Sept. 21, 1989 Thursday

Catherine manages to "sooth the savage beast" and brings Vincent back from near death in the dark cavern. Vincent has lost most of his memory of the incident, as well as the bond he shared with Catherine, but he will live.

A college buddy of Joe's gives him a black book, but will not say more until he is out of the country. He is then killed in a car explosion that also puts Joe in the hospital. The book supposedly will reveal a terrible conspiracy, so Catherine takes up the investigation. She also discovers that she is pregnant.

Catherine briefs Moreno, who wants the book himself. She agrees to copy it for him, but keeps the original. She is then abducted by men affiliated with Moreno. They drug her to try to gain the location of the black book, but Catherine says nothing. While in captivity, she tries to tap a code on the pipes, which is heard below. Vincent comes to the building, killing the guards in his way (and getting filmed by surveillance cameras). He is still too late, and Catherine is taken away by the mystery man.

Months pass, and Catherine is ready to give birth. The mystery man is no longer interested in Catherine or the black book - all he wants now is the child. Vincent's empathic bond returns, but now the bond is between him and the unborn child, not Catherine. He follows the sense to the building where Catherine is being held, but he is again too late. The baby is born, and taken away by the mystery man in a helicoptor. Catherine is injected with a lethal drug before they go, and dies in Vincent's arms.

Date shown: December 12, 1989
Writers: Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon
Works alluded to or quoted from: And Death Shall Have No Dominion - Dylan Thomas


Vincent carries Catherine's body across town from the tower at 1900-6th Avenue to her 16th (?) floor apartment, also on 6th Avenue, facing Central Park. He breaks the latch on her balcony to gain access to her apartment. Partial fingerprints are found on the balcony door, but forensics can't determine anything about the unusual prints.

Sept. 22, 1989 Friday

Catherine's body is discovered by the police in her apartment. Joe sees her body and talks with the detective investigating the case. This detective refers Joe to Diana Bennett, special investigator, best suited to solve the mystery of Catherine's murder. Joe gets Diana's address from the Police Commissioner and goes to her loft apartment. She refuses to take on his case because she's already involved in another case.

Sept. 23, 1989 Saturday

Diana shows up at Catherine's autopsy because of her other case. She learns that Catherine gave birth to a baby within an hour of her death from a morphine injection.

Sept. 24, 1989 Sunday

Diana goes to Catherine's apartment and almosts finds Vincent there. Diana discovers that Vincent removed a book of sonnets from the nighttable near the bed. The nighttable is dusted again. A second set of strange fingerprints are found. Forensics can't determine anything about the prints.

Sept. 25, 1989 Monday

Catherine's funeral. Diana has a hidden photographer take telephoto closeups of everyone attending the funeral. Diana obtains photos of Elliott, Joe, Jacob Wells, Mouse, Mary, Laura, William, Dr. Alcott, the cabbie, the hot dog vendor, Rebecca, Lena and Catherine's best friend from Connecticut, Nancy Tucker.

Sept. 26, 1989 Tuesday

Diana confronts Elliott Burch in his office. He denies all!

Date shown: December 13, 1989
Writers: M. M. Shelley Moore, Linda Campanelli
Works alluded to or quoted from: And Death Shall Have No Dominion - Dylan Thomas


That night, Vincent also visits Elliott and asks him to help.

Sept. 27, 1989 Wednesday

Elliott goes to Joe's apartment (#751) because Joe's on a leave of absence from work in order to stop him from investigating Catherine's death. Elliott gives Joe the address of the building where Catherine was killed (1900-6th Avneue, tower off of 53rd Street) and warns Joe not to trust Moreno, the current D.A., because Catherine was betrayed by someone working in the D.A.'s office and because Moreno put Joe on a leave of absence and insisted that Joe stop investigating Catherine's death.

That night, Joe goes to Moreno's office and accosts him. He also throws the address out at Moreno and gets a reaction! Moreno meets Gabriel and tells him about Joe's accusations. Moreno tells Gabriel that he'll handle Joe and dispose of Elliott Burch himself. Private investigator Cleon Manning (working for Elliott) is killed by Gabriel's hitmen as a warning to back off the case. Elliott has his first meeting with Vincent at the abandoned carousel in Central Park. Diana goes to Catherine's apartment and finds the secret entrance to the 'threshold Below' in the sub-basement of the apartment building. Diana brings the withered rosebush from Catherine's apartment back to her own.

