The Day After: Continuance of Third Anniversary (Adult-Strong sexual content)
                                                                                                                                        Shirley Johns

Mid afternoon Catherine woke up.  Leaning on her elbow admiring the sleeping man beside her. " My he’s magnificient." Looking down his body remembering the strength and passion in his lovemaking.  To her disbelief,  in sleep, he was  aroused.  No longer able to resist the temptation, she straddled his hips going down on him for the very first time.

Feeling her love him he opened his eyes, not believing what he saw.Catherine was loving him in the way he had only dreamed.   But his dream was nothing compared to the real thing.  The feelings going through him were almost to much..  Thrashing his head from side to side, hands clutching the sheets,   Catherine, please stop , no don't stop, please don't stop".  As his climax came upon him, gently holding her head, he moved  in and out of her sweet mouth . Unable to contain himself any longer his release came.. Accepting his very essence deep in her throat, she climaxed with him. Oh my love my angel that was unbelievable. Touching her arms he pulled himself  from her sweet mouth and slid her  up his body.  Seeing his wetness on her swollen lips, he took them to his own devouring them, tasting himself upon them.   Against her lips, "Catherine what you did to me, how you made me feel was beyond words."

" I felt it too my love." "I enjoyed every minute of it just as  you did ."  "Come inside me now Vincent."

"I want that more than anything sweetheart" and he reached between their bodies to join them.

"No not like this,." climbing off  him she kneeled on the bed  "like this"

Knowing what she meant he hesitated "Catherine are you sure this way  is appropriate?"

"Vincent this position is quite popular between couples." "Will you love me this way?"

Going  behind her he entered her sweetness, the sensation overwhelming.Sitting back on his heels, bringing her with him..  Locking her feet around his ankles, she placed her arms around his neck, lying against him; her lips lightly touched his throat.  Laying his head upon hers. His hand wrapped around her caressing one  firm breast.  His other hand was touching her sweet opening  at their joining.  Holding her down on him, they rode the raptures of love. As fulfillment approached them, Vincent was panting, his lips lightly parted, turning his  face toward her, her tongue found his .  Tasting and teasing each other as their  climax exploded around then.  Collapsing upon him, breathless, "I love you Vincent."

"I love you Catherine." They stayed this way for a while letting their bodies return too normal. He felt so good inside with reluctance she released him..  Climbing off the bed she swayed a little.  As quick as lightening his arm steadied her. "Are you all right Catherine?" his voice full of concern.

Smiling she said, "after the lovemaking we have shared, I expected that."
"Don't be surprised if it happens to you my love."

Returning her smile, he climbed out of the bed and said I do not think I---and he swayed.  Using her hand she steadied him, "I told you so.”

Chuckling he said,  "yes you did."

Come Vincent have a seat, pointing to the accent chair in her bedroom.  As he walked ahead of her, my goodness I love seeing him from behind.

When he was seated she straddled his hips.  Taking him inside her, placing kisses all over his eyes, nose, mouth, neck and the hollow of his throat.Moving on him, taking him, filling herself with him.  Kissing his chest she found the buds she was seeking.  Suckling and licking them  he slightly growled.  Rubbing her nipples on his, she moved faster, harder on him.   Head back canines showing he placed his hands on her well-rounded derrière thrusting upwards, pulling her closer,  his seeds erupted into her climax.  Going on and on. "Oh yes Vincent yes taking him harder, deeper until he joined her in climax once more.

Snuggling up to him breast against chest, she rested her head on his shoulder, "I love you so much Vincent."

Hugging her tighter, "as I love you Catherine, placing a soft kiss upon her back.  Feeling a warm liquid roll down her bare back, she lifted her head .  Her eyes  glistening with tears saw his.  Gently wiping his away she knew feeling her  emotions through their Bond had made him cry.


The Day After Part 2 (Continuance of Third Anniversary Adult strong sexual content)

Waking up Vincent looked down at the beautiful woman in his arms.  Her tiny hand rested softly against his chest.  Her honey-brown hair covered her lovely face in slumber.  Placing her hair gently behind her ear, he looked at her lovingly for a time.

She must have felt him looking at her.  Never opening her eyes she softly rubbed his chest snuggled closer and whispered, " I love you."

Smiling down at her, he returned her "I love you" with a soft kiss upon the lips.   Realizing she may be more comfortable in bed, he lifted her in his arms being careful not to wake.  Laying her gently on the satin sheet, he looked at her lovely body.  Remembering how she had loved him and how it felt loving her, he has found peace with himself for the first time.Placing a soft kiss on her lips, he pulled the covers around her.  "Thank you for loving me Catherine." "Sleep well my angel."  Looking one last time at the bed, he walked to the balcony doors.

Standing there, he closed his eyes letting the rays of sun warm his body.It felt so good being in the daylight for the first time.  So absorbed in the sun, he did not know Catherine was awake.  Turning to face him, she took in the sight before her.  The sun highlighted his long blond locks and soft golden hair on his muscular body.  He looked like a golden god being worshipped by the sun.

Going to him she kissed the small of his back before hugging his waist."Have you been awake for a while my love?"   Turning toward her, he laid her head on his chest.  Resting his head on hers, holding her in his arms,"no not long."  "I was enjoying the sun.'  "This is so wonderful.  The sun feels wonderful."  "You feel wonderful caressing her back." " Can I love you in the sunshine Catherine?"

"Yes Vincent you can."

Lifting her in his arms, her legs wrapped around his waist, he began loving his Catherine.  Going to his knees he made love to her on the plush carpet, the sun warmeing their already heated bodies.

