Bright Spirit Descending

a novel

by Nan Dibble

based on Beauty and the Beast:

series conceived by Ron Koslow;
"The Alchemist” teleplay by Alex Gansa
and Howard Gordon, based on a story by Richard Setlowe;
"To Reign in Hell” teleplay by Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa

For Maxine

This is a work of fan fiction, by and for lovers of Beauty and the Beast. No infringement is intended on rights to teleplays, stories, or characters held by Ron Koslow, Witt-Thomas Productions, Republic Pictures, or any other rights-holder to Beauty and the Beast.

Price: $15.00

( 1995 by Nan Dibble. Text ( 1993 by Nan Dibble; cover art ( 1993 by Kevin Barnes, used by permission; interior art ( 1993 by Barbara Gipson, used by permission. Published by Therion Press, 379 Amazon Avenue, Cincinnati OH 45220-1148.

Author’s Foreword

This book has a strange history. It was commissioned by Cinemaker Press in 1992 and completed in November, 1993. Republic approved it in 1994. However, before it was published, Cinemaker relinquished its license to publish fiction based on Beauty and the Beast so the book was not professionally issued. Instead, zine bound but with the original cover and art, is has been published in a limited edition within the fandom.

Though slightly more than half this novel is original, I gratefully acknowledge that the teleplays it novelizes, "The Alchemist” and "To Reign in Hell” are the work of the gifted scriptwriters Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa, and that neither their work nor mine would have been possible except for the magical series created by Ron Koslow. Had this book been published as intended, the foundations of this story would have been acknowledged in a more traditional, formal way. As it is, I declare my indebtedness to these writers upon whose work mine builds and expands.

As of this writing, it is ten years since the premiere of Beauty and the Beast. Like Vincent’s advent into the struggling tunnel community, which this novel in part recounts, the advent of this series into the lives of the many who love it has changed everything. Though canceled, it continues to affect and move us. Together, we continue to keep the dream alive.

Beast wishes always,

Nan Dibble