Chapter 2


Vincent woke up in the middle of the night. He wasn't surprised to see his Catherine by his side. She was so beautiful . . . his dream, his light in the dark time of his life. When he saw her, in that moment in the park, he had made his choice. He would never give up on their love or friendship, no matter what Father could say. He would never give up his wish that his Catherine stay here in the tunnels with him; it was the dream he would continue to live with, his dream to always watch over her.


Soon Catherine woke up and looked up at him, smiling as she saw that he wasn’t asleep. "Hello, my love. Are you OK?" she asked him with a big smile on her face. "Have you slept well?"


"Oh, yes, my love. I did." He leaned down and kissed her very passionately.


She was at that moment so happy. This was their dream come true, what he told her on her balcony when they'd met after the long eight month's separation. Now they had become so close to each other.


But he wasn't thinking of that, he was thinking that she might have his child. He was so afraid that his child which perhaps Catherine was carrying might destroy his dream. He rose from the bed and went to the chair where his clothes were and began to dress. He started to think that what happened earlier that night was a big mistake, so he leaned towards Catherine and began to speak. "Catherine . . . what happened last night was a big mistake. I know that you love me. I should have told you before when we made love, but I didn't - I can't be the man you want. I . . . ."


He couldn’t see the tears in her eyes. "Vincent . . . how can you say that? I love you so much and you know it. I would never leave you; a life without you is nothing."


He thought to tell her something she didn't suspect. "Don't you see, if we’re together we would have a child – did you think of what kind of child it would be?! I wish you could have a child, but not . . . not like me.


"This night was terrible for me. I lost control. I could have killed you. Thank GOD that I didn't. Do you understand why we must be separated, Catherine?"


"No. . . it is you who don't understand. I love you so much. Sometimes I think that I care about you too much. Vincent, you must understand, I would be glad to have your child."


Vincent began to understand all this now, that now that Catherine and he had started to make love, he must go to Father to talk with him about what had happened between himself and Catherine last night. Maybe it might help . . . .




"Oh, Vincent, come in. How are you this morning?" Father asked him.


"I'm OK and Catherine too. Father, I must talk to you about something important about me and Catherine.” He was so frightened that Father wouldn’t understand.


"What is it, son? Tell me."


"Catherine and I . . . last night, we made love, and it frightened me a little."


"Catherine is OK?" Father asked him.


"Yes . . . but . . . ."


"Are you afraid that Catherine might be with child . . . and that this child will be like you?" Father asked him.


"She told me earlier that she would be happy to have my child, whether this child looks like me or like Catherine."


Father understood what was worrying Vincent so and what happened between Vincent and Catherine. "Son, now you understand why I worried about your relationship."






Later, in his chamber, Vincent met with Catherine. "Catherine . . .  I . . . understand now what you meant when you spoke earlier about our love and future."


Catherine nodded and smiled at him. "I'm sure. Give me a chance to be close to you as much as I can."


"No, Catherine. I cannot allow you to give up your life for me. You must live above, where you have your friends."


"OK . . . if you decide to end our friendship; just fine . . . FINE! But if you decide later to change your mind and stay with me, I will never come back. Do you understand all this?"


"Yes. Maybe you should leave the city?"


"Whatever for, Vincent?"


"So I can give you some time to think about what we talked about?"


"OK . . . but when I come back to New York, I hope that we can talk about all this."


"Yes, yes . . . of course.”


"Can you walk me back?"


"Of course, Catherine."


And they left his chamber.