The first and second season of this guide were written by the Helpers' Network of Canada, Toronto, Ontario. My thanks go out to them for allowing me to use their work.

The third season of this guide was written by Barbara Rodgriguez, and was taken from a publication called "The Gathering Place." The timeline is hers, and although I can't vouch for its accuracy, I thought it was a novel idea, so I left it in.



Catherine Chandler, Corporate Attorney, New York City, is kidnapped, assaulted and disfigured by men who mistake her for another woman at a party. Left for dead in Central Park, she is found by Vincent and taken to his world beneath the city. Under his care, she regains her strength, physically and emotionally, and returns to the world Above. Recovering from plastic surgery, eight months later she joins the Office of the District Attorney as an investigator. Once settled, she investigates her own assault and is threatened once again by her attackers. In a climatic scene, Vincent saves her and she comes to understand the emphatic bond which ties her to Vincent.

Date shown: September 25, 1987
Writer: Ron Koslow
Works alluded to or quoted from: Great Expectations - Charles Dickens


A caped and masked vigilante is slashing thugs who victimize people on the subway. Catherine suspects it may be Vincent. Further investigation leads her to the charismatic black leader of a "Guardian Angels"-type of organization and his secret access to the subway tunnels. When he threatens Catherine, Vicent rushes to her rescue. A chase ensues through the tunnels and the vigilante plunges into the Abyss, while attempting to swing past a trapped Vincent (who broke through the weakened bridge boards).

Date shown: October 2, 1987
Writer: George R.R. Martin
Works alluded to or quoted from: Le Morte d'Arthur - Sir Thomas Marbry

#3 "SIEGE"

Catherine attends a function at an art gallery, where she is introduced and attracted to developer Elliott Burch, while Vincent saves an elderly tenant and his building from a fire set by hired thugs. Vincent alerts Catherine to the terrorist tactics being used against the remaining tenants to force them to sell. Her investigation leads to the discovery that Elliott Burch is funding the attackers, though he has no knowledge of their tactics. His callous response to their plight causes Catherine to break off their relationship. A late night attack on the tenants and Catherine results in Vincent's coming to the rescue. The episode ends with Catherine finding the book of Shakespeare's Sonnets on her balcony and Vincent's voice reciting Sonnet XXIX.

Date shown: October 9, 1987
Writer: David Peckinpah
Works alluded to or quoted from: Sonnet 29 - William Shakespeare


Attempting to help Catherine in her investigation of a youth gang slaying, Vincent is injured in an explosion and captured (and tortured) by gang members. His vision impaired, he manages to escape his captors, killing one of them, but they pursue him, wanting to kill him in revenge. Catherine and a friend (Isaac Stubbs, her 'street-fighting' teacher) also look for Vincent. With the aid of a prostitute (Lucy) and a 'child-like' member of the gang, Vincent manages to gain entrance to his world, just as Catherine (and Father) separately catch up to him and help him home.

Date shown: October 16, 1987
Writer: James Crocker


On Hallowe'en, Catherine and her father attend a masque ball in honour of an Irish author. Vincent, who read her book, aspires to meet the author and attends. Catherine meets a young man, who has mistaken her for the author, as both are wearing the same mask. Spotting the author leaving, wearing Vincent's cloak, she and the man follow. Another man has also followed the author and Vincent. When he pulls a gun, Vincent knocks him out: Vincent leaves as Catherine approaches. The young man identifies himself as an FBI agent and when they are all in the car, kidnaps them and kills the other man: he is an Irish Terrorist seeking revenge on the author's father, an IRA agent. In the dying agent's room there is a confrontation and threat made to harm all within: Vincent comes to the rescue. Once arrests are made, Vincent and Catherine walk the city streets until dawn, when he once again must return below.

Date shown: October 30, 1987
Writer: George R.R. Martin
Works alluded to or quoted from: Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod Crane - Washington Irving; She Is Far From The Land - Thomas Moore


Catherine is assigned to investigate corruption on the docks, looking into the activites of Mitch Denton, a former tunnel dweller. Her successful search for a witness to a murder endangers her life when Mitch and his men kidnap her in an attempt to discover the witness's whereabouts. She escapes, but is shot in the back. Vincent finds and takes her to the hospital and then goes after Mitch. Mitch, terrified, is waiting with his men, whom Vincent dispatches. Catherine's regaining consciousness saves Mitch's life, but not his sanity. Vincent visits Catherine in the hospital, where she tells him her dream of walking down Fifth Avenue in broad daylight with him and "... nobody looked twice".