Sometime later, they were embracing on the carpet, hot, sweaty and quite exhausted from their loving in the sun.   Sitting up, Catherine suggested they take a shower.  Vincent has always been to shy to enter this private facility in her apartment so when he agreed she was a little surprised.Sensing it he stood up taking her hand.  "Yes I could use a shower" looking at the sweat on his body, he carried her to the bathroom.Returning to the bedroom in towels, Vincent went to put on his pants.  

"Wait Vincent.” "I have something for you.”  Stepping into her closet her brought out a navy blue silk robe. "I have been keeping this for you just in case.” "Try it on?”  The fit was perfect. Rubbing the smooth texture,  "thank you for the gift Catherine.”
"You’re welcome Vincent and she put on a robe the exact duplicate.  Smiling she said, "his and hers”.  "I brought the set a few weeks ago.”
Pulling on her belt, he brought her to him.  "You must have been planning this for a long time my love.”

Looking up at him, a sparkle in her eyes, "yes I have.”  Playfully tugging on his belt, "are you mad at me?”

Scooping her up he dropped her none to gently on the bed, tickling her.  "
"Vincent stop, giggling, "I cannot take it.” "Please stop.”  He wouldn't..

OK  Vincent two can play that game and she tickled him.

They played this way until desire took over.  Kneeling above her, a few moments be lowered his head and began kissing his way down her body stopping just below her navel.  Opening her robe, he tasted his love for the very first time. She was so sweet, her scent intoxicating, as he explored her there.

"Vincent my Vincent please don’t stop and he didn’t."Cradling her small body in his arms, they fell asleep in the chair.


The Day After Part 3(Adult explicit sexual content)

After loving her there, he saw tears in her eyes.  Cradling her in his arms. He kissed them away.

"Sweetheart why are you crying?"

Lying her head on his chest "Vincent no man has ever loved me in that way "
"I felt it was too personal and wasn't comfortable." "It was as new to me as it was to you."   " Softly rubbing his face,  " I did not feel that way with you."    Blushing slightly,  "I wanted you too."

"Raising her chin to look into her eyes,  "I know and I wanted to Catherine."

"Vincent you were so sweet." "So tender and so erotic."  "Your sexual nature is unbelievable."

Now he blushed.  "Thank you Catherine."

Pulling her close caressing her smooth hips and tiny waist. "I love you."

Caressing him back, "I love you too." "I wish we could stay in bed forever.Discovering each other, making love." "I am so happy being with you Vincent."

"Catherine I am so happy as well."  "It would be my greatest pleasure.Having you in my arms, loving you endlessly.Just the two of us together."

When reality set in, they knew their time together would be over soon.Each had to return to their regular lives. Or did they?

"Catherine it is so hard to leave you" kissing her.  "How will I survive without you near me?"  "Since we have made love, our Bond has strengthened;our connection can never be broken." "Once we joined as one we became one." "I cannot leave you Catherine" holding her tight, "I just can't."

"You don't have too." "I can come with you." "I cannot be away from you either my love."

Vincent made a quick decision.  "Move Below with me." "Right now." "Come share my world Catherine?"

"Yes Vincent I will."  "I want to forget my life Above and never return."

"Catherine are you sure?"

Hugging him fiercely, "yes I am sure."  "Help me pack some of my things.""Enough for a month."  "I'll call Joe tomorrow and take my four week vacation." "Oh Vincent I am so excited."  Her bright smile lighting the room as she danced around him.

Feeling her excitement he smiled.  Lifting her in his arms, he carried to the bed.

After loving each other they showered and dressed.The next hour was spent packing her clothes.  Loaded down with three suitcases, they closed her apartment and headed Below.  Arriving at the
entrance the same time.  Vincent took her suitcase and lifted her down.The close contact inflamed their desires.  Caressing and kissing. Desperate to be together. He quickly loosened his pants.  She quickly removed her underwear.  Going up her dress, he entered her with one hard thrust.

Clinging together. So caught up in their passion they forgot where they were. Taking her hard their release came quickly echoing throughout the tunnel walls.

Both panting, they looked at each other for a time.  Unable to believe the passion they just shared.

"Vincent do you realize we just made love at the entrance joining our worlds." " Any one could have seen us."

"Yes I know my love." Lightly caressing her soft rounded-bottom, "it was wonderful was it not?"

Seeing the hunger in his eyes matched her own she answered, "yes Vincent it was." "I think we better go to your chamber before I ask you to take me again right here on the tunnel floor.”

"And I would not hesitate to do so Catherine.”

Each resisting the temptation. Composing themselves, not taking their eyes off each other.   Vincent grabbed her suitcase.  Taking her hand, they half walked, half ran to his chamber. Their sexual need was too great.Laying her suitcase on the floor next to the other ones,  he pulled her to him.  Frantically removing her clothes as she removed his.  Pushing him down on the bed, she grasped him lowering herself on his manhood.  Vincent cried out as he slid into her moist depths. Needing this, needing her shamelessly.

Catherine moaned at the depth of his entry.  Riding him hard. Feeling his deep penetration. Her pleasure mounting. "Oh Vincent, my Vincent I love you." Arching her back. Pulling him deep into her slick wet channel.

Throbbing within her, groaning with every movement of her beautiful body.His release upon him.

"Ahhh Catherine" thrusting upward.

"Yes Vincent yes" riding him, "come with me now." "Fill my body with your seed."

Holding her down he exploded inside her. His milky streams of semen pumping deep into her honey sweet release.

Collapsing against him, his soften penis still within her. His chamber,silent except for  heavy breathing.

A few moments later Catherine found the strength to ease herself from him.The slickness felt as they separated and the dripping of his seed between her legs causes them to gasp from the sensations.

Looking at her he said, "stay." Cupping her bottom in his hands, he pulled her back to him.  The exhaustion of their lovemaking overcame them. Placing her leg across his hip. Her head on his chest. They fell asleep with him nestled deep inside the warmness of her body.