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Интернет | Переходов: 126 | Добавил: Linda Wells | Дата: 2012-10-28

Welcome to my Beauty and the Beast page.

Here you will find information about the TV show Beauty and the Beast ...
about Catherine and Vincent.

Artwork by some of the leading artists in fandom,  over 1000  photographs, interviews,
behind the scenes information, wall papers, scrapbook, stories,
the Jay Acovone pages, the Jamie Murray (Myhr) pages, etc

I hope you will enjoy your stay.
Интернет | Переходов: 122 | Добавил: Linda Wells | Дата: 2012-03-11

Songs of the Blue Bird is a web page for the fandom of the CBS romantic drama Beauty and the Beast. Launched in the fall of 1995, it is now in "archive" mode, and is no longer regularly updated. This is an amateur publication, and as such does not intend to infringe on any of the copyrights held by Republic Pictures, Witt/Thomas Productions, CBS Television, or any other holder of Beauty and the Beast copyrights.
Интернет | Переходов: 114 | Добавил: Linda Wells | Дата: 2012-03-11

Welcome to the Internet Beauty and the Beast URL Database, a listing of BatB related websites. 
If you know about a site that isn't listed, click here to make a new entry. 
If you find a site isn't working you can change the status by clicking on the status indicator. If a site is dead, don't dispair, you may be able to find it through the magic of the Wayback Machine 
Интернет | Переходов: 456 | Добавил: Linda Wells | Дата: 2012-03-11

This site, is my tribute to Catherine and Vincent
For the love they shared, and all they endured,
to truly be together
Интернет | Переходов: 272 | Добавил: Linda Wells | Дата: 2012-03-11

Once Upon a Time in the City of New York ...
a dream was born.  

Интернет | Переходов: 270 | Добавил: Linda Wells | Дата: 2012-03-11