Third Anniversary  Part 1 (adult story)
                                                                                                                                  Shirley Johns

Hand in hand Vincent and Catherine walked to the entrance below her building.  Giving her a soft hug before she returned Above. When they separated, his arm remained on her waist a little longer than usual.  

”Until this evening, Catherine”

Smiling she said "I am looking forward to it" and she descended the ladder to go Above.

He stayed at the bottom of the ladder until he heard the boxes slide covering the entrance.

Taking his time returning to his chamber, his thoughts went to Catherine.  "If only I could be like other men”. ”Catherine deserves so much more than I can give her.”  
"We are taking the final step in our relationship tonight.”  Remembering two weeks ago when he had visited her Above.  They were talking about the three years they have been together. She told him that" if she could have any wish for their third anniversary, it would be to become his in every way.” "Her wish stunned him. ”He was speechless for a few moments not believing what he had heard. He will never forget the happiness in her lovely green eyes when he replied.  "Yes Catherine I wish that too.”   Returning to the present, "that day has come and I am afraid.”  All his insecurities began to surface.  "Will I be as she wants me to be?”  "Will I be able to love her as she deserves to be loved?”  So many questions have been going through his mind.  

Arriving back at his chamber he sat on the bed.  Will I be able to do this?”   These questions must remain unanswered until later that night.  Going to his dresser, he pulled out a thinner linen shirt and went to the falls to wash up and change before he went to  Catherine.

Above Catherine was busy lighting candles.  Looking forward to tonight.  Vincent will finally become her lover.  Something she has wanted since the night they met.  Each passing day her desires were getting stronger almost unbearable.  Going into her bedroom she lit the candles there and pulled back the covers on the bed exposing the blue satin sheets.  "If it is up to me we will be spending a lot of time here this evening.’  Sensing his presence. She ran to her balcony door.  Giving him a chaste hug, than pulling back she said, "it has only been a couple of hours and I have missed you so Vincent."

"As I have missed you Catherine.”

Taking his hand she led him into the livingroom  stopping by the loveseat .  Come Vincent get comfortable let me have your cloak.  Raising his hand to remove it she stopped him.  Allow me.  Than she did the unexpected, lightly tugging at his shirt, she removed it from inside his pants. Starting at his waist, she gently caressed his flat stomach, moving up to his muscular chest finding the hidden buds she was seeking, she ran her finger across each one a moment unbuttoning his shirt the rest of the way. Sliding her hands up to his shoulders she removed the cloak.  Feeling his breathing change, she slightly smiled and laid it neatly on the loveseat. 

Returning to him she placed her arms around his neck and began playing in his golden blond hair.  Looking into his eyes, it has been three years my love.”  "Each year I have fallen deeper in love with you.  On tiptoes she took his lips to her own.  Kissing them tenderly, sweetly with only a small amount of passion not wanting to frighten him in anyway.  

Vincent’s reaction was as she hoped and he tightens his arms around her waist. Releasing him to step back he pulled her against him. To her disbelief, though he was naive in the ways of love, his instincts took over. The kiss he gave her contained more passion than she has ever known.  Feeling her legs give away, he pulled her tighter in his arms.  He did not  stop there,  he left fiery kisses on her face, her neck and at the hollow of her throat.    Feeling her nipples hardened through the velvet dress she wore, he increased the passion in their kiss.  

When Catherine could take no more, she pulled her lips from his and stepped back . "Vincent I cannot do this anymore " but her statement was stopped when she saw the hurt look in his eyes and heard him say, "I understand Catherine.”

Realizing he misunderstood , she placed her hand under his chin and lifted his head,. Giving him kisses everywhere, "Vincent , I cannot do this anymore in this dress."  "I need to feel your skin against mine."  Turning her back to him, "help we out of this please!"  Lifting up her hair, he  began to pull down her zipper. Careful as always  not to hurt his Catherine.  The small amount of skin being uncovered to his eyes was as smooth as silk.  Facing him she placed his hands on her shoulders. Putting  her hands at her sides  "undress me Vincent.” 

Slowly,  with trembling hands, he  lowered her dress watching  it fall gently at her feet. Stepping out of it, she kicked it aside  waiting for her lover's approval..  Vincent raised his head and was overwhelmed by desire at the sensuous beauty before him.  The blue silk and lace bra she wore barely covered her small firm breasts.  Looking further down he saw the smoothness of her skin down to her tiny waist..  The matching piece of material  below her navel barely covered the most private part of her body.  The sides exposed the creaminess of her well-rounded hips.  Her slender but muscular legs were covered in translucent silk that stopped  at the top of her tights.  The vision ended with blue stiletto heels on her feet.  "Catherine you are absolutely beautiful."