Date shown: November 6, 1987
Writer: Andrew Laskos


Catherine accepts a job in Providence, Rhode Island and, although he urged her to accept the position, Vincent's turmoil lowers his caution and he is trapped and captured by an anthropologist and his student, who keep him drugged and caged in a laboratory. Father alerts Catherine to Vincent's disappearance. A chance reading of a tabloid leads Catherine to an old lady with binoculars and eventually to Vincent's kidnappers. In a climactic scene, the anthropologist is killed by the student and, when the student threatens Catherine, she manages to get him close enough to Vincent's cage for Vincent to break his neck. Freed and returned to his world, Catherine sits with him in his quarters and reads Wordsworth's 'Surprised by Joy' to him.

Date shown: November 13, 1987
Writers: Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon, Ron Perlman
Works alluded to or quoted from: Romeo and Juliet, The Merchant of Venice - William Shakespeare; Surprised by Joy - William Wordsworth; To Althea, From Prison - Richard Lovelace


A strange message cut from the paper and sent to Father by a Helper named 'Lou', results in Father returning to the world Above where he is arrested for the murder of the lawyer who sent the message. Vincent seeks Catherine's help when Father does not return and their investigation leads to the discovery of his name (Jacob Wells) and background. Catherine finds him in jail and her attempt to meet Margaret (Father's ex-wife who is dying) and discover the truth behind the lawyer's death leads to a confrontation with a greedy evangelist. Vincent aids Catherine's escape; she has Father freed and as he returns to his world, tells him she loves Vincent. Margaret is waiting for Father Below and she spends her last days with him.

Date shown: November 20, 1987
Writers: Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon
Works alluded to or quoted from: Orpheus and Eurydice - Robert Henryson


An investigation into the mysterious death of a wealthy business man leads Catherine into the world of voodoo. After her apartment is vandalized and she is terrorized, Vincent seeks the aid of Narcissa in an attempt to understand what is happening to Catherine. When the voodoo priest attempts to sacrifice Catherine, Vincent comes to her rescue, starting a fire when he pushes over the altar table. Mistaking Vincent for his god, the priest walks into the fire and is destroyed.

Date shown: November 27, 1987
Writer: Robin Bernheim


Vincent alerts Catherine to possible wrong-doing at a well-known, renowned orphanage. Her investigation leads to the discovery of a child-selling scheme operated by the orphanage's owner and a thief who uses the children to steal for him. Catherine rescues a brother and sister (Eric and Ellie) and takes them to live in the tunnel world.

Date shown: December 14, 1987
Writer: B. F. Barnett


Laura, a deaf-mute tunnel dweller, witnesses the murder of a police officer, for which another man is framed. She goes above with Catherine, but is kidnapped by the real murderers, who are also police officers. Cuffed to a pipe in the basement of the murderer's house, Laura taps out an SOS, which is heard by Pascal and Vincent rescues her. She decides to return Above to live.

Date shown: December 18, 1987
Writers: Howard Gordon, Alex Gansa


Attempting to aid an injured child (Eric) in the Maze, a cave-in traps Vincent and Father. Catherine, after facing Elliott Burch, who has agreed to be a witness against an extortionist, senses something is wrong and rushes to the tunnels. When her attempts to contact someone fail, she wanders the tunnels, tripping a trapdoor which sends her tumbling down to Mouse's quarters. He leads her to the others. Mouse can save Vincent and Father, but needs demolition supplies. Catherine goes back to Elliott Burch, who gives them to her, no questions asked. Mouse succeeds; Vincent and Father are freed. Father is much more understanding of Vincent and Catherine's relationship. Catherine tells Vincent she loves him and he watches her as she returns to her world.

Date shown: January 8, 1988
Writers: George R.R. Martin, David Peckinpah
Works alluded to or quoted from: Auguries of Innocence - William Blake; Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - Mark Twain; Just So Stories - Rudyard Kipling; White Fang/Call of the Wild - Jack London


Attempting to help Lin (a young Chinese girl whose grandfather is a Helper), escape an arranged marriage to a man she does not love, involves Vincent and Catherine and the tunnel dwellers in a Tong War, after the man she does love (Henry), kills her fiancee in self-defense. When the gang succeeds in breaking into the tunnel world, Vincent must defend the tunnel world and dispose of them. Afterward, Lin and Henry are married Below.

