By Dawn Yzaguirre

In this story Vincent and Catherine finally become lovers. Then Catherine discovers that she is pregnant with their child. But before she can tell Vincent Lisa returns to the tunnels. Why has she returned? What will be the repercussions for Vincent and Catherine? Will Catherine have to raise their child by herself?


Catherine sat in her office in the District Attorney’s office. She was busy working on the last deposition for her case that would be going to trial soon. She sighed and put down her pen. Then she looked out the window into the dark night and sighed. She wanted more than anything to be home with Vincent but this case was taking up all her free time. This was her biggest case since Joe had appointed her as Assistant District Attorney. She loved her job and was proud of it but she found that she had doubts about her abilities in the new position. Joe had been very supportive and he had all the confidence in the world in her. She also knew that Vincent believed in her. But she still had a lot of self-doubt.

She picked up her pen again and sighed. She was about to start writing again when she looked up and saw Joe standing outside of her office. She smiled and waved him inside. He opened the door and stepped into the office. "Radcliffe I thought that you left hours ago.” Catherine smiled and shook her head. "No such luck Joe.” He sat his briefcase down and then sat down on the sofa. "So what in the world are you working on this late?” Catherine smiled again. "I am helping Jeannette with the last of the depositions for the Robertson Case.” Joe smiled and shook his head. "You just can’t help yourself can you?” Catherine looked at him confused. "What is that supposed to mean Joe?” Joe sighed. "Radcliffe you are the new Assistant District Attorney it is not your job to work on depositions.” Catherine nodded. "I know that Joe but Jeannie has been so great about staying late this week that I decided to finish them myself and let her get home on time.” Joe shook his head again. "What about you Cathy?” Catherine sighed. "Well Vincent is working on a project in the lower tunnels this week he will not be home until tomorrow night.” Joe suddenly understood. He had met Vincent a few months earlier and was now a helper and a good friend to the couple. "So that is why you have turned back into Catherine Chandler workaholic.” Catherine smiled. "Yes I suppose that it is.” Joe then rose from the chair he was sitting in. Catherine watched in shock as he walked around the desk and pulled the pen out of her hand. Then he closed the folder on the desk. "Radcliffe you need a night off so you are going home.” Catherine sighed and shook her head. "Joe I have to get this done the case is going to trial soon.” Joe nodded. "I know but you need a rest.” Then he thought. "In fact I want you to take a few days off.” Catherine sighed. "I can’t do that we are too busy right now.” Joe smiled. "Yes Radcliffe you can and you are that is an order.”

Catherine sat there for a few moments then rose. "All right Joe you win I cannot fight you on this.” Joe smiled. "No you can’t I am the boss around here remember.” Catherine smiled. "Yes I remember.” Then she gathered her things. "So what are you doing here this late?” Joe smiled. "I am working on my speech for the Mayor’s reception.” Catherine giggled. "I am so glad that I am not attending that thing this year.” Joe smiled impishly. "I could always have you tag along with me and Jenny.” Catherine turned and scowled at him. "No chance Maxwell I am the new Assistant District Attorney but I don’t have to do that anymore.” Joe laughed. "All right Cathy.”

Catherine then smiled. "Speaking of Jenny how is she doing?” Joe smiled. "I guess you have not seen much of her lately.” Catherine shook her head. "No we have not even had the chance to get together for lunch.” Joe laughed. "Well she has been extremely busy with this new show.” Catherine turned slightly and smiled at him over her shoulder. "And you get upset with me for working too hard.” Joe sighed. "Well after this show is over she will not be working as hard.” This statement intrigued Catherine. She turned and smiled at her boss. "And what is that supposed to mean?” Joe shook his head. "Oh I have really put my foot in it now.” Catherine smiled mischievously. "All right Maxwell what are you trying so hard not to tell me?” Joe smiled. "We found out yesterday that we are finally having a baby.” Catherine squealed and ran around the desk and embraced him. "Joe that is so wonderful!” Joe smiled proudly. "We are very happy about it.” Catherine moved out of his arms. Then she smiled. "I will have to call her soon.” Joe looked at her pleadingly. "Cathy you can’t tell her that I told you anything okay she will kill me if she finds out.” Catherine laughed. "Oh boy I now have some blackmail material.” Joe looked at her shocked. "You wouldn’t!” Catherine giggled. "Well Maxwell play your cards right and I won’t.” Joe shook his head and smiled.

After a few seconds he stood and grabbed his briefcase. "I have to get going I am picking Jenny up in a few minutes.” Catherine smiled. "Okay tell her I said hi.” Joe shook his head. "Not a chance Radcliffe I am waiting and walking you to the elevator.” Catherine shook her head. "Joe that is not necessary.” He smiled. "Cathy I know you when I get on that elevator you will sit down and start working again.” Catherine sighed. "Oh all right let’s go.” Then she grabbed her purse and briefcase and they left the office.

