Once Upon a Time in the City of New York

Catherine: So sue me.
Catherine’s Father: It’s a little late for that, I should have sued you when you were five.

Catherine: When I think of corporate law, simulating is not a word that immediately pops into my mind. Catherine’s Father You know, when you put your mind to it you’re a fine corporate lawyer.
Catherine: No, Dad, I am the daughter of a fine corporate lawyer.
Vincent: You’re safe. You’re safe now.

Vincent: Don’t be afraid. Please, don’t be afraid.

Father: You have the soul of a doctor.  When I studied medicine they wouldn’t admit minorities.  I wonder what they would have done with you? Lets no even think about it.

Catherine: Vincent… please…tell me.
Vincent: We’re below the city, below the subways.  There is a whole world of tunnels and chambers that most people don’t even know exists.  There are no maps to where we are. It’s a forgotten place. But it’s warm and it’s safe, and we have all the room we need. So we live here and we try to live as well as we can, and we try to take care of each other.  It’s our city, down here.
Catherine: What are you doing down here? Why are you here?
Vincent: I was a baby…abandoned, left to die…someone found me nad brought me here…to the man who became my father….He took me, he raised me…he taught me everything. He named me Vincent…That’s where I was found, near the hospital, St Vincent’s. 
Catherine: I don’t know what to believe….
Vincent: Its all true…

Vincent: I have never regretted what I am. Until now.

Vincent: I was born and I survived.

Vincent: Catherine, you survived. And what you endured will make you stronger and better.
Catherine: I don’t have your strength. I don’t know how to do it.
Vincent: You have the strength, Catherine, you do. I know you.

Catherine: Your secret is sfe with me. I would never betray your trust.
Vincent: I know---I knew from the beginning, when you trusted me. 

Catherine: You could read me the last chapter of "Great Expectations.” 

Father: She can only bring you unhappiness.
Vincent: Then I’ll be unhappy. But I cannot forget her. We are still connected.
Father: Vincent, your senses, your empathic powers, are quite extraordinary. It’s your gift. And these powers have been heightened by the concern, by the love that you feel, but don’t let your act of kindness destroy you.
Vincent: Maybe I have no choice.

Vincent: Your face….
Catherine: They fixed it.

Vincent: Catherine, I feel the things you are feeling when you do.
Catherine: How do you mean?
Vincent: Just know it’s true and that your pain is my pain. Sometimes it is almost as if we’re one.

Vincent: I’ve seen your world. There is no place for me in it.  I know what I am. Your world is filled with frightened people and I remind them of what they are most afraid of.
Catherine: Their own ignorance.
Vincent: Their aloneness.
Catherine: Yes.
Vincent: So…now, I have to begin to forget..
Catherine: Forget me?!
Vincent: No…I’ll never forget you…But I must forget the dream of being part of you… 

Catherine: I owe you everything.
Vincent: You owe me nothing.  I am a part of you, Catherine just as you are a part of me. Wherever you go, wherever I am, I’m with you.

Vincent: Good bye.
Catherine: For now.

 Terrible Savior

Jason: We have ourselves, our courage, our strength, our compassion. We have each other. And…now we have him…whoever the hell he is. 

Catherine: Isaac, if you thought…if you even suspected, that this vigilante was someone you knew, a friend. What would you do?
Isaac: Talk to him. Ask him. Go where the man lives and look him dead in the eye. But…first you better be really sure about one thing…be real sure I wanted to know.

Mrs. Dalby: His face. His hands.  He did not have hands, just claws. And his face. I will never forget that face. He was not a man. He wasn’t a human man at all. He was like an angel…a terrible angel come to save me. 

Vincent: The ways change, Catherine. For every safe road, there are hundreds of paths that lead only to darkness.

Catherine: I had to come. I had to see you. I was afraid…
Vincent: I know.
Catherine: You didn’t come. I called. I banged on the pipes…You never came.
Vincent: I could feel you fear, Catherine. Even now, I frighten you.
Catherine: You taught me to face my fears, always, Vincent. Tell me…
Vincent: What shall I tell you? That I am not this shadow, this man-monster that you hunt? Must you hear the words before you trust?  Hear them then, it is not me.  Catherine, I would never hurt you.
(Catherine takes an involuntary step back.)
Catherine: No, Vincent, no… I’m sorry….I did not mean to…
Vincent: To pull away?  I know.   I know your heart, Catherine, but sometimes the words that are not spoken are the truest words of all.   However much they hurt.
Catherine: What are you saying?
Vincent: We both know what these hands can do, have done. Catherine, if your heart does not trust then no words I speak could help.