Date shown: January 15, 1988
Writer: Cynthia Benjamin


Catherine alerts Vincent and Father that a drug dealer may be using the tunnels to grow the drug; a man demands payment in gold coin. Father confronts John Pater - "Paracelsus", a former member of their community banished for wrong-doing who threatens the security of the tunnel world if they do not leave him alone. Attempting to prevent Paracelsus from returning to the world above, Vincent is exposed to the drug and hallucinates, injuring Father. Catherine is called upon to help him recover. Vincent confront Paracelsus; a fight ensues and a fire is started. Paracelsus runs back into the fire for his gold coins and is believed to have perished.

Date shown: January 22, 1988
Writer: Richard Setlowe
Works alluded to or quoted from: Henry IV, Part I - William Shakespeare; Paracelsus - Robert Browning


As Vincent and Catherine prepare to celebrate the first anniversary of their meeting, Joe becomes involved with a beautiful corporate lawyer (Erica), working for the law firm representing a man he is prosecuting. Joe is tempted to join their firm and leave the D.A.'s office: when that fails, he is framed for drug possession. Catherine confronts Erica. After a veiled threat by her boss, Erica calls on Catherine for help and the two of them flee for their lives from a gumman. Vincent arrives in time: Joe is cleared and allowed to continue his prosecution of the case. Catherine and Vincent celebrate their anniversary with gifts to each other: a crystal on a gold chain for Catherine and an ivory rose in a leather pouch for Vincent.

Date shown: February 5, 1988
Writer: David Peckinpah
Works alluded to or quoted from: Letters to a Young Poet - Ranier Maria Rilke; Sonnet 116 - William Shakespeare


A new attorney joins the D.A.'s office to work with Catherine: she follows him to the entrance to the tunnels and warns Vincent, giving him a description of the man (in his 30's with deep scars on his face). He is Devin, a former tunnel dweller, who ran away as a young boy. Many flashbacks of Vincent and Devin as children. Father is distressed that Devin is masquerading as a lawyer: Catherine learns the truth from Vincent, confronts Devin with her knowledge and he agrees to leave. Vincent accuses Father of turning his back on Devin and learns that Devin is Father's biological son. Catherine and Vincent trick Devin into meeting Father again, so the truth can be told. He leaves New York as Devin Wells.

Date shown: February 12, 1988
Writer: George R.R. Martin
Works alluded to or quoted from: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - Mark Twain; The Hobbit - J.R.R. Tolkien; The Wind in the Willows - Kenneth Grahame; Treasure Island - Robert Louis Stevenson; Puss in Boots - Charles Perrault; The Wizard of Oz - L. Frank Baum; Lost Horizon - John Hilton; The Circle Game - Joni Mitchell


The episode begins with Vincent reading Coleridge's "Kubla Khan" to the children. Catherine's former fiancee (Steven Bass) re-enters her life, asking for friendship, claiming he is dying. Vincent, after an unsettling dream, fears for Catherine's involvement with Steven and tries to convince her to stay away from him. Misunderstanding his fear, Catherine refuses; is assaulted and trapped by Steven in his house outside New York City. She temporarily escapes and runs through the woods, while Vincent rushes to her rescue. Vincent stops Steven from strangling her and severely injures him. Later, Catherine apologizes to Vincent for mistaking his motives.

Date shown: February 19, 1988
Writer: Don Balluck
Works alluded to or quoted from: Kubla Khan - Samuel Taylor Coleridge; Remember - Christina Rosetti

#18 "FEVER"

Mouse discovers a treasure ship. As the tunnel dwellers argue amongst themselves as to what to do with the treasure, Catherine is approached by a man, regarding a necklace, given to her by Mouse. Cullen, one of the tunnel dwellers, takes some of the treasure above, attracting the attention of the man who approached Catherine. Attempting to take more treasure above, Cullen stabs Mouse and leaves. The treasure hunter forces Cullen, at gun-point, to take him Below. On the edge of the Abyss they fight and Vincent intervenes, saving Cullen, who in turn, saves Vincent from being shot by throwing the bag of treasure at the gumman, causing him to lose his balance and fall into the Abyss. The treasure is then given to a church charity for the homeless, at Vincent's suggestion.

