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A few moments later Vincent entered the chamber. He did not see Catherine at first and thought that she was not there. Then he sat down on the bed and began to dry off. That is when he caught his first look at her. "Oh Catherine you look beautiful!" Was all Vincent could say as he stared at her. "Why thank you darling." She responded as she twirled around. "I truly love that dress." He told her. She smiled and walked over to him. "And I love you." She told him as she kissed him gently. "I will go see how our son is doing while you are getting ready." She told him. And with that she grabbed her shawl and left the chamber. Vincent let out the breath he was holding and fell backward onto the bed. Oh how I love that beautiful creature. He thought.

When Catherine returned she was met with the sight of Vincent. She stopped cold in her tracks and stared at him. He was dressed in a pair of black jeans, a white ruffled shirt, calf high boots, and a black belt. Catherine loved the way that he looked when he was dressed up. She truly loved the way that his body looked. When Vincent noticed her staring at him he looked up at her and smiled. "And what are you looking at?" he asked as she moved toward him. "I was just admiring how beautiful you look my darling." Catherine then wrapped her arms around his waist. "Oh Vincent I am so glad that we are back together." She murmured. Vincent held her tightly and rocked her. "Oh yes my love."

About a half and hour later Vincent and Catherine made their way to Father and Mary's chamber. There they found them with Jacob. "Oh Cathy you look beautiful." Mary commented as they entered. "Thank you Mary." Catherine responded. "Mommy you do look very pretty." Jacob told her as she lifted him into her arms. "Thank you baby you look just as handsome as your daddy." With those words they left for the great hall.

When they arrived Vincent and Devin came forward and moved the large beam from the door. Then Vincent pushed the large doors open. When he returned to Catherine he reached for her hand. "May I lead you and Jacob through the dark?" he asked smiling at her. She smiled back and sweetly responded, "There is no darkness Vincent when you are with us." She slipped her hand into his and they entered the great hall. Once the opening ceremony was done everyone was having a wonderful time. "Well Cathy I am glad to see you doing so well." Joe told her as he greeted her. "Thanks Joe for everything." Joe just smiled and shrugged. "I could not keep the two of you apart you belong here." Catherine smiled and nodded.

Then Olivia came up to her. "Oh Cathy I am so glad that you are here." She cried. "Thank you Olivia." Catherine responded as they embraced. "Hey Jacob how about going with me to see Luke?" Olivia asked. Jacob smiled and nodded. Catherine kissed him then he took off running. "I will watch him for you." Olivia told her. Catherine nodded and headed off to find Vincent. She found him with Peter. "Cathy, honey are you as glad to be home as this man is to have you here?" Peter asked teasingly. "Oh yes Peter." She responded. Vincent had moved behind her and encircled her in his arms. "Can I have this dance my beautiful Catherine?" Vincent whispered in her ear. She looked up into his beautiful blue eyes and smiled. "I would love to dance with you." Then she took his arm and they headed for the dance floor.

 "Vincent I always dreamed that one day I would be back here in your arms." She told him as they danced. "I always had the same dream Catherine." He whispered. Vincent was sure that before the end of winter fest he would propose to his beloved Catherine. "Hey you two." Devin called as he and Diana danced by. Catherine and Vincent both looked up and smiled at them. "Vincent I cannot get over how much calmer Devin is." Catherine commented. "Yes Diana seems to have that effect on him." Catherine smiled up at him as they continued to dance. "Do I have that effect on you Vincent?" Catherine asked shyly. Vincent looked down at her and smiled. "Oh no my love you keep me very excited." Catherine smiled at the passion in his voice. "Later Darling." was all she had to whisper into his ear.

 Later in the evening while everyone was still having a good time Vincent took Catherine by the hand and led her to the steps. They sat down and rested. "Catherine there is something that I want to ask you." He began. "Darling you know that you can ask me anything." She assured him. Vincent stood for a moment and pulled something from his pocket. Then he crouched down on one knee in front of her. "Catherine I told you that I came back to life when you came home." Catherine smiled and nodded.