Father: It’s Catherine, isn’t it?
Vincent: I can hear her fears whispering to me no matter where I stand.
Father: She cannot help being afraid, Vincent. Her world is built on fear. It is all they know. The lives they are forced to lead, if they weren’t afraid, they would be insane.
Vincent: I know.
Father: We have something that they only dream of---A safe place, a secret place beyond their madness and their fear.
Vincent: Sometimes, I would run down here when we played hide and seek. But…before the game was over, Father, they always found me…even here.

Jason: You know, the city had its own myths. We are so rational, so sophisticated, so cynical that we still need our gods and demons, our heroes and villains.  I knew a man use to work the IRT. He swore he saw a monster down there once, when he was troubleshooting some track.  You hear the street people talk about it too...some terrible fierce creature who haunts the dark places; some thing with a face of a demon, the soul of an angel. 
Catherine: You can’t possible believe that, can you? 
Jason: They believe it, don’t you see?  Because they need to believe.  Inside, we’re all children, scared of the dark, wishing there really was a batman… 

Vincent: There is enough fear in your world. I could never bring you more.
Catherine: Forgive me for doubting you.
Vincent: Catherine, you are right to be afraid.
Catherine: My heart knows how gentle you are.
Vincent: Even the gentlest man has a demon locked inside of him.
Catherine: Not you, not a demon.

Vincent: They hunt for this man as they might hunt for me, if they dreamed of my existence.     …………By what right do I condemn him?  Am I so very different?
Catherine: Yes, Vincent, you are.

Catherine: They'll never know if he's dead or gone, or just waiting down there until he's needed again... like King Arthur.

Catherine: How can one man have so much courage and empathy and passion…and so little mercy?
Vincent: Perhaps, he lost it somewhere…but he found it again in the end.


Elliot:  Can you put a price tag on magic? The true value of great art lies in its ability to influence and enhance the quality of humanity. And contrary to popular opinion, I believe New Yorkers still qualify.

Elliot: I’m Elliot Burch.
Catherine: Of course, you are.

Vincent: You have a generous heart, Catherine.
Catherine: Something I learned from you.
Vincent: No. It can't be taught. It's from the soul. And you have so much to give.
Catherine: It's all still very new... Sometimes I wonder, how all those little pieces will ever fit together again.
Vincent: Follow your heart, Catherine. Follow your heart. You must.

Father: Vincent, what weighs so heavy? Please? Tell me.
Vincent: She met a man. She's falling in love.
Father: Let her. Let her fall in love, Vincent.
Vincent: My mind tells me to rejoice for her, that she deserves the happiness. But my heart... is dying. I'm poisoned by feelings I've never felt before… Father, it hurts.
Father: I've always dreaded this moment, for you. And I suppose I've always known it would come. The day when your heart would lead you to long for a life that can never be, Vincent.
Vincent: Yes. A life that can never be…

Elliot: I do live this city. The thing is, you can't walk a block without seeing somebody---something that absolutely knocks you out, stuns you.
Catherine: The good, the bad and the utterly absurd.
Elliot: Yeah. Yeah, and its constantly changing, constantly transforming itself, reinventing itself.  It's unbelievable--it's always expanding.

Catherine: Vincent, I don't want to cause you any pain.
Vincent: Don't struggle, Catherine. There's no need.
Catherine: No need? Why?
Vincent: Because we know, we always knew, that this bond between us was only a dream we shared.
Catherine: A dream? No! Vincent, our bond is the most real thing I've ever known, more than anything in my life!
Vincent: Do you love this man?
Catherine: I don't know. But if I do, it won't change anything. I won't let it.
Vincent: Someday... someone will come, and you will live another life, and dream another dream.
Catherine: I don't want to lose you, Vincent.

Misha: He's a friend… A friend like this one. And no one must ever know.

Shakespeare knew everything. Vincent’s inscription in Shakespeare’s Sonnets.
Reading of Sonnet XXIX

No Way Down

Vincent (to Catherine): Sometimes your fear can keep you alive. You should listen to it more often.

Father: Your relationship with my son…is a tragic mistake…for both of you.

Lucy (to Vincent): You’ve got to trust somebody…sometimes….

Catherine (to Isaac): He’s not dead….I would feel it if he were.

Vincent: I knew you were close by…
Catherine: I was never giving up.


Charles Chandler: Am I early? Are you late? Or is that your costume?

Vincent: Every year they ask for the same stories. By now they should know them better them you do.
Father: Well, Old stories are rather like old friends. Every once in a while you have to drop in on them, just to see how they're doing. And, anyway, I can remember a certain young boy who would never let a mere jack’o lantern deny him a visit to Icobad Crane.