Meanwhile in the tunnels Vincent and the other work crewmembers were entering the hub. Kanin smiled. "It is so good to be home again.” Vincent smiled at his friend and nodded. "Yes my friend we have been gone a long time.” Kanin nodded. "Yes and I have missed Livvy and the boys.” Vincent smiled. "I know you have my friend.”

Suddenly a voice came from behind them. "And I bet Vincent has missed a certain lady Assistant District Attorney.” Kanin and Vincent both turned to see Cullen smiling impishly behind them. Vincent smiled shyly. "Yes I have missed Catherine very much.” Then Jason, a new tunnel resident, spoke up. "Are you going above to see her tonight?” Vincent looked at the young man and shook his head. "No it is pretty late and she is probably sleeping by now.” Kanin put his hand on Vincent’s shoulder. "Vincent wouldn’t a few minutes with Catherine after a week apart be better than nothing?” Vincent sighed. "Yes but she is so busy at work I don’t want to disturb her.” Cullen smiled at him. "Vincent I am sure that she would be more disturbed to know that we came home a day early and you did not go above to see her.” Vincent knew that his friends were right. He had missed her very much while they were gone. "All right you have convinced me I will go change then go above to see her for a few minutes.” They all smiled at him and nodded. Then they watched as he turned and ran down the tunnel. "We did not have to twist his arm too much.” Jason laughed. Kanin smiled at the younger man and shook his head. "No I believe that he had already decided to go see her I think he just needed some prodding.” Then they all started walking toward the main chambers once again.

While this was happening Catherine arrived home. She unlocked the door to her apartment and entered. Then she bolted the lock again. She looked around the room and sighed. She kicked off her shoes and picked them up. Then she walked into the bedroom. After putting her shoes in the closet she decided to take a nice warm shower. She looked in the closet and picked out a gown and a robe. She lay them on the bed then closed the door to her closet again. She started walking toward her bathroom when she looked down at the gown and robe that she had chosen. She smiled and picked them up and held them to her chest. They were Vincent’s favorites. They matched the color of his eyes. She then looked out the doors onto the balcony. Oh my love please hurry home I miss you so much. She thought to herself. She then suddenly shook her head to clear her thought. No use in making us both miserable Cathy. She chided herself. Then she picked up the gown and robe. She walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

Below in the tunnels Vincent entered his chamber again. He had just finished with his bath. He was putting his dirty clothes away when he suddenly felt a rush of emotion come through the bond. He smiled when he realized how much she missed him. Then he quickly finished putting his things away. Grabbing his cloak from the bed he put it around his shoulders. He was about to leave his chamber when he spotted the brown pouch that held the porcelain rose that Catherine had given him on their first anniversary. I am coming to you my precious angel just hold on. He thought. He kissed the pouch then put it around his neck. He then turned and picked up his cloak. Swinging it around his broad shoulders he ran from the chamber.

He knew that he had to tell Father that he was going above so he headed toward the main chamber. When he arrived at Father’s chamber he found him there with Mary. They both looked up and smiled. Father was the first to speak. "Vincent we are glad that you are home.” Vincent smiled at his parent then moved into the chamber. "I am glad to be home again Father.” Then he embraced his parent.

Once they parted Vincent turned and smiled at Mary. "Hello Mary how are you?” She smiled and embraced him. "I am fine Vincent welcome back.” Vincent released her then looked at Father again. "We were able to stop the leaking in the lower tunnels.” Father smiled and nodded. "That is good maybe we can avoid any flooding this year.” Vincent nodded in agreement. "Vincent are you going above tonight?” Mary asked. Vincent looked at her and smiled. "Yes I thought I would go above and see Catherine for a few minutes.” Mary smiled at him then at Father. "That is good dear she did not get to stay below tonight.” Vincent looked at Mary concerned. "Why would she stay below has something happened?” Mary smiled and patted his hand. "No dear she is fine she has just been staying below most of this week because she misses you so much.” Vincent smiled. "She has?” Father smiled at his son. "Yes she wanted to be as close to you as she could without you being here.” Vincent shook his head. "She is an amazing woman.” Mary nodded. "Yes she definitely is.” Then Father cleared his throat. "Well my son you better be getting above now.” Vincent smiled and nodded. "Yes I should.” He turned and climbed up the steps again.

