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2012-12-05, 02:05

The second season of the cult favorite makes its way to DVD and this time it actually gets some special features.  What’s also interesting is that they manage to fit six DVDs into a regular sized keep case. 

What the back of the box says:
"Once upon a time is now... Beauty And The Beast: The Second Season, the legendary, romantic show, is as alluring as ever in a magnificent 6-disc set. This DVD of the Emmy Award - and Golden Globe - winning fantasy-crime drama series includes all 22 breathtaking second-season episodes, which feature the adventures and romance between Vincent (Ron Perlman), a mythic, noble man-beast, and Catherine (Linda Hamilton), a savvy assistant DA in New York.

Though they live in separate worlds, from the very moment these two cross paths, they share a strong psychic bond as their love continues to grow without measure.”

Disc 1:
Chamber Music: While walking in the world above, Vincent recognized Rolly, a teenage musical prodigy and ex-tunnel dweller who is now a junkie.

Remember Love: With the help of a guardian angel, Vincent gets a good look at what life would be like without him after he becomes frustrated at not being able to live in the world above.

Ashes, Ashes: A plague is unknowingly brought into the world below by an escaped Russian seaman.

Dead of Winter: Paracelsus, Vincent’s chief nemesis, prepares the perfect disguise, which will enable him to make a killer appearance at Catherine’s first Winterfest celebration in the world below.

Disc 2:
God Bless the Child: Catherine brings a pregnant young woman to the tunnels to await the birth of her child, but the young mother-to-be falls in love with Vincent.

Sticks and Stones: A deaf girl who used to live below falls in with a street gang, which threatens to put a deadly end to their first serious love affair.

A Fair and Perfect Knight: Catherine befriends a boy from the world below who leaves the tunnels to go to college…and falls in love with Catherine.

Labyrinths: The world below’s existence is threatened after a young neighbor of Catherine’s follows her to the tunnels.

Disc 3:
Brothers: Father’s son, Devin, rescues a giant, deformed man from the circus to live in the world below.

A Gentle Rain: Catherine reopens a case that reveals a well-respected tunnel dweller is wanted for manslaughter.

The Outsiders: The peaceful world below is threatened when a violent "family” invades the tunnels.

Orphans: After her father dies, Catherine thinks about living the rest of her life in the world below.

Disc 4: 
Arabesque: A famous ballerina, who was once a tunnel dweller, revisits the tunnels, which opens up the old emotional wounds for Vincent.

When the Bluebird Sings: A strange young man, who claims to be an artist, involves Catherine and Vincent in a series of strange and mysterious events.

The Watcher: A mysterious voyeur stalks and terrorizes Catherine before closing in for the kill.

A Distant Shore: A murder case in Los Angeles pulls Catherine 3,000 miles away from Vincent, who still has a sense of her, but feels powerless to help her. 

Disc 5:
Trial: Catherine prosecutes a Wall Street celebrity in a case of fatal child abuse, but the man’s wife refuses to testify against him.

A Kingdom by the Sea: Putting her life on the line, Catherine tries to protect a man who’s the target of a death squad.

The Hollow Men: After trying to bring a pair of murderers to justice, Catherine becomes the killer’s next target.

Disc 6: 
What Rough Beast: Vincent’s identity may be exposed after a persistent investigative reporter manages to snap a photograph of him in an act of violence.

Ceremony of Innocence: Vincent nearly goes mad after Paracelsus spreads "secrets” about his birth, forcing a deadly showdown between the two enemies.

The Rest is Silence: Losing control to the dark side of his nature, Vincent struggles with his madness along in a cave.  Meanwhile, Catherine desperately searches for Vincent, determined to help him. 

Beauty and the Beast is a show that had a major cult following.  It tells the tale of a mythical, yet realistic (in that it still has grungy tunnels and not just complete fantasy), environment beneath the streets of New York City.

What was the beating heart of the show was the romance between Vincent and Catherine.  However, there was also fine work by Roy Dotrice as Father and Tony Jay as the villainous Paracelsus.  In some ways you can see how people fell in love with the show, to be taken away to a secret world only to find love – who doesn’t want that? 

It had a romantic Shakespearean quality as well as the fantasy element.  It has long been wanted on DVD by fans and a first season came out a while ago, but it was relatively featureless.  Ah, but the episodes are the thing (but in our DVD age we still want to see the gravy).  Season two makes up for it, but only slightly. 

Beauty and the Beast is presented in fullscreen as they were originally aired on television.  Special features include introductions by Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton on select episodes. 

Those episodes are Chamber Music (3 minutes), Fair and Perfect Knight (2 minutes), A Distant Shore (1 minute), and The Rest is Silence (3 minutes).  Any special features are welcome, but commentaries or more in depth interviews or a documentary would’ve been better (hint, hint for season three). 

Beauty and the Beast is a beloved series and those wanting it will be happy that season two has made it to DVD.  This time they do add some special features, but could’ve done better in that department.  Whatever the case, be prepared to go beneath the streets of New York and into a world of the Beast. 

Beauty and the Beast - The Second Season is now available at Amazon. As of yet, there is not a release date for the UK. Visit the DVD database for more information.

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