Date shown: February 26, 1988
Writers: Mark Cassutt, Michael Cassutt


Tony, a young outcast gypsy boy, steals Catherine's purse, then seeks her help in attempting to prove that his father was framed for theft from his own people, which leads to the entire family being cast out. Later, Tony, attempting to see his grandfather (who is the Gypsy King), is trapped by his uncle and locked up. Catherine and Vincent come to his rescue and he is given his chance to present his "evidence" to the Kreesh (their court), resulting in his uncle exposing himself as the true thief. Tony is re-instated and his uncle made an outcast. Vincent pulls Catherine into an embrace and they leave, hand-in-hand.

Date shown: March 4, 1988
Writer: Virginia Aldridge
Works alluded to or quoted from: Romeo and Juliet - William Shakespeare; Just So Stories - The Elephant's Child - Rudyard Kipling


The episode begins with Vincent telling the tale of Winslow's death. A disfigured Paracelsus (with severe facial burns: see "The Alchemist") has Catherine kidnapped and brought to him far below the tunnels used by the community. He sends a message to draw Vincent to his destruction. Winslow and Pascal accompany Vincent: they are attacked and Winslow is killed. Jamie, who followed them, saves Pascal when she hits their assailant with an arrow from her crossbow. Vincent, after Winslow's burial, continues on alone and confronts Paracelsus. A battle ensues between Vincent and Paracelsus' man, while Catherine is threatened by a fire set close to where she is chained to the wall. Vincent kills his attacker and saves Catherine as Paracelsus escapes. On their return to the world above, Catherine re-confirms her love for Vincent and that she would do anything for him.

Date shown: March 18, 1988
Writers: Howard Gordon, Alex Gansa
Works alluded to or quoted from: Paradise Lost - John Milton; Twilight of the Gods - Frederich Nietzsche


Elizabeth's paintings on the tunnel walls and the tunnel world itself are threatened by the blasting for the foundation of Burch Tower, Elliott Burch's dream tower. Catherine and the D.A.'s office are asked by Elliott to investigate attempts to sabotage his building. In an attempt to stop the building, Mouse infiltrates the construction site, is captured by Burch's men and Catherine goes to Elliott to have him freed. After returning Mouse to the tunnels, Catherine finds Elliott waiting for her at her apartment, where he proposes to her. When a leaked story to the press regarding the investigation halts a community group's efforts to stop the tower, Catherine agrees to marry Elliott if he will stop building: he refuses. Catherine discovers that Elliott was behind the so-called sabotage and the D.A.'s office begins to investigate him, effectively stopping the tower. The episode ends with Vincent's voice reciting Shelley's "Ozymandias" over a view of Elliott in his office, staring (in distress) at his now never-to-be-built tower.

Date shown: April 1, 1988
Writer: George R.R. Martin
Works alluded to or quoted from: The Prisoner of Zenda - Anthony Hope Hawkins; Ozymandias - Percy Bysshe Shelly


On the 20th anniversary of her mother's death (when she was 10 years old), Catherine becomes severely depressed and, when it affects her ability to do her job, seeks help from a psychiatrist. She is, however, unable to confide in him fully, due to her promise to Vincent. After fleeing from a concert (when the music reminds her of how much she wants to be with him), Catherine runs to Vincent, who says they must part because she is in pain and because she belongs in the world above. Catherine goes to a friend's house (Nancy Tucker), where, after an unsettling dream, she discusses her relationship with Vincent with her friend. Nancy convinces her that she has much to be proud of and that she should trust and follow her heart. Catherine decides to return to Vincent. Vincent, alone with his thoughts, feels her returning to him and the two rush to meet just outside the tunnels in the park. They share a 'kiss' after Catherine tells Vincent that their relationship is worth "everything". (Grieg's Piano Concerto is featured).

Date shown: April 8, 1988
Writer: Ron Koslow



Vincent, recognizing a drug-addicted derelict as a once promising piano prodigy, asks for Catherine's aid in offering the youth help.

Via flashbacks, we are introduced to 'Rolly' and learn how he came to the tunnels, why he left and why his guilt and despair will not allow him to accept the help offered by Vincent.