Sept. 28, 1989 Thursday

Joe goes to Elliott at his office. Elliott refuses to divulge his source of information about Moreno or the building on 1900-6th Avenue. He also reminds Joe that Moreno is crooked and on the mob payroll.

Sept. 29, 1989 Friday

Elliott's second meeting with Vincent at the carousel. Moreno and the hitman (Arvin Gates) follow Elliott to the carousel. Both are killed by Vincent. Vincent is shot twice in the chest by Moreno. Elliott sees Vincent's face for the first time. He's shocked, but not frightened. His main concern is to help Vincent because he saved Elliott's life and is gravely wounded. Vincent pushes Elliott away and leaves.

Date shown: December 20, 1989
Writer: P. K. Simonds, Jr.
Works alluded to or quoted from: And Death Shall Have No Dominion - Dylan Thomas

#48 "SNOW"

Sept. 30, 1989 Saturday

Gabriel meets Snow at the zoo and gives him a videotape of Vincent killing Gabriel's men when he tried to rescue Catherine at 1900-6th Avenue. Gabriel wants Snow to find and kill Vincent. Gabriel tells Snow that he has a son now. Snow knows that Gabriel is sterilized and can't father any children. He takes the tape and tells Gabriel he'll look at it. Diana continues nursing the dessicated rosebush.

Oct. 2, 1989 Monday

Both Diana and Snow obtain partial maps of the underground tunnels from the City Records' office. In the evening, Snow goes to Gabriel's mansion and agrees to hunt for and kill Vincent because "he's beautiful and not human". He also tells Gabriel that he knows Gabriel wants Vincent killed because he's the actual father to the "son" Gabriel has now. Vincent has waking visions about "snowstorms invading the tunnels and killing everyone". Vincent is still weak and healing from the gunshot wounds received from Moreno at the carousel. Diana does some preliminary searching in the tunnels.

Oct. 3, 1989 Tuesday

Diana meets Joe at his office in the Criminal Courts Building. Joe is Acting District Attorney now that Moreno is dead. Scandal attached to Moreno's association with a mob hitman doesn't apply to Joe, as he was on sick leave or a leave of absence at the time. Diana is excited and tells Joe about the name "Vincent" that she found among Catherine's things (the rosebush and the subterranean passageway in Catherine's basement). That night, both Diana and Snow explore the tunnels, searching for Vincent. Vincent kills Snow and obtains Snow's ring, which is identical to Gabriel's ring. Vincent leaves Snow's body on top of the building at 1900-6th Avenue. Gabriel is upset because Snow's ring is missing from the body.

Date shown: December 27, 1989
Writer: George R. R. Martin


Oct. 4, 1989 Wednesday

Elliott Burch receives a note from Clarence, a street performer playing saxophone, near the fountain in Lincoln Plaza. That evening is the first meeting at the Compass Rose (at the docks) between Elliott and Vincent. Vincent gives Elliott the ring as another clue to finding Gabriel.

Oct. 5, 1989 Thursday

The police call Joe because Elliott's chauffeur is telling them that Elliott was at the carousel the night Moreno was killed. The chauffeur also states that another $100,000 has been added to his bank account and says he received it as hush money from Elliott. Joe watches and listens as they question the chauffeur behind a two-way mirror.

Oct. 6, 1989 Friday

Joe obtains a warrant and arrests Elliott Burch for Moreno's murder. Elliott refuses to admit anything or betray Vincent to the police or to his attorney. Elliott remains in jail.

Oct. 7, 1989 Saturday

Elliott's lawyer refuses to represent him further as his daughter is missing. Elliott's Board of Directors file for bankruptcy for his company without his signature. Diana is still not speaking to Joe. She insists that Elliott was framed, even though she has no proof.

Oct. 8, 1989 Sunday

Gabriel pays the bail for Elliott and sends Jonathan Pope over to get Elliott to meet with him (Gabriel). That evening they meet at Catherine's grave. Gabriel promises Elliott all his money and power back, all criminal charges dropped against him and revenge on Catherine's lover, Vincent, in return for betraying Vincent to Gabriel. After all, Gabriel reasons, why is Elliott helping Vincent when he's the father to Catherine's son and was actually Elliott's rival for Catherine's love.