 "I cannot live another day without you my beloved Catherine." Catherine's eyes began to mist over with tears. "Catherine would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" After he got the words out she just sat there. "Please say something my love." Vincent begged. Then with a scream of joy Catherine jumped into his arm. "Oh yes, yes, yes my darling I will be your wife!" Vincent was so happy that he rose and swung her around. Devin and Diana caught a glimpse of this and walked toward them. "What is going on there?" Diana asked playfully. "I do believe that my brother just proposed to his beautiful lady." Devin told his wife. As they walked over to Vincent and Catherine. "Well I guess you asked her?" Devin asked as he nudged Vincent. When Catherine smiled and nodded Diana hugged her and Vincent. "Oh that is so wonderful!" She cried. "Should we make some type of announcement?" Catherine asked Vincent. He rose took her hand and walked up the steps.

 "Everyone may I have your attention?" he asked. When everyone was quiet Vincent took Catherine's hand and began to speak. "We wanted to share our news with you all." He told the crowd. "I just asked this beautiful woman to be my wife and she has accepted." With those words the crowd erupted into cheers. Jacob ran up the stairs and jumped into his father's arms. "Oh daddy I am so happy!" He cried. "I am to my son." Vincent told him. Then Vincent handed Jacob to his crying mother. "Oh mommy I love you!" Jacob screamed as he buried his face in her neck. "And I love you my beautiful son." She cried. When they turned around Father and Mary had joined them on the stairs. "We could not be happier for you both." Father told Vincent as they hugged. "Thank you father." Catherine told him. The rest of the evening was spent with well wishes and smiles.

 When they put Jacob to bed Catherine and Vincent returned to their own chamber. "Are you happy darling?" Vincent asked as he lowered the tapestry. "Oh Vincent you have made me the happiest woman alive." She told him as he embraced her. The loving that night was more passionate than ever. Afterward they lay there in each other's arms holding one another and smiling.

They chose to marry on April 12th. This was their anniversary and they both felt that it would be appropriate. "Have you decided on the wedding dress?" Diana asked as she and Catherine sat in their chamber one afternoon. Catherine smiled and nodded. She rose from her chair and pulled a lace dress from the bureau. "I wore this the night of our first anniversary." Catherine explained. "Oh Cathy that is beautiful!" Diana exclaimed. There was only one more thing that Catherine needed to take care of. "Diana you and I have become very close friends." Catherine stated. Diana smiled and nodded. "Would you be my Matron of Honor?" Diana was overwhelmed. She stood and walked over to Catherine. "Oh I would be honored! " She exclaimed. And the two women hugged.

 A short time later Devin and Vincent walked in the chamber. "And what have you two been doing?" Devin asked. "We have been going over wedding plans." Diana told him. "After all I am the Matron of Honor." Devin smiled at her. "That is wonderful." He said as he hugged his wife. "And my brother has asked me to be his best man." He told her. As she was happily watching the married couple in front of her Catherine looked up at Vincent and smiled sweetly.

 After Diana and Devin had left Vincent approached his fiancée. "Now I believe that I owe you a proper hello." He told her. And he captured her lips in a passionate kiss. "Hello my darling one." She looked into his beautiful eyes and smiled. "And hello to you." They spent the rest of the afternoon laughing and talking.

 The day of the wedding was very happy and busy. Peter had been asked to act as father of the bride. He was truly happy for this wonderful couple. Jacob was also happy that his mother and father were being married. He was seen more than once jumping up and down. "Catherine can I come in?" Diana asked. "Of course you can." Catherine replied. Diana was carrying a small box in her hand. "Cathy this was given to me by my sister before she died." Diana opened the box and showed Catherine the beautiful pearl necklace that lay inside. I would be honored if you would accept it." Catherine was truly moved. "Oh Diana are you sure that you want me too have it?" Diana nodded and smiled. "Cathy you have become another sister to me." With those words the women embraced. "Now we better finish getting you ready." Diana told Catherine.