Date shown: November 18, 1988
Writer: Ron Koslow
Works alluded to or quoted from: She Walks in Beauty - George Gordon, Lord Byron


In this episode loosely based upon "It's A Wonderful Life", Vincent's grief over not being able to fulfill a wish of Catherine's (as it means leaving the safety of the tunnels and upsetting members of their community) leads to a dream wherein he sees how his presence has affectd the lives of those who love him. Vincent awakens from his dream to find Catherine by his side and everything as it was.

Date shown: November 25, 1988
Writer: Virginia Aldridge
Works alluded to or quoted from: Fern Hill - Dylan Thomas; The Divine Comedy-The Paradiso - Dante Aligheri; A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens; Beyond Good and Evil - Frederich Nietzsche; King Lear, Hamlet - William Shakespeare


Vincent rescues a defecting Russian sailor and takes him to the tunnels, not knowing that the man is infected with penumonic plague. Vincent enlists Catherine's help to find the man's lost love, and we are introduced to Peter Alcott, an old friend of Father's from college and the doctor who delivered Catherine. When Catherine learns that the plague has infected many of the tunnel inhabitants, she goes Below and helps care for them. Ellie (see: "A Children's Story") dies in her arms and Eric (her brother) lashes out at Vincent when he (Vincent) attempts to tell Eric of Ellie's death. Attempting to help Eric deal with his grief over harsh words he spoke to her before her death (and in coming to terms with her death) Father comes up with the idea of writing letters to Ellie and putting them on a bonfire, where the air current takes them up into the heavens.

Date shown: December 2, 1988
Writers: Durrell Royce Crays, Roy Dotrice
Works alluded to or quoted from: Winterset - Maxwell Anderson; The Divine Comedy-The Inferno - Dante Aligheri; Romeo and Juliet - William Shakespeare


Paracelsus returns: kills Lou the Barber (see: "Song of Orpheus"), and has a mask made in his likeness so as to masquerade as Lou. He plans to kill Father at Winterfest, the special festival where the tunnel dwellers celebrate the beginning of their unique community. Catherine receives a special invitation to Winterfest. Paracelsus severely burns and injures Narcissa; however, she is able to alert the community to their danger. Catherine and Vincent penetrate Paracelsus' disguise. His plot exposed, Paracelsus escapes once again. Catherine is welcomed as a full-fledged member of the tunnel community. The episode ends with Catherine and Vincent alone in the Great Hall, waltzing.

Date shown: December 9, 1988
Writer: George R.R. Martin
Works alluded to or quoted from: Journey of the Magi - T.S. Eliot; Dover Beach - Matthew Arnold; Hamlet - William Shakespeare


Around Christmas, Catherine, working at a crisis hotline, becomes involved with a young, pregnant prostitute named Lena. She approaches the tunnel dwellers to aid Lena, who accept her into their community. Vincent avoids Lena, so as not to frighten her, but, when she does meet him (after hearing stories of him), she is not afraid. Mistaking Vincent's friendship, Lena falls in love with him. After the birth of her baby girl, Lena approaches Vincent and asks to be with him; he rejects her and she flees the tunnels, leaving her baby behind. Vincent asks Catherine to find her; Catherine succeeds and Lena returns to the tunnels and her baby. At the naming ceremony, Lena names her baby 'Catherine'. The children sing "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear".

Date shown: December 16, 1988
Writers: Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon
Works alluded to or quoted from: As You Like It, Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night - William Shakespeare


Laura (see: "An Impossible Silence"), living Above and having difficulty coping, falls in with a gang of 'deaf-mute' criminals. One of the 'gang' is an undercover officer working with Catherine; he is also in love with Laura. When his identity is discovered, Laura seeks help from Vincent to save his life, while Catherine and the police also seek him, knowing he is in danger. Vincent arrives just in time to save Laura from the gang leader and the police arrive in time to arrest the others. Laura decides to remain Above with the man she loves.

Date shown: January 6, 1989
Writers: Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon


Michael, tutored by Vincent, has been accepted by a college. Temporarily living with Catherine, he falls in love with her. Vincent, aware of Michael's kissing Catherine, is unable at first to help Michael with his turmoil (rejected by his father and his feeling that he has betrayed Vincent), due to his own inner feelings of jealousy and resentment. Once Catherine convinces Vincent that he has the right to feel as he does and that he should not be afraid to want things that other people take for granted in life, Vincent is able to go and help Michael.