He was about to leave the chamber when Father spoke once again. "Oh and Vincent if you decide to stay above until tomorrow just send a message down tomorrow morning with Peter.” Vincent turned and stared at him. "Father what are you talking about?” Father smiled. "Vincent you and Catherine have been separated for the whole week things do happen.” Vincent walked back down the steps into the chamber. "Father our relationship has not advanced to that point yet.” Father smiled at Mary when he heard the word ‘yet’. "I know that Vincent but as I stated things do happen.” Vincent smiled and shook his head. "Father you are a hopeless romantic.” Father chuckled. "Yes and you love that about me.” Vincent smiled again and kissed his forehead. "Yes I do.” Then the younger man turned and left the chamber.

Above Catherine walked out of her bathroom and turned off the light. She smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror. Vincent I wish you were here with me tonight. She thought. She once again shook her head then started to walk toward the living room. She stopped and looked out the French doors onto her balcony. She smiled and decided to go out and look at the view. She unlocked the door and walked out into the warm night air. She loved the sight of the city at night but she wished with all her heart that she were in her beloved world below the city.

As she was standing there Vincent quietly leaped onto the balcony. He smiled when he caught his first sight of her in a week. My Rose you are the most beautiful woman in the world. He thought as he silently watched her. After a few seconds he could no longer stand being separated from her. He silently padded up behind her. She had not moved and he knew that she was still unaware that he was there. He smiled as he gently encircled her in his strong but gentle arms.

Catherine was at first startled when she felt his arms then she smiled when she realized that it was her love. Vincent then leaned forward and whispered in her ear. "I hope that you are thinking of me.” Catherine could hardly contain herself she was so happy that he was home. Vincent smiled and tightened his arms around her when he felt her emotions come flooding through the bond. She leaned back against his chest. "I cannot believe that you are here.” Vincent sighed and gently turned her around to face him. "Yes my Catherine I am home.” Catherine smiled up at him then she wrapped her arms around his waist. "Are you going to kiss me hello?” Vincent chuckled. "Of course my love I thought you would never ask.” Then he leaned forward and captured her lips in a very passionate kiss. Catherine moved her arms up and encircled his neck. Vincent smiled into the kiss then without breaking the contact rose to his full height bringing Catherine with him off her feet.

When they parted Vincent put Catherine back on her feet. She smiled up at him then lay her head back on his chest. She sighed when she heard his heart beating. "I have missed you so much this week.” She whispered. Vincent tightened his arms around her. "And I have missed you.” Catherine moved back and looked up at him. "Can you stay a while?” Vincent sighed and shook his head. "I only came for a few minutes I know that you need to get your rest for work tomorrow.” Catherine smiled impishly. "Well Vincent I was told by my boss that I was taking a few days off because he believes that I have been work too hard so I am on vacation until next Friday.” Vincent smiled. "I cannot say that I am upset about this news I know that you have been working far too hard.” Catherine smiled again. "Yes I thought that you would be happy about Joe’s decision.” Vincent nodded. "Yes he is my friend and he knows that I will not be very happy with him if he works you too hard.” Catherine nodded and laughed. "Yes I am sure he knows that.”

Then she moved into of his arms again. "So now that you know that I am not working tomorrow will you stay for a while?” Vincent hesitated for a moment then smiled. He then realized that he could not leave her after only a few minutes but found that after a week away from Catherine he could not leave her. "Yes of course I will stay.” She smiled and took his hand. "Come inside I was going to make myself a late dinner would you join me?” Vincent took her hand in his. "Of course I will my love.” Then they moved into the apartment.

After Catherine closed and locked the balcony doors they moved into the living room. "Will you build us a fire while I go prepare our dinner?” Vincent smiled. "Of course Catherine.” She walked toward the kitchen then stopped. "Have you eaten?” Vincent shook his head. "No we only got home about a half an hour ago and I wanted to come see you as soon as possible.” Catherine smiled. "Well then will you join me for a late supper?” Vincent nodded. "I would love too.” Catherine then walked into the kitchen.

Once their dinner was ready she put their plates on a tray. She entered the living room and found Vincent sitting on the sofa waiting for her. "Here we are my love.” Vincent stood and moved toward her. He smiled and took the tray out of her hands. "I will take that my love.” She smiled at the endearment. "All right would you like some wine or tea with our dinner?” Vincent thought for a moment. "Some wine would be wonderful.” Catherine nodded and turned back toward the kitchen. "I will be right back.” She then reentered the kitchen. Vincent put the tray down on the coffee table then sat down on the sofa once again.

