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2012-12-20, 00:32
 Above in her hospital room Catherine was sitting in bed. She was looking out of the window when Diana entered the room. "Hi Cathy are you comfortable?" Diana asked as she closed the door behind her. Catherine smiled at her and nodded. "Yes I am comfortable." She told Diana. "Diana can I ask you something?" Catherine asked. Diana sat down and nodded. "Of course you can ask me anything." Catherine thought for a moment then responded. "How deep were your feelings for Vincent?" Diana was not surprised that Catherine had asked her this question. "Cathy I thought that I was in love with him but I realized that it was just a sense of loyalty." Diana told her. Catherine let out the deep breath that she had been holding. "Cathy you are the only woman that Vincent will ever love." Diana assured her.

 Just then the door opened and a tearful Father walked into the room. Diana rose and moved so that he could sit down. "Catherine my dear I cannot believe it is you!" Father cried as he took her into his arms. "Father I am so glad to see you!" Catherine sobbed. "Catherine you look absolutely wonderful." Father told her as he patted her hand. Catherine now truly felt at home again. "Father I cannot wait to see Vincent and our son." Catherine told him smiling through her tears. Diana moved over to the other side of the bed and placed her arm around Catherine's shoulder. "Cathy you will be home tomorrow." Diana told her. Catherine looked up at her and smiled. "Yes tomorrow I will be home with my family." She commented happily.

 Once she had calmed down Catherine smiled at Father. "Tell me how everyone else is." She requested. He smiled then told her that Lena and David her husband now had a little boy named Matthew. And that little Cathy was now 5 years old. They talked for about three hours. Father did not have the strength or the heart to leave her. "Father when I get out of here can I come live below?" Catherine asked. Father smiled and nodded. "We would not have it any other way." With that Father rose and kissed her on the cheek. "Well Cathy I better be off I have to get back below." He hugged Catherine and kissed her once again. He turned to leave and motioned for Diana to follow. "Cathy I will be right back." She followed and met Joe, Devin, and Peter in the hall. "I just thought that you should know Diana that Vincent knows that Cathy is alive." Father told her. She smiled and nodded. "He is coming to see her this evening." Diana nodded and went back into Catherine's room. Diana decided to let the planned visit be a surprise.

 While they were standing in the hallway outside Catherine's room Peter approached. "Jacob here is a note for Vincent." Peter handed him an envelope. Father took the note and he headed back to the tunnels. He was very happy as he made his way down to the basement entrance in the hospital.

 When Father reached the tunnel entrance where Jamie met him. She had heard about Catherine and wanted to know all about it. "Father did you see her?" Jamie asked excitedly. Father smiled and cupped her face. "Yes child she looks wonderful." Jamie hugged him and smiled. "Where is Vincent?" Father asked. Jamie closed the secret entrance and they walked to the main hub. "I believe he is with Jacob." Jamie told him. Then she turned and walked down another tunnel. Father smiled and walked on toward Vincent's chamber.

 When he reached Vincent's chamber he found him with Jacob. "Daddy, Mary told me that you wanted to talk to me." Jacob told his father. Vincent pulled him into his lap and stroked his hair. "I have to tell you something wonderful." Vincent told Jacob. Jacob was listening very intently. "I found out today that your mommy is alive." Jacob squealed with happiness. "Is she going to live here with us?" Jacob asked. Vincent nodded and smiled. "Yes my son she is coming home to us tomorrow." He commented. Just as he was about to continue Father entered the chamber. "Hello my boys." Father told them as he sat down. "Did you see Catherine?" Vincent asked. Father smiled and nodded. "Vincent she looks the same as she always did as beautiful as ever." Father responded smiling. This sent Vincent's heart into the sky. "Jacob why don't you go see William and get a cookie." Vincent suggested. Jacob rose and ran from the room. Father rose and took the note from his pocket and handed it to Vincent. Then he turned and left the room. Vincent opened the note and happily began to read.

You can come see Catherine about 10:00p.m. She is in room 318.


 Vincent smiled and thought about the reunion that would take place later that night. He loved Catherine and wanted to see her desperately. She was still the most important thing in his life and she would come home to him and Jacob. Oh my Catherine until tonight. Vincent thought to himself. He rose and decided that he would go and spend some more time with Jacob.

 About 9:30p.m. Vincent was preparing to leave. He was dressed in his finest outfit. The emerald outfit and ruffled shirt that Catherine loved. He picked up the pouch with the porcelain rose in it and stroked it. He then placed the pouch around his neck. As he was finishing Devin walked into the chamber. "Hey little brother are you ready to see your lady?" Devin asked smiling. Vincent turned to face his brother and smiled. "Devin I have never been so ready for something in my life." Vincent told him. Devin smiled at the happiness in his brother's face. "Vincent I cannot tell you how happy I am for you." Devin told him as he moved to embrace him. They embraced for a moment.