 Later that afternoon in the great hall the music started and Vincent, Devin and Father moved into position. Then the music changed and Diana came down the steps into the great hall. Then Peter and Catherine appeared. Everyone gasped with delight at the sight of this beautiful woman. Catherine looked up at Vincent and smiled. Then she looked over at Jacob and smiled at him.

 When Peter handed her to Vincent father asked him. "Who gives this woman to this man. "Her son and I do." Peter said looking back at Jacob. Everyone smiled at this. "Vincent and Catherine have come here to declare their love for one another." Father stated. "They have prepared their own vows. And with that Father turned and nodded at Vincent. Then Vincent faced Catherine and began to speak.

 "Catherine I was sure that this day would never happen. I only thought that I would have Jacob to remind me of you. You are truly the light of my life. I love you more than anything. I was only half alive without you. I vow to love you, protect you, and watch over you forever."

 Father turned to Catherine and nodded. Catherine then turned toward Vincent and began to speak.

 "Vincent you are my life. I was truly lost this last three years without you. Then I found you again and I also found our beautiful son. I have been truly blessed to have you in my life. I have loved you since that first night that we found one another. I promise to love you, watch over you, and protect you forever."

 Catherine turned back toward father who was truly emotional. "Catherine do you have a ring for Vincent?" Catherine nodded. She took the ring from Diana and placed it on Vincent's finger.

 "Vincent do you have a ring for Catherine?" Vincent nodded and took the ring from Devin. Then he placed it on her hand.

 "With the vows and that you spoken and the rings that you have exchanged I now declare you husband and wife." Father smiled. "Vincent you may now kiss your wife.

 And with those words Vincent moved toward his wife. He bent down and slowly kissed her lips. The kiss was one that was at first sweet. Then it moved to one of passion. When they parted the entire room erupted in laughter and applause. And when Vincent and Catherine turned to face them. Jacob happily jumped into his mother's waiting arms. She hugged and kissed him fiercely. "Mommy are we now a family?" Jacob asked. Catherine smiled down at her son and then at Vincent. "Yes my beautiful baby we are now truly a family."

 A few moments later they were ushered toward a distant table. "Mommy you look very pretty." Jacob told Catherine. "Thank you so much baby." She told him as she hugged him. They sat down at the table and watched as their wedding guests began to mingle. Just as they were about to rise to go get some food Mary approached. "Jacob I have been looking for you." She told the little boy. "I thought you would like to go and play with Luke." She told him. Jacob hesitated then looked up at his parents. "Son if you want to go play it will be alright with your mother and me." Vincent assured him. Then the child looked at his mother. "Baby go ahead we will see you before you go to bed." She commented. With that he smiled and ran toward Luke. "Thank you Mary for taking care of him." Catherine told her. "No problem Catherine I love him and taking care of him is my pleasure." She told them. Then she walked away.

Once they were alone Vincent took Catherine's hand in his and gently kissed it. "Are you happy Mrs. Wells?" he asked. Catherine smiled up at him lovingly. "I have never been happier than I am at this moment." She told him. "I began to believe that I would never be here with you again." She commented. "I was so afraid that when you discovered that I was alive that you would be so angry with me that you would turn away from me forever." She told him sadly. Vincent smiled and placed a hand under her chin. He brought her eyes up to meet his. "Catherine when I was told that you were alive I already knew that something was different." He commented. "What do you mean?" She asked. "I had started feeling the slight stirrings of our bond." He told her. "I was not sure what it meant but I knew that it had something to do with you." He told her. "Then Devin, Joe and Peter came and told me that you were alive." He added. "I could only thank God that you had been given back to me and that we would finally have our dream." He commented.

 A few moments later the musicians began to play a waltz. "So Mrs. Wells would you do me the honor of this dance?" Vincent asked as he rose. Catherine smiled and extended her hand. "It would be my pleasure darling." She crooned. Vincent wrapped his arm around her waist and led her to the dance floor.

The End
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