Destiny Part 1 (rated  r )
                                                                                                                  Shirley Johns

"Morning Joe.”

"Morning Radcliffe.” "Are you ready to start our assignment?”

"Joe this one has me a little worried but you know me, I’ll give it all I’ve got.”

"I can always count on you Cathy let’s go.”  "The surveillance car is waiting for us.
"All right Joe, let’s do it,” grabbing her coat they left the office.

On the drive to the stakeout, Catherine thought back to last night. She and Vincent were enjoying a lovely evening on her balcony but Vincent knew she was troubled.

Lightly caressing her face, "Catherine what is troubling you so?”  "I can feel your unrest.”

"Yes my love you always can can’t you.”  "It’s this case we are working on.” " I am uncomfortable.”  "You know I have tackled some of the worst characters you could imagine but this guy, well he scares me.”

Pulling her close in his arms, "Catherine is it possible to call it off?”

"No Vincent I am afraid not.”  "Joe and I are committed to this one.”

"Well Catherine you know I will be there for you always” and he placed a soft kiss on the top of her head, afraid to do more.  His desires for Catherine are so strong but his fears are stronger.

"Vincent what were you thinking just now?”” "I called you a few times before I got your attention”.

"Nothing to be concerned about Catherine.” 

Lightly touching his face, everything about you concerns me never forget that Vincent.”

Smiling at her, his thoughts put aside, "I know.”  "”Just as I am forever concerned about you.” "Catherine let us continue our story, it will be light soon.
Being ever content laying against her love, she nestled back feeling his strength surrounding her as he read.    Thinking how much she wanted him.  She needed his love to help her deal with this but of course she could not ask. Keeping her feelings hidden he never knew.

"Radclidffe, hey Cathy getting her attention. "Where were you just now?”

Sighing her thoughts returned to the situation at hand.  "Sorry Joe I have a lot on my mind.” " But now it not the time I know.” 

The night was cool and clear, tightening her coat around her; she and Joe parked in the dark alley behind the warehouse for about an hour.  Than the activity began.  They observed the scene before them waiting for the right moment.

"Now Catherine, it’s time.”  Arming themselves, they entered the warehouse unnoticed or at least they thought so.

Quietly they looked around.  Going from room to room until they heard voices down a darkened hallway about fifty feet from where they stood.  Hearts racing, adrenaline pumping they approached the dimly lit room.

Below Vincent had been pacing his chamber for about an hour.  He was very uneasy about this assignment.  He did not want Catherine to do it but he could not stand in the way of her job.  She would never forgive him.  So he waits patiently, hoping it will be over soon.  Sitting at his writing desk, he decided to jot something in his journal to help pass the time as he stayed in touch with Catherine’s emotions through their Bond.  He had just uncapped his pen when he felt the fear and the pain roaring Catherine’s name.
Above Joe and Catherine were spotted.  Someone came behind them just before they felt a blunt object against their heads.

"So boss what do you think?”  "Should we kill them?”

"No let’s have some fun first.”  "Tie em’ up.”

"Vincent was frantic.  Something had happened to Catherine. 

Father heard him roar and came to his chamber as fast as he could only to have Vincent run pass him unnoticed.  Father knew whenever Vincent did this Catherine was in danger.  "Oh god keep them safe.”  Slowing limping back to his chamber, his nerves were on edge.  He will not be able to rest until either Vincent returns or they both do.

Vincent was running as fast as his powerful legs would carry him to save his love unaware of what was going on in the warehouse.

"Well well Mr. Maxwell we meet again.”

Joe struggling to untie is hands,” what have you done to her” looking at Catherine.

"Oh Maxwell I’m afraid the woman cannot take a blow to the head as you apparently can.”  "She cannot seem to come around.”  "Although I prefer my woman conscience when I make love to them, I’ll make an exception this time.”

"No Marty leave Cathy alone.”  "Do whatever to me but don’t hurt her.”

"Sorry Maxwell I cannot have the same fun with you as I can have with her.”  "But I’ll let you watch.”  "Maybe you might learn how to love a woman and he walked toward Catherine.

Joe began pleading with him, please don’t do this leave her alone.”

"Hey Joe you jealous?”  " I’ll tell you what when I am done with her you can enjoy her.”
Joe continued to struggle trying to free himself he had to save Catherine.
Seeing Joe fidgeting behind him, Maxwell you are really messing up the moment here keep still.
"No I won’t let you do this to her.”  "I won’t”

"Well Joe it seems your hands are tied.” "What can you do letting out an evil laugh.  "Marv silence him please, handing him a handkerchief, I am tried of hearing him.”

Gagged and tied Joe was helpless.  Please let someone help us he prayed.  Closing his eyes unable to watch what was about to happen to Catherine, did not keep away the sounds.  He heard the tear of her blouse than Marty's voice, hmm nice tits aren’t they Marv?”

"Yea man they are nice.”  "I cannot wait to see the rest of her.”

"Me either and Marty ripped the front of her jeans.  "Pretty panties don’t you think Marv, all pink and lacy hate to ruin them but I am hard as a rock right now.”

"Me too Marty me too.”

"Well you have to wait your turn.”  "When I am done you can have her.”  "Then we’ll let Maxwell do her”

"Hey Marty why not let Maxwell go first, it would be fun to watch.” "We can take turns doin her all night long.”  "What you say?”

"Hey Maxwell open your eyes,” kicking his foot.  Look at her.”  "Want some don’t you?” "I know you want her man, removing Joe’s gag.

"No Marty I won’t do this to Catherine.”

"Well Joe you have two choices.”  "You can do her or I shoot her and he aimed the gun at her head.  "What will it be?”

"All right allright I’ll do it.” "Just don’t kill her Marty.
"That’s the way Joe”. "Untie him.”  "We have a gun aimed at both of you so don’t try anything or you both die.”

Joe hated this but seeing Catherine partially nude, he hardened even with the situation as it was.  He hated himself for being forced to do this.

"Come on Maxwell we are waiting and he heard the click of a gun.
"Forgive me Catherine.”  Joe was just about to spread her legs when she stirred and whispered "Vincent” than the lights went out.