When Catherine came out of the kitchen she was carrying a bottle of wine and two glasses. "Here we go.” She sat down on the sofa beside Vincent and opened the wine. She poured one glass and handed it to him. "Here you are Sweetheart.” Vincent smiled lovingly at her and took the glass. "Thank you my Catherine.” She then poured herself a glass. Vincent looked at her when he sensed her turmoil through the bond. "Catherine what is bothering you?” She looked up at him. "Nothing is bothering me.” Vincent put down his wineglass on the coffee table then he turned toward her and took her hand. "Catherine I feel your turmoil please tell me what is troubling you.” She sighed and put down her glass. "I suppose I am just anxious about this new case that I am prosecuting.” Vincent let go of her hand and cupped her cheek. "Why are you so anxious about it you are an excellent lawyer.” Catherine sighed and rose. Vincent watched as she began to pace. "Vincent I am not sure that I am truly cut out to be Assistant District Attorney.” This statement truly shocked Vincent. "Catherine why would you doubt your abilities all of a sudden?” She stopped pacing and looked at him. "It is not really all of a sudden I have felt this way ever since Joe gave me the job.”

Vincent stood and moved over in front of her. "Catherine look at me please.” She looked up into his beautiful blue eyes. "My love as I said a moment ago you are an excellent lawyer and I have all the confidence in the world in you.” Catherine smiled. "I know that you do but I just don’t want to fail with this case.” Vincent reached down and took her hand in his once again. He led her back toward the sofa where he sat down. Then he pulled her down into his lap. Catherine was a bit surprised by this action. Vincent had never let himself act so bold. "Catherine you are going to do a wonderful job with this case no matter the outcome.” She smiled. "You have that much confidence in me?” Vincent smiled and nodded. "Yes my love I do.” They sat there together for a few minutes then Catherine smiled. "We better eat our dinner before it gets cold.” Vincent smiled and tightened his arms around her. "In a few minutes I just want to hold you for now.” She smiled and laid her head on his shoulder. They sat there and listened to the crackle of the fire happy that they were together.

Later after they had eaten their dinner Catherine rose from the sofa. "Why don’t you pick some music for us to listen to?” Vincent nodded. "I am going to put these in the sink.” She picked up the tray and walked into her kitchen. Vincent watched her as she left the room and smiled. I love you my Catherine. He thought to himself. Then he rose and walked to the stereo. He tuned in the station that they liked and stood there listening to the beautiful soft music. He then moved back over to the sofa where he sat down and closed his eyes.

After a few minutes he heard the water running in the kitchen sink. He smiled slyly and rose from the sofa. He walked into the kitchen and walked up behind Catherine. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her back against him. She smiled when she felt his warm breath on her ear as he began to whisper. "What are you doing now?” Catherine smiled. "I am washing our dinner dishes.” Vincent tightened his arms around her. "Couldn’t you do that later?” Catherine sighed as he began to lightly trail kisses down her neck. She moved her head to the side giving him greater access. She sighed then whispered. "Why do you want me to do this later?” Vincent lifted his head then gently turned her around to face him. "Because I want to do something else right now.” Then he captured her lips in a very passionate kiss.

When they parted both were breathless. Catherine dried her hands then put them around his neck. "That was the most amazing kiss.” Vincent smiled then pulled her closer. "Yes my angel it was.” Then he suddenly knew where their destiny was leading them. In that moment he made the most important decision of his life. "Catherine I want to make love to you.” This statement shocked her. "Are you certain Vincent I don’t want you to do anything that you may not be ready for.” He smiled and put a clawed finger to her lips. "Yes my Catherine I am certain I want to make love to you tonight.” Catherine smiled happily and tightened her arms around his neck. "Then my darling I want you too.” Vincent smiled then took her lips in another passionate kiss. Without breaking the kiss he gently lifted her into his arms and carried her out of the kitchen toward the bedroom.

Later that night Catherine awoke to find Vincent laying besides her looking at her. She smiled happily and turned toward him. "How long have you been awake?” Vincent smiled and bent forward to gently kiss her. "Not long my angel.” Catherine smiled as she began to leisurely caress his chest. "Vincent that was everything I knew it would be.” Vincent tightened his arms around her. "Yes Catherine it was.” The she noticed that he seemed lost in thought. "Darling is there something wrong?” Vincent felt her worry through the bond. He looked down at her once again and smiled. "No my love tonight has been one of the happiest of my life.” She lifted up onto her elbow and cupped his cheek. "But there is something bothering you.” She smiled lovingly at him. "Darling please tell me what is the matter.” He turned his head and gently kissed her palm. "I was just thinking about how much time I wasted pushing you away.” Catherine finally understood what was bothering him. "Love don’t punish yourself for that you were just afraid.” Vincent sighed. Then he rose from the bed and slipped into his jeans. He then walked out onto the balcony and looked out over the lights of the city.

