Who hasn’t heard of the marvelous wonder called the Central Park in New York? It is 843 acres of unspoiled beauty that runs the length of a few city blocks in NYC. Created by the genius Calvert Vaux and Fredrick Law Olmstead, Central Park has beautifully crafted topographical aspects along with classic architecture, and gorgeous statuary. But, don’t make the mistake of categorizing Central Park as a run-of-the-mill park meant only for strolls and dog walks. The up-to-date games and performance facilities make Central Park a much sought after venue for all kinds of social, cultural, and sports events.

Central Park first opened its doors to visitors in 1859. The plan submitted by Frederick Law Olmstead and Calvert Vaux was known as the "Greenswald Plan” and their aim was to combine both pastoral and formal elements harmoniously throughout the park. Central Park caters to people of all kinds. For those who want a formal walkway, there is The Mall and Literary Walk, and for those that look for something wilder and more rustic, there is the woodsy area of the Ramble.

Central Park is home to several attractions, the most popular of which is the Central Park Zoo. Located on Manhattan’s Central Park, the zoo has a diverse collection of animals that attracts over a million visitors annually. A certain section of the zoo has been modeled after a rainforest while another replicates the Arctic habitat. The zoo has seals, penguins, snakes, sea lions, monkeys, and birds. The Tisch Children’s Zoo, located just a short walk from the Central Park, offers a great interactive environment to children who can pet and feed animals. Certain areas have been demarcated where they can climb and explore the territory to their heart’s content.

Speaking of children, yet another attraction of the zoo that is bound to fascinate them is the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ sculpture. Alice sits atop a mushroom and holds a court with her friends The Mad Hatter, The March Hare, The White Rabbit, The Cheshire Cat, the shy little Dormouse, and Alice’s Cat Dinah. This statue was commissioned by philanthropist George Delacorte, and it is said that the ‘Alice’ in this sculpture closely resembles the daughter of the sculptor, José de Creeft.

As mentioned before, Central Park is a very popular venue for various public events. One of the events currently on is the Columbus Circle Holiday Market, which ends on Dec 24. This is a market that is held annually and attracts people in great numbers as they jostle with each other to pick out a unique Christmas gift for their friends and family. You can buy anything from handmade and imported decorations, ornaments, art, jewelry and leather goods, to toys, pet accessories, and clothing.