Ходячие мертвецы2010, США, Триллеры

Спи со мной2005, Канада, Драмы

© My first
attempt at a Batb video was made when
all the posting was being done recently about how no one liked the way
the show
ended.  I heard the song "Take My Breath Away" by Sir Elton
John, and that is always how I feel about how Catherine looks in that
period costume, just breathtaking.  47MB
Becca, My Only Dream © This was
because I wanted to incorporate a
short verse with a video. Catherine and Vincent are both
dreaming of how
they imagine their lives to be with each other. Kenny Nolan's
"I Like Dreamin' " was made for Catherine and Vincent's Happy Life
together!   217MB  Click

for a
smaller version of less quality.  23MB
Cyndi, My Father's Eyes ©
often annoys us, but all children want to look good in their father's
 I hope this video and my story open the door to different
views of
Cyndi, Your Man ©
had to have some fun with Country music. I'd like to imagine Vincent
would get
to the point where he finally admits Catherine turns him on!
Cyndi, You and I

love Michael Buble and can imagine Vincent and Catherine Listening to
this song
which perfectly fits their love. Together they CAN conquer the world.
Jeff Davis, All I want, All I need © This video
tells of Catherine's desire to share
a life with Vincent.  25MB
Jeff Davis, Need You Now © This video
tells how being apart has a profound
effect on Vincent and Catherine.  27MB
Subway song by Laura

 A lilting, longful, love song.  49MB

Warm Whispers by Laura ©
A homage to Vincent’s voice.  40MB
Lynette, Heaven Help This Lonely Man (AU)
Lynette, Leave Out All The Rest © 8MB
Lynette, Nothing Broken But My Heart ©
Lynette, Then You Came ©

MariaMarlean, Alone
© Catherine's
longing of Vincent grows stronger.  34MB
BATB Fans by MariaMarlean © Fans of the
great tv-series Beauty and the Beast!  32MB
MariaMarlean, Children of the Night © A video
the children down below. Ellie is
here shown as a prostitute.  37MB
MariaMarlean, Dreamworks (SND) A She's
Dead story that you need to keep an
open mind watching.  66MB
MariaMarlean, Far Away ©
Vincent and
Catherine have to spend Christmas away from
each other...  29MB
MariaMarlean, Indestructible © Catherine
made wrong decisions in the past but still
has decided to put her faith in Vincent.   40MB
MariaMarlean, The Many Faces of Joe © The many
of Joe.  30.5MB
MariaMarlean, Move Slowly © Sometimes I
admire Catherine's patience because her
progress with Vincent goes slow, VERY slow... this video makes fun of
that.  15MB
MariaMarlean, Unloved
(AU) How
feels when he finds out Catherine has decided to
marry Elliot.   37MB
Words by MariaMarlean © Does
Vincent really need to say the words for Catherine to
know how he feels?  42MB
Noelle, Forever and a Day  ©
and Catherine at Winterfest reflect back on their trials and victories
in their
love of one another. They know how lucky they are to be part
of each other
and their tunnel family. They realize that "Forever and a
Day" is the dream that they will never give up of sharing
together.  24MB
Ophelia, Captured © "The music
tone of this video may
perhaps be a touch darker than is typical of Winterfest fare. 
But the
themes of love, trust, and being there . . . through everything
. . .
felt very true to Vincent and Catherine.  I heard this music
and thought
immediately - inevitably - of them."  238MB  Click HERE
or a smaller version of less quality.
Lay Down Beside Me By SandyX © The lyrics inspired thoughts
of Vincent and Catherine. Plus  it's a waltz and waltzes
always feel right for Winterfest.
BATB meets Gatsby by underthepark © 16MB
BATB Episode menu by Verocruzes ©
A fan made DVD episode and settings menu  for the Beauty and
Beast series in Latin American Spanish text.  20MB
Episode menu without text by Verocruzes © A fan made DVD episode and
settings menu for the Beauty and the Beast series with no text. 13MB