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BatB:S01E01"Once Upon A Time"

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Описание материала:

Season: 1 <br /> Episode: 1 <br /> Production: 1 <br /> First Aired: 9/25/1987 <br /><br /> (WARNING - POSSIBLE SPOILER!) <br /><br /> Plot Summary: <br /><br /> The series begins when Catherine Chandler becomes a victim of mistaken identity and is viciously attacked and left for dead in Central Park. A shadowy figure named Vincent rescues her and takes her to a mysterious Tunnel World that exists below the city streets of New York City to recuperate. During this time, Catherine develops a strong bond with Vincent and later she discovers that Vincent is half man/half beast. Later, Catherine's new job with the District Attorney puts her life in peril and somehow Vincent is able to sense when she is in danger. <br /><br /> Writer: <br /> Ron Koslow <br /><br /> Director: <br /> Richard Franklin <br /><br /> Roy Dotrice (Father Jacob Wells) <br /> Ron Perlman (Vincent) <br /> Linda Hamilton (Catherine Chandler)

Теги: Tv Show
Год: 1987
Язык: English
Длительность материала: 00:50:10
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