The Right Choice   Part 1
                                                                                                                                      Shirley Johns

                                                                            This story is after "Orphans".  Catherine has returned Above but her life isn't the same.

Catherine returned from Below where Vincent helped her through her father's death.  Although she felt at home there she had to return Above.  There were too many things that needed her attention.  She wanted to be with Vincent more than anything in the world.  She knew it was hard on him with her being so close and it made it harder for her to leave.  Her first night Below she had needed Vincent's love.  She wanted to be held by him, loved by him. Their  sexual tension radiated throughout the chamber but she knew she could not ask this of him.  They spent three days and three nights being together each returning to their separate chambers in the evening. He understood why she had to return above.  She gave him a sweet kiss on the lips.  A thank you for being there for her.  She wishes she could have given him more of herself but she knew he would not have accepted it.  She hadn't seen him since she returned two days ago.  Maybe he felt she needed time alone or maybe he did.  It was quite possible her being so close to him was too much too handle.  When he gets like this he sometimes goes deep into the catacombs for a time to think and clear his head.

She returned to work the day after she came back but she could not get into it.  She kept thinking how happy she was in Vincent's world eventhough it was a time of sadness for her.   Had it not been for him she doesn't know if she could have made it.  Not getting anything done, she went to see Joe.Hi Cath you looked troubled.  Joe I don't think I'm ready to come back yet.I need more time.  Cath sure go ahead take as much as you need.  I know how it was when I lost my dad.  Thanks Joe kissing his cheek goodnight.

Arriving at her apartment she just looked around.  Why do I not feel comfortable here?  I'm like a stranger in my own apartment.  Going around the room it was not appealing to her.  Maybe I am more stressed than I thought.  Maybe a bath will help.

Later on bathe and dressed in a silk negligee she went out on her balcony, looking out at the city she and Vincent's window to the world.  .(Thinking Vincent you helped me through my grief the best way you could and I am grateful but my love I needed you to hold me, I needed to feel you around we, I needed you to make love to me and the tears began to fall) Then she heard the wonderful voice she loves so well behind her." I wanted to make love to you Catherine. Turning around she ran into his arms.  It took all my self-control to leave you that night.  You were in such a fragile state I did not want you to do something you would later regret.  Catherine had I made love to you than, I would have claimed you for my own and there would have been no turning back.  I would not have been able to let you go had you decided you needed more than I could give you.  Vincent don't you understand, I want you to love me, I want you to claim my body as your own.  I wanted you in that way that night more than I have ever needed anything before.  I wanted you joined with me.  I needed you to give me your love.  But I couldn't put you on the spot like that by asking you so I kept silent.  When you left the chamber that night my loneliness was almost unbearable.  I know Catherine I felt it.  I knew what you wanted and needed and I couldn't be that man to you than, you were too vulnerable.  What about now Vincent?  Do you still feel the same way? Catherine holding you in my arms like this, feeling your warmth and softness enflames my desires for you but I cannot loose my control.  Why not?  Catherine you don't understand.  I have desired you  from the moment we met.  Each time I returned Below from my visits with you, it was necessary for me to take a  cold shower or go for a cold swim.  It is getting harder to control now.  Why try to control it Vincent?  You want this.  I want this we're adults.  Yes but two different adults.  Vincent we are not too different when it comes to desire.  Looking up into his eyes,Vincent make love to me.  No Catherine I cannot. Please I need you.  I am sorry Catherine pulling away  from her.  I knew what you were feeling tonight I should not have come.  Goodnight Catherine and  he went to leap over her balcony.  Vincent wait.  Don't go.  I am sorry, I'll never bring the subject up again.  If or when you are ready to take that step, I'll be waiting".  Drying her eyes, would you sit with me and read a while.  Taking her hand he said that sounded nice.  They spent the rest of the evening reading until Vincent returned Below.