Vincent: Father, surely, on this of all nights I walk among them in safety.
Father: Safety! Vincent, there is no safety up there…for you or anyone else.
Vincent: Sometimes we must leave our safe places, Father, and walk empty handed among our enemies.
Father: Those are Brigit O’Donald’s words.
Vincent: Those are true words, words that have opened doors for me. Let some light in on the dark places. You know what she means to me.
Father: I do. I also know the danger of confusing the magic with the magician. Sometimes the person is smaller then the work, weaker, more frightened…more human.  And I don’t want to see you hurt, disappointed.
Vincent: She will not disappoint me. Our lives are very different, but I am sure we will understand each other…I will not miss this opportunity. I must see her, talk to her.

Charles Chandler: Someday you'll find somebody you can love as much as I loved your mother. We were two of the lucky ones.

Charles Chandler: Have I told you how beautiful you look? Sometimes you remind me so much of your mother. 

Vincent: Brigit O’Donald?
Brigit: Herself.

Brigit: The night has a special magic to it, don't you think? This night especially.
Vincent: Halloween.
Brigit: In the Old Religion they call it Samhain. It's a night when the walls between the worlds grow thin, and spirits of the Underworld walk the earth. A night of masks and balefires, when anything is possible and nothing is quite as it seems. Your city has its own magic as well. The lights, towers... listen to it.

Brigit: Oh it hurts…it hurts…but …it is such a sweet pain.

Brigit: I'm sick to death of safety!  Oh, I look at the city and... I want to touch it, to walk its streets, meet its people, and listen to its music. I want to see all of the things my father told me of, and I can't. Can you imagine how that feels?
Vincent: Yes
Brigit: Sometimes, Vincent, we must leave our safe places and walk empty-handed among our enemies.

Brigit: Will you be tellin' me of her, then?
Vincent: Who?
Brigit: Your lady, the one who's breaking your heart.... Ah, you didn't come to me just to say you like me books. Somethin' about Ion and me struck close to home.”
Vincent: She brings me... such joy... and such pain. As I have never known. I have no place in her world, she has none in mine. Our bond endangers... everything. People I love, secrets I am sworn to keep, beliefs that I've lived by.

Vincent: You wrote that the price of your love had been high, but that you would pay it willingly until the end of your days. That you would change nothing, regret nothing!
Brigit: That's damned unfair of you, you know. Quotin' me own words back at me again, after I gave you all that good advice! The brain tells you all the sensible things to do, but the heart knows nothin' about sense. And the heart is as stubborn as the Irish.

Brigit: We must take what we're given. Three hundred days, a few months...
Catherine: Or a single night.

Catherine: Don’t leave! She told me that this was a special night, Sanhain. When the walls…
Vincent: When  the walls between the worlds grow thin, and spirits of the Underworld walk the earth.
Catherine: Vincent, we can’t waste it.

Vincent: I've lived here all my life, and yet it's as though I've never seen the city... until tonight.
Catherine: You've seen so much of the violence and hatred of my world. I wanted you to know that there's beauty as well.
Vincent: Oh... I know that. Ever since the night I found you, Catherine. 

The Beast Within

Sam: Mitch is poison…Nothing is going to change that.

Sam: Don’t care so much, Vincent, not about people. People always let you down.
Vincent: You never let us down, Sam. When we needed supplies, or food, you were always there for us. We'll be here for you.

Frank talking about the docks: They say this place breaks the backs of its workers and harbors the scum of the world.  And that's all true.  But I love it, stink and all.

Vincent to Mitch: What I remember is our friendship as children…Those times I remember.

Catherine: It's so peaceful and quiet out there tonight.
Vincent: But there's a storm raging within you.
Catherine: You felt it?
Vincent: I can almost hear it. What you're feeling is...alive... thundering.
Catherine: I've been given a chance to do something important at work. It's a great challenge, a risk.
Vincent: Is it a risk worth taking?
Catherine: A chance to help honest men keep their jobs.  A chance to make a difference.  It's everything I wanted... but I'm afraid.
Vincent: Of what, Catherine?
Catherine: Failure…The danger.
Vincent: You can't fail.
Catherine: I hope not.
Vincent: You have the strength. You have the courage. We both know that.  So you must use them.... I only wish I could be there for you. Keep you safe… Always.
Catherine: You are.

Vincent: Catherine.
Catherine: Vincent, a good man was murdered tonight.
Vincent: Death almost took you. I felt it.
Catherine: It came close.
Vincent: Catherine, you're in grave danger.
Catherine: I know.
Vincent: Go no further with this.
Catherine: What? What are you saying?
Vincent: Stop. You must.
Catherine: I can't. I have to see this through.
Vincent: If I ever lost you...
Catherine: Vincent, you're the one who taught me to face my fear, and to find courage.  I can't pull back now--it would compromise everything--me, the case, even what you think of me.  I have a chance to bring down the men responsible for all this. I have to.
Vincent: A life without you... would be unbearable.... Take great care.

Vincent: Don’t die Catherine.  If you die…so do I.

Mitch to partner: You idot! You don’t know what we unleashed…When he comes you will know who he is!

Vincent to Mitch: There is nothing left of you…nothing.

Catherine: Vincent?
Vincent: Shhh…
Catherine: You're here?
Vincent: I'm here.
Catherine: I dreamed about you.
Vincent: About me?
Catherine: Yes. ..We were walking down Fifth Avenue…the sky was blue...
Vincent: And then?
Catherine: You bought me ice cream…and no one looked twice.

Nor Iron Bars a Cage

Vincent: You look like an angel, standing there.

Catherine: I've been offered another job, Vincent. A much better job, with more responsibility, chance to use my training, and to help people more than I'm able to now... But it would mean leaving New York.
Vincent: Where would you go?
Catherine: Providence, Rhode Island.
Vincent: Providence... is when... something is meant to be.
Catherine: I don't know what's meant to be. Vincent, I care about you so deeply... but a part of me is unhappy. And we both know why.
Vincent: Well, then you don't have any choice.
Catherine: But I do. That's why I'm here.
Vincent: You didn't come this far, Catherine, to turn back now.
Catherine: I came this far because of you. I don't want to leave you behind.
Vincent: Beyond these tunnels, beyond this city, is a world of possibilities, and wonders, and--and things, calling out to be done. These things I could only dream about until you came into my life. Catherine, don't you understand? You must go. You must see, you must do, everything you were meant to do. For me, for both of us. And then, I can truly be with you. Always.
Catherine: There's no other way?
Vincent: No. Not for us.

Father: Vincent, the pain you feel now will lessen in time and finally pass—That I promise you.
Vincent: So, the best I can hope for is to forget her. Forget everything?…Mine was another life before Catherine! I'm changed--forever!
Father: Alright, then accept the change. Learn from it, but you must let the woman follow her own path. Vincent…for your sake.
Vincent: These are only words, Father…shades of feelings…they offer no consolation. 
Father: Vincent….

Father: Vincent was not himself after he spoke with you.
Catherine: About my going away?
Father: Mmm-hmm.
Catherine: I'm only doing what we both thought best.
Father: Once I thought I knew the answer. No longer.

Catherine: Why did you come to tell me(he is missing)?
Father: Because I know you care.

Professor Hughes: He's a miracle. Like nothing I even dreamed of.

Anna Lausch and her telescope: It's better than the movies. You would be surprised the things you see... if you sit here long enough!

Vincent: There is only me…

Hughes: You spoke the name Catherine.  Who is Catherine?
Vincent: She is everything… But she lives only in my heart.

Hughes: Vincent... what are you?
Vincent: I am only what I am. If you cut me I will bleed. If you strike me, I will strike back. And if you keep me in chains, I will die.

Vincent : …I’m dying.

Catherine: Professor Hughes, I don't know how to explain this to you, I don't even pretend to understand it, but Vincent and I are connected. I know him. And I know that... whatever he is, he's also the best part of what it means to be human. And if you take away his freedom, you take away that very part that makes him most human!

Catherine reads a portion of "Surprised by Joy” by William Wordsworth
…But how could I forget thee? 
Through what power, even for the least division of an hour, have I been so beguiled as to be blind to my most grievous loss? 
That thought's return was the worst pang that sorrow ever bore, 
Save one, only one, when I stood forlorn, knowing my heart's best treasure was no more; 
That neither present time, nor years unborn could to my sight that heavenly face restore.

Song of Orpheus

Newspaper personals ad: "The wreck of my memories.”

Father: Hum, hum…Fishers-Vasky’s fourth game.
Vincent: Seventh game.
Father: I don’t know what masochistic impulse ever prompted me to teach you chess.

Father: I have always wondered when it would happen…Now it has.  Vincent, I’ve never lied to you. The things I taught you about the world Above---so much was to protect you---and it was also to help me to forget…Forget a world I once loved.
Vincent: I’ve always sensed that…
Father: I have kept certain things from you about my life before…
Vincent: Father, what are you trying to tell me?
Father: I have to return…I have to go Above.
Vincent: When will you go?
Father: As soon as I prepare myself. I will be back this evening…When I return, we’ll talk.
Vincent: Father, you…
Father: Please, Vincent, don’t ask me anything.

Margaret to Lawyer Taft: A day hasn’t pass that I haven’t thought about him…seeing him again…especially now.
Taft: he dropped off the face of the earth 35 years ago. We don’t even know…
Margaret: I know he is alive…

Vincent: It’s Father.
Catherine: What’s happened!
Vincent: He went Above today for the first time that I can remember. He should have been back hours ago. He is somewhere in this city…I need your help, Catherine.
Catherine: Of course, I’ll help.
Vincent: I should have never let him go alone.
Catherine: Where was he going?
Vincent: it has something to do with his life before.
Catherine: When he lived Above? What has he told you about his life then?
Vincent: Only that it was another life, lived by another person and that the memory of it is best forgotten…I know he was a doctor.
Catherine: Do you know his full name?
Vincent: I’ve always called him Father.

Nametag: Chittenden Research Institute

Catherine:…He was blacklisted!….His name is Dr Jacob Wells…

Margaret’s voiceover of letter: "…Still I cling to the wreak of my memories before they sink forever…”

Catherine: Are you alright? Can I get you anything?
Father: No. Please, stay out of it. You must. Anything you do to draw attention to me…
Catherine: You are being charged with murder! You must tell me everything that happened. Don’t you know by now that you can trust me?
Father: It’s not that.  I may be a stranger to your world but I am no stranger to the betrayals of your judicial system. 
Catherine: I am the only one who can help you!
Father: if you really want to help me…please, go away!
Catherine: I can’t do that….Jacob, I know who you were, what you went through.
Father: What about Vincent?
Catherine: He knows.
Father: I didn’t want to keep things hidden from him. I wanted to…forget. Does he understand that?
Catherine: Yes.

Catherine at the subway: Well, goodbye.
Father: Catherine, you have been more then a good friend to me. I know what you have risked and, believe me, I am grateful. Goodbye.
Catherine: Father…I just want you to know that I would never hurt him…I love him.
Father: I know…and I also know that it can only bring him unhappiness.
Catherine: Why do you say that?
Father: Because, part of him…is a man.

Father: All is forgiven….I let go of all that anger years ago.  Oh yes, there was a time that I gorged myself in bitterness and self-pity.  But then I came to know someone who had every reason to curse fate and feel punished and yet he accepted all that life had to offer with gratitude and love. 
Margaret: Vincent?
Father nods.
Margaret: We must do that too.

Vincent: Margaret said the last seven days were the happiest of her life.
Catherine: And how is Father?
Vincent: Healing…Alone…Grateful.
Catherine: They truly loved each other.
Vincent: Yes.
Catherine: It’s so sad…To have a beginning and an end…and all the time in the middle empty.
Vincent: They had seven days, Catherine…seven days.

Dark Spirit

Ross: The mind rules the body.

Vincent: Whoever did this to you is trying to frighten you, control you with fear.
Catherine: I’m not afraid!
Vincent: Good.
Catherine: The drawing…
Vincent: Yes…
Catherine: What do you think it means?
Vincent: It is a picture of what they are most afraid of, for them it has power. You must not surrender to it.
Catherine: I won’t!

Ross: …They are not trying to scare you off the case. They are trying to scare you to death!

Vincent: Scholarship and beliefs are two entirely different things, Father.
Father: Narcissa is irrational…She lives in a fantasy world of spirits and dreams.
Vincent: Perhaps…but to save Catherine that is the world I will have to visit.

Vincent to Narcissa: Magic can only touch those who believe in its power.

Catherine under the powder’s influence: Look at me! I don’t know what’s happened!
Vincent: It’s in your mind. It’s not real.
Catherine: Of course it’s real. (sees boils on hands) Look at my hands!
Vincent: Let me see. (reaches for her hands)
Catherine: No, my shell! (pulls back as Vincent’s face looms)
Vincent: Let me see the shell. (echoing) You must let me help you.
Catherine: You are doing this to me!
Vincent: No!  I would never hurt you.
Catherine: I don’t know you!
Vincent: Catherine…It’s me, Vincent.
Catherine: You’re one of their demons! Oh! You are! You are! I saw the picture in my room! (backs up) Stay away! Stay away! Don’t come any closer! (She hovers near the balcony wall)
Vincent: Catherine!!! (She almost goes over backwards)…Catherine! You are my life. Tell me what I can do?
Catherine: Don’t you ever come back! (Vincent tries to say something) I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!…I hate you!
Vincent (physically hurt by the words) Even in this terrible darkness I am with you. I’ll never leave you.
Catherine (edging around him into the apartment) You stay away!

Vincent back with Narcissa: He (voodoo priest) preys on weakness…He has no power!

The last scene is silent but speaks volumes of  love, commitment, and forgiveness.

 A Children’s Story

Vincent to Kipper: What is Father teaching you now?
Kipper: Chess.
Vincent to Father: Teaching another student to beat you?
Father: No, to beat you!

Vincent: When I see you, Catherine, I'm filled with a happiness sweeter than anything I've ever known. At the same time I'm reminded of a life that can never be… and I feel great pain.
Catherine: I know…So do I. Vincent, what will we do?
Vincent: The only thing we can do… We will endure the pain, and savoir…every moment of the joy.

Joe to Catherine: Radcliffe, do I hear your biological clock running?

Marie to Catherine at party: Where are all the really great guys?…What happened—they all go underground?

Vincent: Don’t lose heart, Catherine…Ones who prey on children steal everyone’s hope. Don’t give up, Catherine.
Catherine: I won’t.

Father to Eric: Vincent tells me you might want to stay with us.
Eric: Maybe.
Father: Well, you know, Eric, we only want those here that want to be here. No one is going to force you to stay. No one will ever keep you from leaving.
Eric: Well, right now I don’t have anywhere else to go. So, can I stay here for awhile?
Father: Yes, of course, you can stay until our good friends Above find some safe place for you.
Eric: And my sister too?
Father: Hum, hum…of course. But you know, Eric, there are promises you have to make and keep.
Eric: What kind of promises?
Father: To give help and support to those who need it and to accept help and support to those who offer it to you.
Eric: I promise that.
Father: It is a very important promise. It is how we exist.
Eric: How about not telling anyone about this.  Keep it a secret.
Father: Well, you know, Eric, suppose you were to tell this secret to anyone. Do you think they are going to believe you? And even if they did believe you, do you think any one is going to find their way down here?
Eric: I will keep it a secret anyways.
Father: Good… Good. Well then…Welcome!

Ellie: Its all like a dream isn’t it.
Eric: No, better!

Catherine: I've been all over the world--- met people, done things. I've lived in luxury most people could never imagine. But I can't remember a time that I felt as good, or complete, as I do right now.
Vincent: Hum…I feel it in you, through you. 
Catherine: You really can?
Vincent: It's very beautiful.
Catherine: Sort of like a dream?
Vincent: Better.

An Impossible Silence

Vincent in the pipe chamber: Don’t you ever get tired, Pascal?
Pascal: Only when I stop…

Vincent: She speaks with her hands--a beautiful language.

Vincent:…trying to hear the stolen sounds.

Vincent: I know Laura's pain. When she first came here, her soul was broken, and our love helped it to mend. But the time will come when she will need to grow beyond all of this. Beyond us.

Father: I understand the problem enough to know it isn't ours.
Vincent: Does our world exempt its people from moral responsibility?
Father: No, it offers them sanctuary, from an impossible mess... especially those who most need to be protected, like the girl.

Catherine: Vincent... Don't go. I need you close.
Vincent: I'll watch over you. Don't worry. Sleep now.

Father: This place, our world, means different things to different people. For some, it's a place of healing, and safety. To others, it's our home. But all of us reach a point when we have to decide for ourselves what this place means to us.

Vincent: Sometimes, events in our lives can show us what we've known all along.

Vincent: Laura is a remarkable person. She feels... everything, deeply.  She embraces life. That's how she survives.
Catherine: You're worried about her coming up into the world.
Vincent: Her strength…is her vulnerability.
Catherine: I think she'll be fine, Vincent. I really do... She had a great teacher.

Shades of Grey

Mouse: Not stealing…taking. Just stuff. Needed it, found it, took it.

Mouse: Everyone takes things from Uptop…that is what Uptop is there for.

Mouse: Ok good, Ok fine.

Elliot to Catherine: Maybe in your life, your choices have always been black and white…but in mine they are always gray.

Father: All right... If the head injury were very severe, I wouldn't be lucid. And I am lucid... aren't I?
Vincent: So far.
Father: So far? Well, in that case, I shall recite from Virgil on the hour… just to make sure.
Vincent: Then I'll be asleep.

Mouse to Catherine: Catherine? Vincent’s Catherine!

Vincent: Our bond is stronger and deeper than either of us can begin to imagine.
Father: As if both your... destinies were inextricably linked.
Vincent: Yes.
Father: As if your hearts in their search for union could transcend time and space, circumvent the laws of physics and probability.
Vincent: Yes.

Father: Vincent, I understand more than you think about your Catherine… about your bond.

Father: Our world must continue. A lot of good and trusting people depend on this place. It's all they have.

Vincent: Mine is not the only voice.
Father: It's the truest, and the strongest.

Father: Promise me you will keep our dream alive.
Vincent: I promise.
Father: It won’t be without sacrifice…

Father: The colors. I think I miss colors most of all. They've even begun to fade from my mind's eye…I wish you could have seen the blue of the Pacific under a summer sun…the green of the grass at Ebbotts field. The fall leaves blazing orange and yellow in Vermont.
Vincent: But I have seen them all, Father. No child ever had a better guide. Your words painted pictures that I will never forget. You took me around the world. Twain’s Mississippi. Kipling’s India. Jack London’s Klondike. You made them come alive for me…There aren’t many places left to go…

Mouse to Catherine: You are good at finding and taking.

Mouse with explosives: He’s my friend too, Catherine. If you die, he will kill me anyway. Go now.

Mouse : Used a touch too much!
Winslow: Only Mouse I know with nine lives!