Catherine was extremely concerned about him. She quickly rose from the bed and put on her robe. Then she walked out onto the balcony. She walked up behind him and slipped her arms around his waist. Vincent lifted one of his hands and covered her two hands with his. "Catherine I am so sorry.” She was shocked by his apology. She came around to stand beside him. She placed her hand under his chin and pulled his face around toward her. "Vincent look at me please.” He turned his head until their eyes met. "Please don’t punish yourself for needing to take your time.” She smiled gently at him. "Vincent you are the love of my life and I would have waited forever for you.” He sighed then pulled her into his arms. "I was so frightened that you would eventually grow tired of waiting.” Catherine lifted her head from his chest. "That would never have happened I love you more than I have ever loved any man in my life.” Vincent smiled and tightened his arms around. "As I love you my Catherine.”

Catherine smiled up at him again then she noticed the mischievous glint in his eyes. "What are you up to?” Vincent smiled and scooped her up into his arms. "Nothing my sweet one I just want to go back to bed.” Catherine giggled. "Oh you do?” Vincent captured her lips in a passionate kiss. When he released her lips he smiled again. "Yes my love I do.” Then he carried her through the balcony doors back into the bedroom.

Early the next morning just before dawn Catherine awoke to find Vincent still sleeping beside her. She turned toward him knowing that he had to leave soon. Leaning over toward him she kissed him until his eyes begin to flutter. He opened his eyes and saw her smiling at him. "Morning love it is almost morning.” Vincent looked back over his shoulder toward the balcony. He saw that the sky was getting lighter. He sighed sadly and then slowly got out of bed. Catherine sat up and watched him as he began to dress. "I wish you could stay with me today.” Vincent stopped dressing and smiled at her. "Catherine you said last night that you did not have to work for a few days?” She smiled and nodded. "Yes I am off until next week.” Vincent then made a very important decision. "Catherine if it is your wish I would love to stay here with you today.” She smiled happily and opened her arms. "Oh yes Vincent come back to bed my love.” He smiled and removed the clothes that he had put on then he quickly returned to her bed and to her loving arms.

As they were kissing Catherine thought of something. She broke the kiss suddenly. Vincent looked at her concerned. "What is it my angel?” She smiled. "Vincent should we let one of the helpers know that you are staying today?” He thought a moment then smiled. "Yes Father told me last night before I left that if I decided to stay with you today to contact Peter.” This shocked Catherine. "He actually said that?” Vincent chuckled. "Yes I think he was expecting that something could happen between us after an entire week apart.” Catherine could not help but giggle. "Oh he did?” Vincent nodded. "Yes I believe he did.” Catherine sighed. "Well I always said that he was a very intelligent man.” Vincent laughed at her statement. "Yes my love and he seems to know us pretty well.” Catherine smiled. "Yes I believe he does.”

She then pulled away from him. "Where are you going?” She smiled as she started to get out of bed. "I am going to call Peter.” Vincent smiled and pulled her back toward him. "Catherine it is still very early wait until later then call him.” She nodded in agreement. Then she got back in bed. "You are right I can call him at his office.” She then lay back in his arms. "Now what do you think we can do to pass the time?” Vincent chuckled. "I am sure we can think of something.” Then he captured her lips in a very passionate kiss that quickly burned out of control.

Later that morning Catherine called Peter. "Peter this is Cathy I was hoping that you could pass a message to Father for me.” Peter smiled knowingly. "Of course honey what is the message?” Catherine looked at Vincent who smiled. "Tell him that Vincent is safe with me and that he will return below tonight.” Peter chuckled. "All right honey have a wonderful day with Vincent.” He then hung up. Catherine put down the receiver and smiled. "Well that is all done.” Vincent sat up in bed and reached out for her. "Good now come back here.” Catherine giggled at the growl in his voice. "Why whatever for?” She teased. Vincent smiled slyly and pulled her down on top of him. "We have some unfinished business to tend to.” Then he captured her lips in a very passionate kiss.

When they finally rose from the bed a couple of hours later Catherine looked at Vincent. "Would you like something to eat?” Vincent smiled. "Yes I would for some reason I am famished.” Catherine giggled. "I wonder what could have made you so hungry?” Vincent chuckled. "As if you didn’t know.” Catherine giggled once again and put on her robe. "While I am preparing breakfast why do you go take a shower?” Vincent smiled and moved toward her. He wrapped his arms around her and looked into her eyes. "Could I interest you in joining me for my shower?” Catherine smiled. "No sweetie you go ahead I am going to fix brunch.” Vincent sighed and released her. "All right I will be out in a few minutes.” Catherine smiled and nodded. Then she moved out of the louvered doors and walked toward the kitchen.

In the bedroom Vincent was about to pick up the towel that Catherine had left for him when he smiled. I will sit here and wait until she comes looking for me then we will take that shower. He smiled mischievously and then sat down on the bed. Catherine was preparing their brunch she was about to put it on the table when she realized that Vincent was still in the bathroom. She was beginning to get concerned about him.