Date shown: January 13, 1989
Writer: P.K. Simonds, Jr
Works alluded to or quoted from: Henry IV, Part I - William Shakespeare; The Divine Comedy (The Inferno/The Purgatorio/The Paradiso) - Dante Aligheri; To the Evening Star, Poetical Sketches, Piping Down the Valleys Wild (Songs of Innocence) - William Blake


A teenage boy from her apartment complex follows Catherine when she goes to the tunnels to attend a concert. Unable to convince two friends to join him later, he goes to explore on his own and becomes lost. Mouse alerts Vincent to the intruder's presence and Vincent confronts the boy. He is locked up and the dwellers explain their presence in the tunnels and why they choose to live there. Promising to keep their secrets, the boy returns, only to argue with his father. He runs back to the tunnels. Catherine alerts Vincent to the search parties Above, planning on exploring the tunnels to look for the boy. Vincent find and talks to the youth, helping him understand his father's grief, convincing him to return Above and make up with his father.

Date shown: January 20, 1989
Writers: Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon


Devin (see: "Promises of Someday") returns with a friend he has 'kidnapped' from a side show - Charles, "The Dragon Man", who suffers from neurofibromatosis (Elephant Man's disease). Mistreated by his brother and fearful of people in general, he is seeking sanctuary. Vincent and Charles become close, sharing their knowledge of others' fears of their differences. Charles, whose fear is still strong, has difficulty joining the community. Accidentally hurting Mouse, he runs to hide deeper in the tunnels. Devin, who has sought Catherine's help (she is now a Deputy District Attorney), in persuading Charles' brother to leave him alone, returns and, learning of what has happened, seeks out Vincent and Charles. Vincent has calmed Charles down and Devin and Charles decide to leave together.

Date shown: February 3, 1989
Writer: George R.R. Martin
Works alluded to or quoted from: A Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens; Essays: First Series - Ralph Waldo Emerson; The Bible; The Elephant Man - Sir Frederick Treves; The Walrus and the Carpenter - (Through the Looking Glass) - Lewis Carroll; The Wizard of Oz - L. Frank Baum; Lost Horizon - John Hilton


Catherine discovers a tunnel dweller who has been hiding from justice (when he jumped bail for vehicular manslaughter while drunk). Filled with guilt after seeing the mother of the boy he killed and then torn between doing what is right and his own family, Catherine and Vincent convince him to return Above to face the consequences and the woman whose son he killed so many years before. Finally meeting her, both Kanin and the woman learn to forgive.

Date shown: February 17, 1989
Writers: M.M. Shelly Moore, Linda Campanelli
Works alluded to or quoted from: The Merchant of Venice - William Shakespeare; Ode: Intimations of Immortality - William Wordsworth


(Episode begins with Vincent quoting Walt Whitman). A gang of violent vagrants penetrates the boundaries of the tunnel world, killing and hurting some of the dwellers. Their violence traps the dwellers in the Great Hall. Catherine, seeking to discover what is happening, kills one of the vagrants and is then threatened by the others. Vincent, his dark side aroused by her fear, attacks and destroys the rest except for one child, who shoots Vincent in the left shoulder before running off. Vincent, distressed by the seeming lack of control over his dark side, rejects Catherine's acceptance of his dark side and her attempt to comfort him, sending her away.

Date shown: February 24, 1989
Writers: Michael Berlin, Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon


Catherine's father dies suddenly from a stroke. Before his death, while he lies in a coma and is apparently aware, Catherine tells him of Vincent and Vincent promises to care for her. After her father's death, Catherine, unable to face her grief, seeks sanctuary Below. While she contemplates staying Below, she and Vincent discuss the possibility of their truly being together. Eventually coming to terms with her father's death (after having a vision of him), Catherine returns to the world Above, thanking Vincent for his understanding, with a kiss.

Date shown: March 6, 1989
Writers: Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon
Works alluded to or quoted from: The Velveteen Rabbit - Margery Williams


The return of a former tunnel dweller (Lisa, now a famous ballerina), seeking escape from an international criminal and the authorities who want her to testify against him, triggers memories (flashbacks) in Vincent, of his first love and his guilt over an incident which led (in his mind) to Lisa's leaving. After she is assaulted by men searching for Lisa (and Vincent saved her by killing one man while she killed the other), Catherine confronts Lisa with her responsibilities, both to Vincent and the world Above. Lisa agrees to testify. Later, Vincent, in great distress, tells Catherine of the incident, when, aroused by Lisa, he frightened and hurt her. Catherine comforts him. (Ballet sequences are shown).