Oct. 9, 1989 Monday

Elliott goes to the Mission at the docks and gives a note to Clarence to relay to Vincent. "Meet me, Compass Rose". Clarence refuses a $100 bill to give the note to Vincent. Elliott gives it to him anyway 'for his music'. That evening, Diana holds a vigil at Catherine's grave on a 'hunch'; Elliott changes his mind about betraying Vicent and steps in front of the bullet intended for Vincent. He passes the ring back to Vincent and tells him to take it and leave. "You would not leave me." "DAMMIT! I WOULD! GOD DAMN YOU!" Gabriel blows up the Compass Rose with both of them on it. Vincent staggers to Catherine's grave, mortally wounded from the explosion and collapses there to die.

Date shown: January 3, 1990
Writer: George R. R. Martin
Works alluded to or quoted from: St. James Infirmary - Joseph Primrose; Julius Ceasar - William Shakespeare


Diana brings Vincent's unconscious body to her apartment and treats his wounds.

Oct. 10, 1989 Tuesday

Diana writes her first notations in her computer about finding Vincent. Vincent awakens in a feverish frenzy, tears apart her bed and destroys her nighttable with one blow of his fist.

Oct. 11, 1989 Wednesday

Vincent awakens the next day, breaks the door to Diana's bedroom with his fists and collapses on the floor. She leaves him there and covers him with a blanket. In the afternoon, her boyfriend, Mark, shows up and she refuses to let him inside the apartment.

Oct. 12, 1989 Thursday

Vincent wakes up on Diana's floor and sees her sleeping on the chair near him. They talk all day long about Catherine, his son and Gabriel. That evening, Joe comes to Diana's apartment to tell her that a strange old man kidnapped him in a cab and told him that Elliott Burch was on the Compass Rose three nights ago. When he told the old man that the Compass Rose blew up three nights ago and was burnt down to the waterline, the man was sad and left him. Diana gets rid of Joe without letting him up in the freight elevator to her apartment, but, by the time she gets back upstairs, Vincent is gone.

Oct. 13, 1989 Friday

That evening, Diana's boyfriend, Mark comes over to the apartment and walks out on her because she refuses to commit herself to him and won't explain why.

Diana returns to the tunnels, searching for Vincent. Instead, she finds three vagrants and they assault her. Vincent arrives and rescues her just as one of the men is ready to shoot her in the head with her gun. He kills the man and the other two flee. He refuses any help from her to find Gabriel and his son because too many people have died already in this search. He tells her to forget him. "I can't!" "Then, remember me as you would a dream."

Date shown: January 10, 1990
Writers: Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon
Works alluded to or quoted from: And Death Shall Have No Dominion - Dylan Thomas


Oct. 14, 1989 Saturday

Diana's sister and four-year old niece visit her. She talks with her sister on her rooftoop terrace. "Has anything ever happened to you that was so different, SO unusual, that it just changed everything? I mean EVERYTHING! The way their faces look when you pass by on the street, the way you felt when you woke up in the morning, the things you dreamt at night." "It's about a man, isn't it?" "I don't know. Maybe, someday, I'll be able to talk about it." That evening, Rolly (heroin addict and ex-tunnel resident) goes Below with a gunshot wound. Father and Vincent treat him for his gunshot wound and for his heroin addiction.

Oct. 15, 1989 Sunday

Vincent stays with Rolly while he heals and goes through his withdrawal from heroin (a full 48 hours for withdrawal).

Oct. 16, 1989 Monday

Rolly begs Vincent to buy him some heroin and gives him the description and location of his dealer. That night, Vincent stakes out a corner and grabs the dealer in an alley. He slashes his wrist, threatens him and releases him. When the dealer panics and goes to the source of his drugs, Vincent follows him to the warehouse/lab, destroys it and it's burnt to the ground. The dealer leaves the area before Vincent's assault. There is only one survivor, Lou Horner.

Oct. 17, 1989 Tuesday

Joe goes to Diana's apartment and wakes her up at dawn. He was up all night, with a fire at a narcotics warehouse/lab. The rosebush is in full bloom now. A major narcotics case, two victims had slash wounds similar to the wounds on Moreno and the hitman at the carousel. The lone survivor, Lou Horner, is severely burned and at the hospital. Diana insists that this has nothing to do with Catherine's case.

Later, Diana finds an envelope on her balcony that contains Snow's ring and a note from Vincent: "This is all I have to point me to Gabriel. I give it to you with all my trust."