 Then Vincent picked up his cloak and looked back at his brother. "I must go Catherine is waiting." Devin thought that he should tell him that she did not know he was coming. "Vincent we did not tell her that you know she is alive." Vincent smiled happily. "Well then I will be able to surprise her." And the he was gone.

 When Vincent reached the hospital the climb was very swift. In her hospital room Catherine was reading the book of sonnets that Vincent had given her. She loved having the book back with her. "Cathy do you need anything?" Diana asked as she rose. Catherine looked up and smiled. "No Diana I am just fine." Catherine replied. Diana then moved toward the door. "Cathy I will be back later I am going to get something to eat." Catherine looked up and nodded. "Alright I will be here when you get back." Catherine told her laughing. Diana turned and closed the door. When she was gone Catherine returned to her reading.

 While she was reading the window quietly opened. The curtain had been pulled so that she could not see it. Vincent stepped into the hospital room. His heart was racing when he caught his first glimpse of Catherine. Oh my beloved one you are so beautiful. He thought. Catherine had not noticed him yet because she was so involved in her book. Vincent stood looking at her for what seemed like an eternity. He just wanted to look at her forever. Catherine squirmed and then felt that she was not alone. She slowly raised her eyes until she saw him. For a moment Catherine was speechless. She could not believe that she was home and Vincent was in front of her.

 Catherine closed the book and placed it on the bed beside her. Then she turned to face him. She slowly rose never taking her eyes off of him. As she stood they just looked at one another. Neither of them felt that they could move. Then with one swift move Catherine bolted into his loving arms. "Oh Vincent please hold me! Just hold me!" She cried. Vincent wrapped her into his strong embrace as if he would never let her go. "Catherine, my beautiful Catherine." Vincent sobbed. She was finally home. And she never intended to leave him again.

 Then in one swift movement Vincent captured her lips in a sweet, passionate kiss. Catherine was at first stunned. But then she gleefully leaned into his strong form. Vincent moaned as he felt her body against his. As she did this Vincent's tongue fought for entry between her teeth. When he finally gained entry into her mouth Catherine felt that she would collapse from the onslaught of his passion. Suddenly Catherine felt herself being lifted into his arms. Vincent carried her to the bed and placed her down gently.

 When he moved to back away Catherine whimpered. "No Vincent I need you here with me." Vincent placed a finger on her lips. "Do not worry Catherine my love I am just going to place my cloak over the chair." He told her smiling. When he did this Vincent returned to her side. He sat down beside her on the bed. As soon as he was seated beside her Vincent encircled her in his arms. "Catherine please stay with me!" Vincent begged. Catherine could suddenly feel his sadness deep within her. She then knew that the bond between them had once again returned.

 They sat there for the longest time. Neither of them felt that any words were necessary. They only wanted to be with one another. "Catherine I have been so miserable without you." Vincent sobbed as he embraced her harder. Catherine could feel the sadness radiating through their bond. "Vincent I too have been miserable I have not been alive without you." Catherine held him close to her and never relinquished her hold on him. When Catherine moved back a bit she smiled into the face of the man that she loved more than life. "Father came to see me this afternoon." Catherine told him. Vincent nodded and listened. "I asked him if tomorrow after I am released I could come live with you and Jacob below." Hearing these words made Vincent's heart leap. "Catherine you most definitely will come live with us!" He told her huskily.

 Moments later Catherine and Vincent were once again wrapped in a strong embrace. "Please kiss me again Vincent." Catherine begged as she looked up into his face. "Yes my beloved Catherine." Vincent said as he once again captured her lips in another passionate kiss. He wanted her more than anything. But he knew that now was not the time to become one with his love. They would have plenty of time for that.

 When Vincent released her from the embrace he noticed the book of sonnets that was lying on the bed beside Catherine. "Where did you get that?" he asked as he reached for the book. "Joe got it from Diana and gave it to me." She told him. Vincent opened the book to the marked page and noticed that she was reading the poem that they had repeated to one another before he lost her. Vincent looked up and Catherine noticed that he had tears running down his face once again. She realized what he had read and pulled him into her arms. "Shh! Darling it is alright I am home with you again." She crooned as she stroked his beautiful mane. "I have had this poem burned into my heart and my mind ever since that night!" He sobbed. Catherine took the book from him and laid it aside. "Vincent we are back together and nothing will ever separate us again." She told him. He rose from her arms and smiled down at her. "Yes my beloved Catherine we are together again." Then he sat down again and they talked for what seemed like days.

 When it was almost dawn Diana opened the door. "Sorry to interrupt but Vincent you better go soon." She told them. Vincent nodded and rose from the bed. "Yes I better go now." He remarked. "Will you be working when they bring me home this afternoon?" Catherine asked. Vincent smiled and shook his head vehemently. "I will be waiting for you with a certain little boy that wants to see his mother." With that Vincent put on his cloak. Then he bent down and gently kissed her once again. "Until later my love." He told Catherine. She smiled up at him and repeated the sentiment. And with those words he was gone. Catherine smiled at Diana who sat down beside her. "Oh I love him so much!" she told Diana. Then she drifted happily off to sleep.

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