Catherine moved toward the louvered doors and quietly opened them. She entered the room and turned to close them again. Suddenly two strong arms came around her waist. "I was waiting for you.” Catherine smiled. "Oh you were?” She then turned toward him. "I thought you were taking a shower?” Vincent smiled slyly. "No I wanted to take my shower with you.” Catherine giggled. "Vincent we have brunch waiting.” Vincent picked her up. "It can wait I want that shower.” She smiled and kissed him. "Oh all right you win.” Vincent smiled. "I know.” Then he carried her into the bathroom. Their shower was a very sensuous experience for both of them. They learned more about one another than either could ever expect. When the water-cooled Vincent carried her back into the bedroom where they once again made love.

After they ate brunch they decided to relax and read to one another. As Vincent was reading one of their favorite poems he noticed that Catherine was lost in thought. She was lying on the sofa with her head in his lap. He lay down the book and smiled down at her. "What are you thinking about Catherine?” She smiled up at him. "I was just remembering something that Joe told me last night.” Vincent smiled. "What is that?” She smiled again. "He told me that he and Jenny just found out that they are going to have a baby.” Vincent smiled. "That is wonderful they will make wonderful parents.” Catherine smiled again and sat up. "Yes they will.” She then touched his cheek. "I wish that we could have a child.” She whispered. Vincent suddenly grew very quiet. Catherine noticed this and smiled. "Don’t worry love we don’t have to talk about that.” She assured him. Vincent sighed. "I love you Catherine.” She smiled and kissed him gently. "And I love you.” Then she lay back down. "Will you read another poem?” Vincent sighed and picked up the book again. "Yes of course my love.” But deep inside Vincent’s heart was breaking for what he knew they could never have.

That night they ate a wonderful dinner together. All too soon it was time for Vincent to leave. "I hate for this wonderful day to end.” Catherine smiled and moved out of his arms. "So do I my love.” Vincent smiled. "Can I interest you in coming below tonight?” Catherine smiled. "I would but I have some work to catch up on here at home but I can come later this week.” Vincent smiled. "That sounds wonderful I will be counting the days.” Then he kissed her. "Will I see you tomorrow?” Vincent sighed. "No I have to go on an all day work detail.” She smiled. "That’s all right my love.” Then they reluctantly parted. "Good night my Catherine I love you.” Catherine smiled at him. "And I love you.” Then he was gone.

The next morning Vincent awoke in his chamber alone. He missed Catherine terribly. He loved waking up next to her. He rose from his bed and dressed. Then he sat down at his writing table and took out his journal. Opening it to a blank page he thought for a moment then began to write.

These have been the most amazing couple of days. Catherine and I have finally carried our relationship farther and become lovers. Catherine is the most amazing woman. She is the greatest thing that has ever happened in my life. I just wish that we could be together everyday. There is only one thing about our relationship that I regret. Last night Catherine told me that Jenny is pregnant. I am very happy for our friends. They will make excellent parents. But the thing that grieves me is that this is one thing that we can never share. Father and Peter have both told me that it is very unlikely that I will ever be able to father a child. I don’t know if I can do this to Catherine.

Vincent read the entry in his journal then sighed. He closed the journal and decided that he should go and talk to Father. He rose from his chair and walked out of the chamber. When he reached Father’s chamber he found him their looking at one of his ledgers. Father looked up when Vincent entered the chamber. "Ahh Vincent I was not aware that you were awake.” Vincent smiled. "I just woke up a little while ago.” Father smiled and nodded. "Well come have some tea.” Vincent walked down the steps and sat down. "So how is Catherine?” Vincent sipped his tea then smiled. "She is fine.” Father smiled and nodded. "Father I think you should know that Catherine and I became lovers.” Father smiled. "I thought as much when Peter told me you were staying above.” Vincent nodded. "Are you and Catherine all right?” Vincent smiled. "We are fine.” Father smiled.

After a few moments of silence Father realized that something was wrong. "Vincent I thought you would be happier about the change in your relationship with Catherine.” Vincent looked up at him. "I am happy about it Father.” Father touched his hand. "Then tell me what is bothering you.” Vincent smiled. "I can’t hide anything from you can I?” Father smiled. "Not much my son.” Vincent smiled lovingly at him. "Father I wanted to talk to you about something important.” Father smiled. "What is it Vincent?” Vincent took a deep breath and started. "Father is there any chance that you and Peter were wrong about me not being able to father a child?” Father was taken back by this question. "No Vincent I don’t believe so.”

Then Father looked at him closer. "Why do you ask?” Vincent sighed and rose. He started pacing. "Yesterday Catherine told me that Jenny is pregnant.” Father smiled. "That is wonderful she and Joe will be excellent parents.” Vincent stopped. Then he smiled. "Yes they will.” Father then noticed the sadness in his face. "Vincent what else happened?” Vincent sighed and sat down again. "Catherine told me that she wished we could have a child.” Father nodded in understanding. "Vincent I don’t believe that we were wrong about our observation your metabolism is just too different to allow you to father a child.” Vincent nodded in understanding.

Father took a few moments then spoke again. "Vincent I am sure that in time Catherine will come to understand this limit in your relationship.” Vincent rose and began to pace again. "Father I don’t want her to have to understand this limit!” He stated vehemently. Father sighed. "I know you don’t Vincent but you must face facts.” He remarked. Vincent stopped pacing. "How long can I expect Catherine to live with this?”

The sadness in his voice broke Father’s heart. "Vincent if you are concerned about this maybe you should let Catherine find someone above who will be able to give her children.” Vincent turned and stared at him. "Father we are lovers now I could not let her go even if I wanted too.” Father nodded. "I just hoped that you had changed your diagnosis because having a child is just as important to me as it is to Catherine.” Father touched his cheek. "I know my son I am so sorry.”

Vincent then rose from his chair and moved toward the entrance of the chamber. Before he left Father spoke again. "So what will you do?” Vincent turned at the top of the steps and looked at him. "We will be all right we just won’t let this stop us from loving one another.” Father smiled. "That is good Vincent just love each other.” Then Vincent left the chamber. Father shook his head sadly. How I wish things could be different for Vincent and Catherine. He thought to himself. Then he went back to reading his ledgers.

While this was happening above in her apartment Catherine was sitting in her living room thinking about Vincent’s reaction to her wish to have his child. Maybe he does not want me to be the mother of his children. She thought. She was very confused by his reaction to the news about Jenny’s pregnancy. He was happy for Jenny and Joe but that did not explain his reaction. She started to feel extremely sad about it. She could not understand why Vincent would make love to her if he did not want her as his mate or the mother of his children.

Suddenly the phone rang. Catherine picked it up and smiled when she heard Jenny’s voice. "Hey Cath what are you doing at home today?” Catherine smiled. "Your husband gave me a few days off.” Jenny giggled. "I guess he is going soft.” Catherine laughed. "Yes I guess.” Jenny heard the sadness in her friend’s voice. "Cathy what is wrong?” Catherine smiled. "Oh nothing really.” Jenny giggled. "No way Chandler you are not getting out of it that easily meet me at Tavern on the Green in fifteen minutes for lunch.” Catherine smiled. "Oh all right but give me half an hour.” Jenny smiled. "Okay I will meet you then.” They both hung up and Catherine quickly changed.

Half an hour later Catherine walked into the restaurant. "Hey stranger.” Jenny said from behind her. Catherine turned and hugged her friend. "You look great Jenny.” Jenny smiled. "He told you didn’t he?” Catherine giggled. "Don’t be angry with Joe I dragged it out of him.” Jenny smiled. "I find that hard to believe he has hardly been able to keep his feelings to himself since we found out.” Catherine smiled. "Yes he is rather cute.” Jenny smiled. "Yes he is.”

Then Jenny noticed that something was wrong with Catherine. "Cathy what is the matter you don’t seem yourself.” Catherine smiled. "I am fine Jenny.” Jenny smiled and shook her head. "No way Chandler spill your guts.” Catherine was about to speak when a maitre’d came up to them. "May I show you to your table?” Jenny smiled. "Yes the name is Maxwell.” The man checked the reservation book and smiled. "Yes Mrs. Maxwell right this way.” He led them to a table toward the back. "What may I get you ladies to drink?” He asked. Catherine smiled. "I will have a red wine please.” The man nodded. Then he looked at Jenny. "I will have a club soda with lemon.” He then moved away from them. "Will it bother you that I am drinking?” Catherine asked. Jenny shook her head. "I have not drank alcohol in months.” Catherine nodded.

A little while later after their orders were brought out and they were eating Jenny looked up at Catherine. "Okay now talk!” Jenny ordered. Catherine looked up and smiled. "You should have been a lawyer you know that?” Jenny smiled. "That is what my husband tells me but don’t change the subject.” Catherine put down her fork. "Vincent and I became lovers last night.” She whispered. Jenny smiled brightly. "Oh that is wonderful!” She whispered excitedly.

Then Jenny noticed the sad look in Catherine’s eyes. "So then what in the world is the problem?” Catherine looked at her. "It is really nothing Jen don’t worry.” Jenny touched her hand. "No way Chandler what is going on?” Catherine sighed. "I told him that you are pregnant and his reaction confused me.” This confused Jenny. "Why how did he react?” Catherine smiled. "He was extremely happy for you and Joe.” She assured her friend. Jenny smiled. "But when I told him that I would love to have his child he did not say much so I thought it best to drop the subject.” Jenny thought a moment. "Cathy remember what you told me a couple of months ago about Vincent’s metabolism?” Catherine shook her head. "You told me that Father and Peter thought it was not possible for him to father a child.” Catherine suddenly remembered that conversation. "Oh Jenny what was I thinking?” She asked distraught. "Cathy don’t worry everything will be fine.”

Catherine suddenly put her fork down and pulled her napkin off her lap. "I have to go Jen.” She then rose and grabbed her purse. "Where in the world are you going?” Jenny asked. Catherine looked at her. "I have to make this right with Vincent.” Jenny stood. "Okay let’s pay the check I have to get back to work anyway.”

They paid their bill then left the restaurant. "Call me soon and let me know how things are.” Catherine hugged her friend. "You know I will thanks for everything Jen.” They embraced. Then they headed in opposite directions.

Catherine soon entered the park. She walked briskly down the path leading in the direction toward the drainage tunnel. She noticed that the park was almost completely deserted. Most of the noon crowd had returned to work. As she reached the drainage pipe she looked around. When she did not see anyone looking at her she ducked and walked inside.

In his chamber Vincent is reading. He suddenly cocked his head when he heard the familiar tapping of the code Catherine used. Putting his book down he grabbed his cloak and ran out of his chamber to meet her. He knew that something was wrong he had felt her turbulent feelings all day.

When he arrived at the park entrance he opened the secret door. Catherine looked up at him as he stepped out of the tunnel. "Catherine my love what has happened?” Catherine began to cry and flew into his arms. Vincent held her tightly and gently rocked. "Oh Vincent I am so sorry.” Vincent could understand why she was apologizing to him. He moved slightly back and looked into her eyes. "Catherine you have done nothing to be sorry for.” She shakes her head. "Yes Vincent I have I doubted you.” Vincent was very confused. "What do you mean you doubted me?” Catherine calmed down and moved away from him. "When you did not react happily to my wish to have a child with you I presumed that you did not want me to be the mother of your child.” Vincent moved forward and pulled her into his arms again. "Oh my love how could you ever think that?”

Then he leaned back and dried her tears with his thumbs. "Catherine the only woman I could ever want a child with is you.” He assured her. She nodded. "I know Jenny reminded me what Father and Peter told you about your metabolism.” She whispered. Vincent smiled. "So you and Jenny have been discussing our relationship?” He asked smiling.

Catherine smiled and began to explain. "She sensed that something was going on and called me to have lunch with her.” She began. "Then she told me that she knew that something wonderful had happened for us.” Catherine smiled. "I had to tell her about us becoming lovers or she would have never let me get out of that restaurant.” Vincent chuckled. "That sounds like her.” He whispered. Catherine nodded. "I then told Jenny about the other part that I was afraid that you did not want to have a child with me and she reminded me about what Father and Peter said.” Vincent embraced her. "Catherine I wish I could give you this gift.” He whispered. "Maybe I should not have bound you to me by making you mine.” Catherine lifted her head from his chest and leaned back in his arms. "Don’t say that I am proud to be yours because I love you more than you can ever know.” Vincent nodded. "Yes but becoming my lover robbed you of ever having a child of your own.” She cupped his cheek. "Vincent I would never change that we now belong to one another.” She then leaned forward and kissed him.

As the kiss deepened Vincent moaned. Catherine smiled inwardly at how she was affecting him. When they finally parted both of them were out of breath. "Catherine can you stay below this afternoon?” She smiled. "Whatever for Vincent?” He caught the teasing in her voice. "I want to make love to you in my chamber.” He whispered. Catherine smiled. "Don’t you have other things you need to do?” Vincent suddenly swept her into his arms. "No my love the work crew could not go today so I am free the entire afternoon.” Catherine smiled slyly. "The entire afternoon huh?” Vincent smiled. "Yes and I intend to spend it in my chamber in my bed making love to you.” She shivered at the passion in his voice and the darkness of his eyes. "Yes my love that sounds like a wonderful idea.” Vincent then moved toward the secret lever. Catherine pushed it and the secret door slid open. He then captured her lips again in a passionate kiss and walked to his chamber.

When they arrived at his chamber he put her on her feet. "Let me put a lantern out and tap a message to father on the pipes.” She smiled and nodded. "I will return in a moment.” He whispered. Then he kissed her again. She smiled as she moved away from him. "Go do what you have to do so you can come back here and make love to me all afternoon.” She whispered. Vincent smiled then left the chamber. Catherine quickly undressed and slid into the cool sheets of Vincent’s bed. She loved being in his bed. She smiled when she remembered how he took care of her while she was below after her attack. He was always so tender and loving to her while he cared for her. She loved him so much from that moment she soon realized.