Beauty and the beast

Catherine pulled out a picture. She looked down at it lovingly and stroked it. "Catherine what is that?" Vincent asked lovingly. She smiled and moved over toward him. "Vincent this is a picture of my mother." Catherine told him as she showed it to him.


Vincent took the picture and looked at the beautiful woman that gave birth to his beloved Catherine. "Oh Catherine she was beautiful." He remarked as he looked at the picture. "Yes she was." Catherine commented. Vincent moved over to the shelf closest to his chair and placed the picture on it. "Now we can look at her whenever we want to." Vincent told Catherine. Catherine moved behind him and placed her arms around his waist. "I love you my darling." She whispered. He turned in her arms until he was facing her. "And I love you my Catherine." He told her as he kissed her. When they finished unpacking everything they surveyed them. "Vincent everything fits so well in our chamber." Catherine told him.


Vincent closed his eyes and smiled. Catherine noticed this and looked up at him. "What are you smiling about?" she asked as she looked at him. "I was just thinking about those words "our chamber." He told her. She knew that this made him happy. "Yes Vincent this is now our chamber." She told him again.