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                There was a moment, when the way was still new and I was afraid to hop.
                            You put your hand on mine and nothing had ever felt like that to me... 
                      like your touch. I wanted to weep. You turned and looked at me, your eyes
                         were filled with dancing light, and I was bathed in your warmth.
                     And I believed in that moment---that even for me---all things were possible.
                                   In that warmth, in your light, I felt what it is to be beautiful.
                 How many lives were touched by you? How many lives were transformed
             by your courage to give and to love? How many became beautiful in your light?
                                  We promised always to share the truth, always… 
                    But Catherine, there was a truth beyond anything---beyond everything---
                I had ever known, ever dreamed. It was the truth of all you gave, of all
                 you sacrificed for me. The truth of your love humbled me, silenced me,
         and the truth I could never share with you was the truth of how deeply I loved you. 

        I will remember…I will remember every moment; every word, every look,every touch.
                            Our lovelives; it will live forever. Nothing will destroy us.
                                                 Love dies not die. You are safe.
                                                You are safe now. Sleep, my love…

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       Beauty and the Beast:Photo from this tv show
                                                BATB-Season1 1987-1988 [20]

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                                  enter the site - Beauty and the Beast tv show80's
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                                                                            By Linda Wells                      
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                              Here you can found photto from this tv show:



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