Walking into his arms she laid her head against his chest and placed a soft kiss there.  "Vincent I need to see you” removing  the shirt off his back.  The sight of his magnificent body caused her to gasped with pleasure.  Rubbing her hands through the soft golden hair  on his chest, "Vincent you are beautiful as well taking his lips in a kiss.  This time she held back on none of her passion and they lost themselves within it. Stepping back a little she unclasped the front of her bra..  

Seeing her naked breasts, enflamed his desires.
He went to raise his  hands to touch the rosy peaks and stopped.  "It's alright Vincent."  placing his hands gently there.  Holding the silky globes in the palm of his hands, he felt the weight of them watching  her nipples hardened before his eyes.  

Removing his hands from her breasts, she went into his arms. Rubbing them gently across his  chest, the sensation  driving them forward.   Pulling back she walked to her bedroom taking him with her.  Sitting on her bed, she began to  remove her stockings. This time he stopped her.  Kneeling before her, he gently  removed each one , caressing her as he went along being careful not to damage the fabric or her delicate legs with his long nails.  Removing her heels, he took the stockings  off  her feet and caressed  her legs back up to her thighs. Catherine opened  them a  little allowing him to gently touch her there. Feeling the warmness  between her legs increased his desire.  Kissing her lips he untied the strips  of satin at her hips removing  the last of her clothes.  Her lovely body naked to his gaze.  

Reaching up she started unbuckling  his belt. Fumbling in her haste,  he helped her.  Taking her hands around him  gently caressing the taut muscles of his buttocks. Going to the front of his pants she  unbuttoned  and unziped them.  His arousal  quite evident  in the gray cords he wore.  When released Catherine was shocked by his size.  He was so big she had to touch him to make sure he was real.  Her hand barely fit around him.  His length was overwhelming, almost frightening, she loved it.  Than she began to fondle and caress him there.  To her amazement he grew evenmore.  Looking up at him, with a sultry gaze, she saw the desire she has longed for.  Right now they needed to be together.  Later  they would take their time to fully discover each other.  Taking his hand she gently pulled him to the bed.  Laying  on her back she opened her legs   When the scent of her desire reached him, he knew it was time.  Placing himself above her, he looked into her eyes "Catherine after this there is no turning back."   Her reply, gently taking  his arousal in her hands pulling him closer to the hot center of her core. "Make me yours Vincent?"  

Taking her lips he kissed her passionately .  Feeling her lips slightly part beneath his, he entered the warm recesses there.  Drinking the sweet taste of her mouth. 

Breaking their kiss,"  Catherine I need you now.” Entering her with one hard thrust, they both gasped from it.  Looking at each other a few moments they locked the  feelings of their first joining  inside their hearts.  "Love me Vincent"

Kissing her  he began to  rock within her.  Throwing  his head  back , he accepted her gift of love  over and over and over again.  Surrendering himself to the sweetness of the love only she could give him.

Going deep inside her tight little body he felt the wetness of her desire.  Knowing he put it there his arousal doubled in size forcing a soft whimper to escape her lips.  Thrusting deeper and deeper he brought her to an electrifying climax unlike anything she has ever experienced.

As he began to throb within her she felt him start to withdrawal..  Tightening her legs around his hips  she said "no”.  Looking at her , amazement  on his face, he said "Catherine if I do not do this now  you will get **placing her finger against his lips she silenced his words,, "stay.”  That one word touched his heart so deeply a tear slips down his cheek.  Lightly wiping it away, "Vincent let me carry your child."

Looking into her eyes,  "I love you Catherine  and released himself again and again and again  deep inside her womb.. Filling her totally and completely with his love.

Though passion spent he did not leave her body only turned on his back taking her with him.  Both of them wanted to talk about the  love they just shared but exhaustion overcame them and they drifted off to sleep.

A few hours later Vincent woke up from a beautiful dream.  He and Catherine had finally made love.  Then he felt her slight weight upon him and realized it was not a dream after all.  Smiling he lightly caressed the silky softness of her hips and waist remembering the love they shared and  grew inside her.  Is it too soon to love again I wonder?”  What will she think of me?”

Feeling him hard as steel within her she woke up with a smile and made love to him  "Oh Vincent,  I need this, I need you"  loving him into oblivion.  

"Catherine my angel please don't stop.".” 

"Vincent I couldn’t stop if I tried" "Come in me now my love.”  

"Always my white rose. "Always"  and he emptied his sperm into her softness with a mightly roar.