Date shown: July 20, 1990
Writer: P. K. Simonds, Jr.
Works alluded to or quoted from: Songs of Experience - The Tiger - William Blake


Oct. 18, 1989 Wednesday

Diana is captured by Gabriel's men and taken to him. He tells her that Jacob is dying and he needs Vincent to help save the baby. Diana is released and she contacts Vincent in the tunnels and relays Gabriel's message. So that his blood can be used to heal his son, he agrees at once to give himself up to Gabriel's power. Diana tries to talk him out of it. "Then he'll kill you! AND YOU KNOW IT." "But, first, he'll save my son." Vincent is captured and blood samples are taken. The child's blood is unique, but Vincent's blood is too different. A transfusion would kill his son. They allow Vincent to hold his son and they bond and the child heals.

Date shown: January 17, 1990
Writers: M. M. Shelley Moore, Linda Campanelli
Works alluded to or quoted from: King Henry IV, Part III - William Shakespeare


Oct. 19, 1989 Thursday

Diana can't return to her apartment. It's under surveillance by Gabriel's men. She attempts to call Joe from a pay phone but her call is intercepted by Angela, his receptionist and transferred to Houston, a policeman also working for Gabriel, so she hangs up before her call can be traced. Father's 'helpers' chase her into an alley and bring ber Below to speak with Father because Vincent is gone and she was the last person to speak with him. Gabriel tosses the ring into the cell with Vincent and tells him that Diana is dead. Vincent handles the ring and doesn't sense the psychic imprint of her death on it and knows that Gabriel lied. Gabriel replays all of his videotapes of Vincent killing his men during his rescue attempt of Catherine and his recent destruction of the warehouse/lab in an attempt to saturate, overwhelm and brainwash him with violent images. Diana gives Father the sketch she made (from memory) of Gabriel's floor tile. Father brings this sketch to Joe after work hours at his office in the Criminal Courts Building. He also arranges for a rendezvous between Joe and Diana at the dinosaur exhibit at the Museum the next day at one o'clock.

Oct. 20, 1989 Friday

Joe hands out copies of the sketch (of the floor tile) to his investigators (one of whom is Houston, Gabriel's mole). At one p.m., Joe meets Diana at the Museum. A hitman who followed Joe is captured by 'helpers' and handed over to police custody. Detective Greg Hughes calls Joe on his beeper. Joe calls Greg on a pay phone and obtains a list of possible addresses for the tile. Diana picks Staten Island as the most likely, due to the length of time she spent blindfolded in the helicopter and the fact that they flew over water. Diana leaves Joe at the Museum. She tells him she'll find her own way inside the mansion rather than wait for him to obtain a search warrant. That evening, she gets inside with Father's maps of old pipe systems. She crawls inside through an old steam pipe and helps Vincent leave with his son before Joe gets there with the SWAT team. She kills Gabriel with Catherine's gun.

Date shown: January 24, 1990
Writer: George R. R. Martin
Works alluded to or quoted from: Invictus - William Henley


This episode begins a completely new story arc, unrelated to the whole Gabriel plot. During the christening ceremony for baby Jacob, Father is reunited with an former tunnel dweller, Jessica. Father joins Jessica above for an exhibit of her photography, and they proceed to fall in love during a romantic evening above. Father wants to be with her, much to the chagrin of Mary, and gathers his things to venture into the world above.

Meanwhile, a crisis threatens the tunnel community. A serial killer has taken to killing helpers, and painting their faces with a powder that turns out to be human ash. The killer's name is Gregory. Diana is working on the case, but has no leads until she discovers, through Vincent, that the victims are connected via their relationship to the tunnel community.

Date shown: July 27, 1990
Writers: Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon


Gregory turns out to be the son of a man who died in a cave-in in the tunnels long ago. There were others involved in the cave-in who survived, and Gregory is killing them one by one, and painting them with his father's ashes, to "make everything right."

Father has decided that he can't stay above with Jessica while a madman is hunting his people, so he goes back down to see what he can do. Gregory intercepts him, and buries him alive at the site of the cave-in. Gregory then paints his own face, and dies in an abyss.

Diana figures out what Gregory did with Father, and Vincent comes to the rescue. Father and Jessica realize that their relationship can never be, and they say goodbye.

Date shown: August 3, 1990
Writers: Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon