A Dream Another Dream                                     
                                                                           (This story is a little different from my other ones.   But it does have a happy ending (rated R)

Vincent woke up just as dawn approached still buried deep inside Catherine.  They made love for the first time last night in her apartment.  It was the most wonderful experience in Vincent's life.  Being somewhat naive in the ways of love, with Catherine's help she showed him how to love until his instincts took over.  He felt the exquisite pleasure he had given her through their Bond.  He was quite impressed with himself to say the least.  Catherine was so sweet to love, he found himself unable to leave her beautiful body.  When tiredness overcame their passion, they fell asleep joined as one.
Catherine stirred, though only slightly, her movements caused him to harden in side her.  Knowing he had loved her hard last night, he couldn't take her again.  As he began to slowly withdrawal, she tightened around him.  Her eyes fluttered open, 
"don't you dare leave me Mr. Wells" and she rolled him on his back.  Moving on him rubbing the soft hair on his chest she spoke, 
"Vincent what we shared last night was the most beautiful thing I ever experienced.  Finally being able to love you, as I always wanted to made me the happiest woman in the world.  Vincent after last night I need you even more."

  "Let me move Below and love you forever?"

"Catherine, softly caressing her slender shoulders and joining her rhythm I would love to have you Below where I can love you forever but your life is Above. "

 "We can still be together without you living Below."

As they continued to love, "Vincent we have been doing that for three years."  

"You cannot tell me after what we have shared you want our relationship to be as it was?"

"No Catherine, it will never be as it was before." 

 "We are lovers now."

"Vincent I do not want to be lovers Above and Below." 

 "I want us to be lovers in your world not both of ours." 

 "It took us three years to get where we are now."

  "Will it be another three more before we can truly be together?"

" I though we both wanted that dream?"

"Catherine maybe one day we will be truly together but not yet."

  "There are still things waiting for you."

 " You cannot give up your life Above." 

 "Not yet."

  "Give us sometime to adjust to this step in our relationship." 

 "Maybe than we can go forward."

Catherine stopped moving, Maybe Vincent." 

 "How can you say that?"

Vincent stopped as well.  "Catherine, what if there is someone Above for you." 

 "Someone who will love you and give you the things I cannot?"

  "If he is out there, you will find him one day but would be committed to me."

  "I love you and I want you to be happy." 

 "Catherine explore your world a little longer.  Then we can have this discussion gains. 

 "Now, rolling her gently on her back, I better go it is getting light out."

"Vincent, we haven't finished making love moving beneath him.  Let us love one last time before you go."

"I am sorry Catherine, if I do I will change my mind and never let you go."  Withdrawing from her he got dressed.

Giving her a kiss on the lips, he said "Catherine explore you world for a while."

  "I will come to you in two weeks."

"Two weeks Vincent." 
"I will not see you until that time had passed/"

"That is correct Catherine."
"I do not want to distract you from discovering your future."

 " Goodbye my love."

Catherine stayed in bed, shocked and crying at Vincent's suggestion.

  "Maybe he needed to explore more and needed space.  He knows he can love now maybe he wants to find another woman to spend his life with.

Drying her eyes Catherine got out of bed and took a shower.  Washed and dressed she needed to take her mind off of Vincent for a while or she would just keep crying.  Grabbing her coat she went to the local diner to eat and try to clear her head.

She was reading the menu, when she heard a familiar voice.  Looking over the menu she saw her old boyfriend Tom.  She had spent a year in a relationship with him until she was attacked three years ago and met Vincent.

Noticing her sitting there Tom went to see her.

Below Vincent was washing up at the falls. He was having second thoughts about his decision to give Catherine some space to find what she really wanted in her life, when  he felt someone enter the chamber.

He turned around in the waist deep water just as Lena removed her robe.  (She had returned to the tunnels last night needing to be with her friends)

"Oh my Vincent, I am sorry, quickly placing her robe over her shoulders holding it closed."  

"I didn't know anyone was here."  

"I will leave you to your privacy."

Vincent could see the tears in her eyes.  "Lena what happened to make you return and why are you crying?"

"Vincent little Cathy is gone."
"The doctor said it was crib death."

Forgetting his state of undress, Vincent climbed out the water and went to her.  Wrapping his arms around her, he consoled her.
 "I am sorry Lena."

  "I know how much you loved her."

When her arms went around him to return his hug, her robe slipped off her shoulders. Their naked bodies touched.  Vincent felt it but  didn't leave her .  She was too upset.  When her tears subsided he moved away  and went to get his robe.  As he put it on he could still feel the heat from Lena's body on him.

Lena retrieved her robe and made sure it was securely closed.  She couldn't help but remember how good Vincent's hard body felt against hers.

  "Vincent I will return later.  Thank you for helping me and she left."

Vincent gathered his clothes and returned to his chamber.  The incident at the falls was soon forgotten once he remembered how beautiful Catherine's naked body felt in his arms compared to Lena's.
Lena arrived at her chamber hot and bothered after seeing Vincent's magnificent body naked and feeling his large penis against her stomach.

  "If only he could be mine.  But he belongs to Catherine.

Catherine and Tom were enjoying themselves catching up on old times sharing a bottle of wine.  They lost track of time.  When Tom realized how late it was he offered Catherine a ride home in him limo.  Catherine knew she had drank too much and welcomed the ride.  She really was not up to hailing a cab.Tom asked her of he could come to her apartment for a little while so they could talk some more.
Catherine started to say no but Vincent's words echoed through her wine induced state.

 "Explore your world."
 "Yes Tom I would like that."
They shared another bottle of wine and talked some more. By the time they finished their wine Catherine had drank too much and passed out.  Tom carried her to her bedroom and removed her clothes.  She stirred a little but did not wake up.Tom was about to leave but seeing Catherine naked and remembering how it felt making love to her when they were together, he hardened.
He knew Catherine was dry but he had to have her.  Entering her in one hard thrust and began  to make love to her.
Vincent had been in his chamber thinking.  He realized he had made a mistake letting Catharine go.  He wanted her for himself.  He could not survive her being with another man.  Grabbing his cloak he headed above to apologize and ask her to come back to him.  He just hopes it is not too late.Vincent arrived at her apartment. Her  patio doors were open.  Quietly entering her saw the bedroom light on.  He was just about to go to her bedroom when he saw the reflection in her vanity mirror.  She was in bed with another man.  They were making love.  Hurt, he ran from her apartment and headed Below to the tunnels.  Nothing mattered any more, his life was over. He had lost Catherine.

As Tom spent himself inside Catherine she never responded. When he was done he gave her a soft kiss on the lips and left.
Below Vincent was in tears and ran blindly to the falls.  Whenever he is faced with a situation he could not handle, he would go there to clear his head.  So upset, he quickly removed his clothes and jumped into the water.
                                                                                                                   Only Love