

"Catherine having the tunnel community did take away from my being lonely but when you are different from everyone else you do feel alone..”  "I had my family here but I needed more.”  I did not realize what it was until I met and fell in love with you.” "Having you in my life took  that away.”  "You saved me as well." "I love you and he rested his head lightly on hers.


The Beginning Of A new Dream Part 2

One month later Catherine moved Below.  Vincent had been working on a chamber for her right next to his own.  Although they are lovers, out of respect for the community, they decided it was best for her to have her own chamber.  Being so close to each other it would be like sharing the same room anyway.

The day Catherine saw her chamber for the first time she cried.  Vincent had designed it beautifully.  It reminded her so much of her apartment Above.  He told her "he wanted her to feel as much at home Below as he did Above.”  

"Vincent I do not know what to say.”  "The thoughtfulness and time you took to design this for me has touched my heart deeply.”  

"Catherine I will do anything in my power to make you happy.”  "Seeing your face when you entered your chamber I could see how happy you were.”  "Come take a look around and if there is anything you want changed or moved, let me know.”

"Vincent, as she looked around it is perfect just as you are.  "I love you and she placed a soft kiss on his lips.  Had she not known that there were others waiting outside her chamber to see how she liked it, she would have given Vincent more than just a kiss.  Locking her eyes with his, he read her thoughts "I will show you how grateful I am later tonight.”  

When Vincent felt his desire begin to arise, he whispered as you can see, my love I am looking forward to it and he smiled.  

"Come Catherine have a seat on your bed and let me know how it feels.”

Sitting on the bed, she was amazed at how comfortable it was.”  Taking his hand, she asked him to sit beside her.  After he sat down, she whispered in his ear, the bed feels wonderful and I am looking forward to the things we will be doing in it.”

Closing his eyes his imagination took over.”  "Reaching behind her head, he brought her lips within a breath of his and whispered, "the next time we are alone, I definitely want to find out "and he lightly brushed her lips with his own. 

Although it was the softest of a kiss, it sent a jolt of desire throughout their bodies.

Ah Catherine, what a small taste of your lips does to me.” 

  "As does yours sweetheart."

Sighing he said, "we had better get the others before they wonder what is taking us so long."   "Until tonight my love" taking her hand he helped her off the bed.

Vincent called everyone inside the chamber.  Catherine told them how much she loved it and feels so at home.  "Thank you all."

When they were alone, Vincent pulled Catherine tight against him letting her feel his desire for her and asked,  "if she wanted to try out her new bed?"  Her eyes were reflecting her need for him as well. Stepping out of his embrace she went to pull the tapestry over the entrance.  Turning back to him,Vincent was unprepared for what happened.  As Catherine slowly walked toward him, she did the most sensually erotic striptease he could ever have imagined.  By the time she reached him, his desire for her was on the verge of exploding right than and there.

"Throwing back his head, a soft growl escaped his lips and his body began to tremble, "Catherine what you have done to me?" 

Taking his hand, she led him to the bed and lightly pushed him on his back.Straddling his hips, she slowly removed his clothes.  Caressing his body everywhere, she softly told him all the sensuous and unbelievable things she was going to do to him.

When she knew her lover could take no more, she lay on her back to let him have his way with her.

Catherine did not realize her exquisite loving had brought forth, what Vincent had always feared, the raging desires within him and he lost control.  As he took her  again and again, the usual nip of his canines became bites; caresses once gentle became rough pawing.  His lips upon hers were not tender and sweet but hard and brutal.

The whimpering sounds she made as he took her seemed to enflamed his desires even more. When he was done using her body for the other’s lustful needs, he looked into her eyes and saw 
tears.  After placing a soft kiss on her bruised and swollen lips, in a voice that was not his own, he said "Catherine thank you for letting me love you.."  Rolling off of her, he fell fast asleep.

Pressing her body close against his, she whispered you do not have to thank me.” "I love both of you and she cried herself to sleep.