A Rose of my Destiny

                                                                                                                                        Linda Wells


    Catherine returned from Below. There were too many things that needed her attention. She wanted to be with Vincent more than anything in the world. She knew it was hard for him with her being so close and it made it harder for her to leave. Her first night below she had needed Vincent’s love. She wanted to be held him, loved by him. Their sexual tension radiated throughout the chamber but she knew she could not ask this of him. They spent three days and three nights being together each return to their separate chambers in the evening. Vincent understood why she had to return above. She dive a sweet kiss on lips. A thank you for being  there for her. She wishes could have gave him more of her but she knew he would not have accepted it. She hadn’t seen him since she returned two days ago. Maybe he felt she needed time alone or maybe he did. It was quite possible her being so close to him was too much too handle. When he gets like this he sometimes goes deep into the catacombs for a time to think and clear his head. Arriving at her apartment she just looked around. ‘Maybe I am more stressed than I thought. Maybe a bath will help.’ Later on bath and dressed in a silk negligee she want out on her balcony, looking out at the city she and Vincent’s window to the world. Then she heard the wonderful voice she loved so well behind her.

"I wanted to made love to you Catherine.”  

 Turn around, she run into his arms.

"It took all my self - control to leave you that night. I did not want you to do something you would later regret. Catherine had I made love to you than. I would have claimed you for my own go had you decided you needed more than I could give you. "

She heard the hurt in his voice.

"Please come inside with me,” taking his hand, he hesitated.

"Vincent. Please?”

He let her lead him inside, "sit down.”

As soon as he did she opened his cloak and straddled his hips. He gasped when he felt the warmness of her body so close to his own. Placing her arms tight around his neck, right where she wanted.

"I am already yours, Vincent, heart my mind and soul. I am still working on the body,” and she smiled.

He smiled as well. "I love you Catherine,” and Vincent hugged her to him.

 When he felt her soft breast pressed against his chest, Vincent hardened beneath her. She felt it immediately. Catherine knew he wasn’t ready for this. Closing her blouse she went to get off his lap. Vincent stopped her. Pulling her closer tighter against him, he took her lips in a kiss that left them breathless. They looked at each other. They’re desire very evident in their eyes.

"Vincent don’t you understand, I want you to love me, I want you to claim my body as your own. I wanted you in that way that night more than I have ever needed anything before. But I couldn’t put you on the spot like that by asking you so I kept silent. When you left the chamber that night my loneliness was almost unbearable.”

"I know Catherine I felt it. I knew what you wanted and needed and I couldn’t be the man to you than, you were too vulnerable.”

"What about now, Vincent? Do you still feel the same way?”

"Catherine, holding you into my arms like this, feeling your warmth and softness enflames my desire for you, but I cannot lose my control.”


"Catherine you don’t understand. I have desire you from the moment we met. Each time I returned below from you, from my visits with you, it was necessary for me to take a cold shower or go for a cold swim. It is getting harder to control now.”

"Why try to control it Vincent? You want this. I want this we’re adults. Yes but two different adults. Vincent we are not too different when it comes to desire.”

Look up into his eyes.

"Vincent made love to me.”

Vincent lowered his gaze to her breasts. Her nipple where hard calling out to him. She heard his moan, and slowly lowered her shirt off her shoulders. His eyes never left her beautiful breast. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she gently pulled him to one a chine nipple. He looked into her eyes, wanting reassurance that it was all right. She nodded her head. When Vincent took the tender but in his mouth, she gasped from the feel if it. He began to suckle, as he gentle caressed the other one. Catherin’s body was trembling with desire; it was on fire and just from his lips. When he left one and went to the other, she immediately climax. Vincent felt it. Closing his eyes, he opened their bond to the fullest and rode her powerful orgasm with her. When she collapsed upon him breathless, she could not believe he had done to her so quickly, so easy and he had only used his mouth.

"Oh my god, Vincent,” she was slightly panting, "that is the first time that has ever happened to me. The pleasure you gave me was beyond words.”

Vincent was slightly panting as well.

"I felt that pleasure Catherine,” he also felt the warm wetness her release on the front of his pants,

"it truly was beyond description.”

She felt rock hard penis throbbing between her legs. Remembering their bodies and began to unzip his pats. His hand stopped her.

"No Catherine. I…we cannot do this.”

"But Vincent you gave me such pleasure I wanted to give you back.”

"I am sorry Catherine, but not in that way.”

"Then let me do it another way.”

"Catherine I do not know how you…” his words stopped when he felt her hand free his erection.

She held him in her hands, rubbing him. He hardened even more. She slid of his lap and went on her knees and lowered her head.

"Catherine. No.”

"Yes, Vincent. Please?”

She did not wait for an answer. The second he felt her sweet mouth surrounding him he was lost for words. He sat there eyes closed, savoring the feeling it was as he has always dreamed but oh so much better. Thrusting his head from side to side he began, calling her name.

"Catherine you must stop this, please.”

She released him a moment.

"Vincent do you really want me stop?”

The pleasure she was give him was beyond reason, through clinched teed.

"OH God. Yes. No.”

She got the answer she was seeking. She worked him long and hard. He began thrusting into her mouth over and over again letting out a roar of pleasure; he exploded deep into her waiting mouth. She just was not ready to give him up just yet.

"Oh god, Catherine my Catherine what do you did me, how you made me feel.”

"I only wanted to give you the pleasure as you give me my love.”

"And pleasure me you did Catherine.” Just thinking about it Vincent hardened again and Catherine wasted no time in pleasure her sweetheart once more. When she was done with him, Vincent was shaking and quite exhausted. She was exhausted as well. She climbed on the couch laying her head on his muscular thing thigh.

"I love you Vincent.”

"I love you too my beloved Catherine.”

In no time the lovers feel fast sleep.