Father: Mouse…Catherine…I have no words to thank you…

Vincent: Catherine…
Catherine: I have never been so frightened.
Vincent: your courage saved our lives.
Catherine: I felt like I was losing the best part of myself. ..I would have done anything…It wasn’t courage, Vincent, it was love.

China Moon

Vincent: Marriage should be a time of joy…
Lin: Not in Chinatown!

Dr Wong: Poor Boy…What can he hope to give her?
Vincent: His heart.

Vincent: Why does it sometimes seem that the world conspires to keep lovers apart?
Catherine: Or brings them together when it is impossible?

Vincent:…Chinatown is another world, apart from both of ours.

Father: Dr Wong  wants what is best for Lin.
Vincent: Only Lin knows what is best for Lin.

Father:…Then you and I must share the responsibility for OUR decision.

Vincent: This is our home they threaten. We will do what we must.
Henry: You don’t know them…
Vincent: Chan doesn’t know us.

Vincent: They have given us no choice.
Father: None.

Catherine to Vincent: Come back to me, Vincent.

Chan: You are truly a demon.
Vincent: All men are demons when their homes and loved ones are at risk.
Chan:…What would you do now? Kill me? Only a monster kills an unarmed man….Unfortunate that you are an honorable man.

Priest: May you enter this marriage with love and respect for one another. May your years together be blessed by children.  Your love, the sum of your being, must be cherished unto the end of your days. For love is truly the strongest of bonds. Yet for all its strength, love is also delicate like a Locus Flower and requires care. Let your courage to love serve as an inspiration to all who climb the highest mountain and cross the great waters in love’s name.

Vincent: You looked so beautiful…for a moment…I let myself dream…
Catherine: So did I.
Vincent: They have a lifetime together…Our time together is always measured---minutes---seconds…
Catherine: then we must learn to measure our lifetime in another way.
Vincent: Yes…..

The Alchemist

Vincent: Catherine, since that night when I found you in the park, I've felt in you, time and again, a need to confront your fear... As you did last night.

Catherine: Why are you telling me this?

Vincent: I don't want what happened to you to cause you to take unnecessary risks.

Catherine: Vincent, they needed my help.
Vincent: You survived once.
Catherine: It's because I survived then that I'm doing this now... so that others are spared.

Vincent: Who can this be, Father?
Father: A man…No one you know. We banished him from this place before you were born. It was our first real test of government. His name was John Pater, but he called himself by another name, Paracelsus.
Vincent: The alchemist?
Father: Yes. John's model... philosopher, scientist, magician... and John was all of those things. A large part of what we have created here we owe to him.
Vincent: What happened?
Father: What happened? I don't know. I think, perhaps, in trying to seek knowledge, he began to desire power.
Vincent: And so, you exiled him.
Father: He wouldn't go at first. Finally, he was forcibly taken beyond the perimeter.
Vincent: And now? Do you know where he is now?
Father:  (nods) 

Father: John?
Paracelsus: How did you find me?
Father: We've always known where you were. We have looked in on you from time to time.
Paracelsus: Your compassion will kill you one day, Jacob.
Father: It wasn't compassion. It was self interest - making sure you didn't try to return.

Paracelsus: So they call you Father now. I heard it through the pipes. Ingenious
idea, communicating on those pipes.
F: Yes, it was ingenious... of you, John.
Paracelsus: 'Father.' …I imagine you like that. It gives you all the authority you need, without making you sound like a despot.... But underneath everything, you're no different from me.
Father: I am different.
Paracelsus: What was your little idea? A family of individuals…living according to a higher standard. How uninspired, Jacob, how small-minded…We could have been gods, you and I.

Paracelsus: Am I wrong, or is this place beyond your influence? Isn't that why I'm here... in exile?
Father: I was only asking-
Paracelsus: Asking?! Asking? Tell me, what right do you have to ask me anything? What power do you bring here?

Vincent: Catherine, you must live according to your conscience, just as we must live according to the laws that have allowed us to survive.

Vincent: We are all agreed that what is at stake here is the greater good of both worlds.  Some coarse of action, anything, is better then to allow all that we are, all that we have built be held hostage to one man’s evil.
Father: What do you propose?
Vincent: I can stop Paracelsus from leaving the tunnels with his poison…It will give us time to decide on a more permanent solution.

Father to Catherine: I can't let you go close to him; he's unpredictable. I thought perhaps…if he heard your voice---the empathic connection that you share might somehow get through to him.

Catherine: What is it, Vincent? What are you thinking?
Vincent: How ashamed I am, that you saw me as I was. How grateful I am that you were there. You saved my life, Catherine.