Date shown: March 13, 1989
Writer: Virginia Aldridge
Works alluded to or quoted from: You, Darkness - Ranier Maria Rilke


Approached by an artist in a bookstore who wishes to paint her, Catherine learns he is supposedly dead. He continues to approach her, once coming close to seeing Vincent and, eventually, she allows him to sketch her. A strange dream and the feeling of being watched in his quarters sends Vincent to Narcissa for possible explanations. Further investigation leads Catherine to where the artist's work is kept and she is mysteriously allowed to enter, where she finds Vincent waiting. They confront the artist and he shows them his work. Catherine arranges for a showing of his paintings. He leaves a special one for her. Later, in Vincent's quarters they stare at the picture, a portrait of the two of them; Vincent seems to believe the painter is a ghost, Catherine is unwilling to believe.

Date shown: March 31, 1989
Writers: Robert John Guttke, George R.R. Martin
Works alluded to or quoted from: The Decay of Lying - Oscar Wilde; Idylls of the King, The Lady of Shalott - Alfred, Lord Tennyson; Song of Myself - Walt Whitman; The Mikado (Ko-Ko's Song) - Sir W.S. Gilbert; Legend of Sleepy Hollow - Washington Irving; The Phantom Rickshaw - Rudyard Kipling; A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens


As Catherine and Vincent begin to celebrate the second anniversary of their meeting, they are interrupted by a "watcher", who has been spying on Catherine. He breaks into her apartment, steals her possessions, harrasses her with phone calls and eventually chloroforms and kidnaps her. Taking her to the park, he locks her in the trunk of his car and send it into a pond. Vincent, rushing to save her, confronts and kills the "watcher", arriving just in time to save Catherine, who is undergoing an out-of-body 'dying' experience. Later, she convinces her friend, Jenny, to leave her at her apartment and Vincent arrives to stay with her. They later celebrate their anniversary.

Date shown: April 7, 1989
Writers: M.M. Shelly Moore, Linda Campanelli


Sent to L.A. to interview a possible witness to illegal activities within a recording company, Catherine's bond with Vincent is so strong that he is able to warn her of danger. As she returns to New York City, flashbacks of her and Vincent are shown while the song "The First Time I Loved Forever" is sung. (Vincent reads "Acquainted with the Night" by Robert Frost).

Date shown: April 14, 1989
Writer: Marie Therese Squerciatti
Works alluded to or quoted from: Acquainted with the Night - Robert Frost; The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald

#39 "TRIAL"

Catherine is assigned the responsibility of prosecuting a wealthy businessman for the death of his son (as the result of a severe beating). Vincent anguishes over the many children who suffer and cannot be helped. Catherine wins the case by casting doubt on the testimony of the man's daughter, who also has suffered abuse at his hands.

Date shown: April 21, 1989
Writers: Howard Gordon, Alex Gansa


An intimate moment between Catherine and Vincent is interrupted by CIA agents looking for Elliott Burch, who has become involved in political insurgencies on a small island, the result of which is an attempt on his father's life. He calls in Catherine's and Vincent's debt (see: "Shades of Grey") to get his father out of the hospital. The plan goes awry when his father is killed in a helicopter explosion and he and Catherine are pursued by gunmen intent on killing them. Catherine aids Elliott's escape using the tunnels and, when they part, he has come to realize that she is in love with someone else. Catherine returns to Vincent, who has been injured in his fight with the gunmen and who is feeling depressed about a kiss between her and Elliott. Catherine tells him that when Elliott kissed her, she wished it was Vincent.

Date shown: April 28, 1989
Writer: George R.R. Martin
Works alluded to or quoted from: Annabel Lee - Edgar Allen Poe; To His Coy Mistress - Andrew Marvel


Vincent witnesses a murder by two young men, the sons of wealthy parents, who kill for the thrill of it. He tells Catherine; she alerts the police (who gather evidence) and a witness to take them to trial. Due to the evidence being primarily circumstantial and the lack of credibility of the prosecution witness, the young men are freed. Vincent then haunts them, leading them to assume that Catherine has set him upon them and they attempt to trap and kill her. Their plan fails when Vincent arrives and kills them, but not before being shot in the shoulder.

Date shown: May 5, 1989
Writers: Andrew Laskos, P.K. Simonds, Jr.
Works alluded to or quoted from: The Hollow Men - T.S. Eliot

#42 "WHAT ROUGH BEAST" - Part 1 of the Trilogy

A mysterious informer sets an investigative reporter out to investigate Vincent's existence, leading the man to harrass Catherine for information. Believing Elliott Burch is behind the investigation, she confronts him. Elliott hires a private detective to get to the truth. The informer has Catherine kidnapped and taken to the tunnels by two assailants near where the reporter has been told to wait. He records and takes pictures of Vincent's rescue of Catherine, turning a deaf ear to her pleas for mercy. Vincent tells Catherine he will flee deep into the depths to prevent capture if the tunnels are invaded, refusing to allow her to join him. The reporter, confronting his informant, is faced, to his surprise, not with Elliott Burch but with Paracelsus, who kills him. Episode ends with Vincent sitting, shivering, in his darkened room.

Date shown: May 12, 1989
Writers: Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon, George R.R. Martin

#43 "CEREMONY OF INNOCENCE" - Part 2 of the Trilogy

Episode begins with Catherine having a nightmare and Vincent feeling trapped, while they await the result of the reporter's expose. Father is sent pictures of Vincent killing Catherine's kidnappers and, following the instructions given, goes to meet Paracelsus. Unable to kill Paracelsus, Father apparently returns to the tunnels and tells Vincent the "truth" about his birth - leading Vincent to believe he was the product of an experiment by Paracelsus on his wife, and that his birth killed the woman. Having been sent away by Vincent, as "it is not safe to love me", she goes directly to Elliott to apologize and gain entrance to the apartment where the reporter met his informer. Father is discovered, injured and locked in a secret closet. On the way back down, he tells Catherine the truth of Vicent's coming into their world - it was Paracelsus' wife who found Vincent at St. Vincent's Hospital, and that Paracelsus' obsessive absorption with Vincent and the killing of his wife after she gave Vincent into Father's care, led to his banishment. They arrive just after Vincent, driven to madness by Father/Paracelsus' words, has killed Paracelsus. He is severely traumatized as he believed at first that he had killed Father.

Date shown: May 19, 1989
Writers: George R.R. Martin, Howard Gordon, Alex Gansa

#44 "THE REST IS SILENCE" - Part 3 of the Trilogy

Vincent joins Catherine to listen to Vivaldi (The Seasons, etc.) Vincent begins to walk in his sleep, having nightmares of his own destruction. As his mental and physical health deteriorate, he becomes delirious and obsessional. Catherine, concerned by his behaviour, seeks out Father's counsel and learns that Vincent suffered a similar illness in his adolescence, which nearly killed him. Seeking out Catherine (to read her a quote from Dylan Thomas' "And Death Shall Have No Dominion") and unable to feel that she is still Below, Vincent breaks into her apartment and collapses. Finding him unconscious, she calls on Peter Alcott (see "Ashes, Ashes" and "Dead of Winter") who takes blood samples, warning her it could lead to embarassing questions. She stays by Vincent's side for three days and nights, nursing him through periods of hallucination and delirium. Before returning to his world, he tells Catherine he loves her. Once in his quarters he again hallucinates, destroying his room: Father stops him from running into the park and Vincent requests that Catherine be sent for. While Father awaits Catherine's coming (she has gone to see Peter for the results of the blood tests, only to be told that the blood is "not human"), Vincent has the others meet in the council room, telling them that he is leaving as he fears he cannot protect them from himself. Mouse and Pascal follow him and Pascal returns to lead Father and Catherine to Vincent. Catherine, against Father's pleas, goes after a raging Vincent as "he is my life". She walks into darkness and only Vincent's growls are heard until Catherine's voice suddenly shouts out his name. Episode ends! Season ends!

Date shown: June 2, 1989
Writers: J. Larry Carroll, David Bennett Carren
Works alluded to or quoted from (in the trilogy): The Second Coming - William Butler Yeats; Hamlet - William Shakespeare; And Death Shall Have No Dominion - Dylan Thomas; The Iliad, The Odyssey - Homer; Plays and Sonnets - William Shakespeare; Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte; Great Expectations - Charles Dickens