Vincent: You can’t understand how I feel.
Father: …it is not your responsibility to decide…
Vincent: It is mine! I have seen the demons Paracelsus has unleashed, felt them inside of me.  How can I explain…become disconnected…as if the dark side of your imagination eclipses all compassion, all dignity…I must go…

Vincent: Paracelsus.
Paracelsus: Vincent.
Vincent: You know my name?
Paracelsus: I know more about you than you think...
Vincent: I don't wish to harm you. But you must leave this place.
Paracelsus: Leave? By whose judgement?
Vincent: Mine.
Paracelsus: What does Falstaff say? That "the better part of valor is discretion”? Of course I will. I will do as you say. But wouldn't you like to hear me first? Or are you content to accept Father's story? Found as a babe outside St Vincent's hospital? Did you really believe that all these years?… I know the truth. Aren't you at all curious to know why you are the way you are?

Vincent: Catherine, I understand why you expose yourself to danger.
Catherine: Because there are some risks worth taking.
Vincent: And there are some things worth risking everything for.


Catherine(to Doctor about scar): Its been the most wonderful year of my life.

Father: Vincent, come and take a look at these, Mouse's diagrams for his new project… A ventilation system for the deepest chambers. Conceptually brilliant, but quite impossible to execute. Still, I suppose even da Vinci had his off days.

Father: Narcissa and her wild tales…why this interest in mythical caverns?
Vincent: Actually, I am in search of a gift.
Father: For Catherine?
Vincent: It's been a year since she first came into my life.
Father: I just shudder to think what the next year may bring... You know, Vincent, I used to rue the day that you two met.
Vincent: I know.
Father: I never dreamed I'd one day look on Catherine…with the fondness that I do.
Vincent: It's been a time filled with things we never dreamed of… It's been the most miraculous year of my life.
Father: You know, you two share something quite extraordinary…Something that touches the best in all of us.
Vincent: To hear those words coming from you, it must.
Father: You mean, there's still hope, even for an old man like me?
Vincent: Always.

Rainer Marie Rilke - Letters to a Young Poet, Letter 8 – Excerpt

"How should we be able to forget those ancient myths that are at the beginning of all peoples,the myths about dragons that at the last moment turn into princesses; perhaps all the dragons of our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us once beautiful and brave. Perhaps everything terrible is in its deepest being something helpless that wants help from us. So you must not be frightened if a sadness rises up before you larger than any you have ever seen; if a restiveness, like light and cloudshadows, passes over your hands and over all you do. You must think that something is happening with you, that life has not forgotten you, that it holds you in its hand; it will not let you fall.”

Vincent (in awe of the cavern): Narcissa and her wild tales.

Mouse: What's it like, Vincent, to have a love?
Vincent: People have been searching for the words for centuries. I think that for each person it must be something very different. For me... it was the beginning of a new life... and the end of my aloneness.

Catherine: It was a year ago, tonight.
Vincent: How remarkable you are…remembering such a dark moment…with dancing lights.
Catherine: It's a time for celebration. I found hope again that night… I found you.
Vincent: I have something for you. I wanted to give you something from my world, something for you to carry with you…A keepsake. (The crystal.)
Catherine: Vincent, it's beautiful!
Vincent: It comes from our deepest chamber. It reminds me of a piece of eternity.
Catherine: I'll cherish it.... I wanted you to have a part of me to hold close. When I was little, I was terrified of the dark, and I used to have an awful time falling asleep. My mother gave me this rose, and she told me that, whenever I got frightened, to hold the rose, and to think of her, and to know that wherever she was, she was thinking of me. It helped me to go to sleep... Until you came into my life, Vincent, I'd forgotten how it felt to know that there is someone thinking of me…Someone who knows who I am…Someone that I'm connected to.
Vincent: Every moment since that night, I'm reminded of what a gift life is.

Promises of Someday

Devin (to Vincent at gate): What are you doing here, anyway? It's like you knew I was gonna be here!
Vincent: Catherine saw you last night at the carousel and followed you here.
Devin: Catherine? You mean, Chandler, from the D.A.'s office? ... Small world. So, you have a Helper in the D.A.'s office?
Vincent: Catherine is... more than just a Helper.
Devin: Things change, I guess.

Devin:…Weird, isn't it? I've been to Casablanca, the Himalayas, Paris... All over the world - everywhere south of Oz and north of Shangri-La - and I dream about a hole in the ground!
Vincent: It's not so weird... when that hole in the ground is home.

Father: …But then, Devin, I always knew, even when you were a boy, that if you made up your mind to apply yourself, you'd do great things.

Vincent (to Catherine): …I had other friends, others who grew up with me in the tunnels, but Devin... Devin was the only one who... was irresponsible enough to dream dreams…that included me.

Father (of Devin): Some relationships can only bring us pain, no matter how much we wish otherwise.

Vincent (to Father): …You were a father not only to me, but to anyone who needed one. You were there for more children that I can name…

Devin (written on an envelope): Yes, I'm a fraud. But I'm a good fraud.